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Part 15: 15 - In The Bag

15 - In The Bag

[So, we've got our next objective: get the Krazoa Spirit from the nearby Krazoa Shrine. This area actually represents about 75% of Moon Mountain Pass since it's pretty much a straight shot from ThornTail Hollow to the Force Point Temple.]

[Of course, the main gimmick in this area is MoonSeeds so we'll be fighting these guys a lot. The only thing to do in this area is to kill the MegaSpitters (so named because they spit green goo from their claw-mouth-hands), collect the MoonSeeds, and get Tricky to burn them.]

[Which is made more difficult by Tricky getting stuck in a wall. It's not hard to unstick him; you just have to head to somewhere that would require the game to teleport him, usually by making a significant vertical shift. Luckily, that's exactly what MoonSeeds let us do.]

[Because monster respawn times vary wildly (gremlins and bats respawn every twenty seconds or so, megaspitters take several minutes) we're going to be hand-to-mouth with MoonSeeds for a little while. Because of that we're forced to fight this asshole. Notice the BombSpore plant right next to the guy we have to use Ground Quake on. Assholes.]

[Nine fucking Bafomdads. I can also say in complete seriousness that while there are four spots to plant a MoonSeed at, you only need to plant one because you can access them all by jumping between ledges. Of the various ledges one grants you access to a green gem flower (that's the least replenishing kind). The other third ledge leads to a path back to the main road that leads out of Moon Mountain Pass.]

[The fourth ledge leads to our real objective, this easternmost cave where we blow open this wall.]

Oh god no!

Ah, quit worrying. You're in no danger.

Impact? Shockwaves?! That meteor is friggin' huge!

Relax, it's a plot meteor.

What the flying fuck does that mean?

Forced puzzle time, bitches!

Aw man.

[Yep, the meteor is blocking our path.]

[Our first opponent is this guy. He's absurdly slow but he shoots fireballs. He also tucks into his shell any time you use a direct attack, so the only option is to freeze and shatter him. I didn't feel the need to name him because I'm fairly certain we'll never see his kind ever again.]

[Ten bafomdads. We're not functionally immortal. An amusing statement since I was skirting death through almost the entire trip to the Krazoa Shrine (notice my health). ]

[Putting Tricky to work reveals the first item needed to finish the area.]

[Hosing down this flaming rock gives us the second piece.]

[And we now have the third rock, so we can 'solve' the puzzle.]

[There are a number of little geysers spouting gas up in the centre of this area. Plant the rocks on the wrong ones and...]

[They'll just sort of float up in the air.]

[Get it right and the huge meteor is lifted up and you can pass through.]

[Past the meteor, up a MoonSeed ladder, and we can finally see the Shrine.]

[Along the way we find one last MoonSeed planter, which leads to...]

[The fourth Cheat Token.]

Can we get this shit over with now?


[So we arrive in the second temple, which is a fair bit more complex than the first one.]

[First off, Rare steps up the 'really long ladder' gimmick in this dungeon. This fucking bat is the dumbest thing in this shrine. It's midway up the ladder so you can't shoot at it with the Ice Blast which has terrible range and cannot be fired directly upwards anyway, and once you're at the top of the ladder there's no point in shooting at it (plus it's still out of range).]

[Next up we have whirlpools. They don't suck you down anywhere, but getting too close to the centre causes damage. Just thread your way between the whirlpools and put out the fire.]

[Next you climb up and kill the jellyfish. The way to proceed is to find a way across which isn't immediately possible because the water is too low and clipping planes prevent you from using the ledges on the sides.]

[The trick, as usual, is to turn around and look up. This will be a recurring theme.]

[This next room is decently challenging. The paths are just wide enough to walk on and there are three flame jets spaced out at various points. The safest way to get across is to use first-person mode whenever you reach a direction change. If you're ballsy you can just hold strafe and change your angle as necessary, but you'll be flying blind at a few points because the camera doesn't tilt down much so you can only barely see your feet. The controls are fairly sensitive so you can pretty well control angle and speed, but whatever.]

[Guess how we get into the room with the Spirit?]

Prove your worth in combat by-

Get on with it.

[We get 3:30 to defeat a bunch of SharpClaw.]

Getting bored here.

[Ice Blast makes pretty much all combat an utter joke. The enemies spawn at regular intervals and I still manage to kill them faster than they spawn.]

[And we're done in just over a minute.]

Well done, you have proven yourself to be-

Just get down here.

Er, I must now enter your body in order to travel with you to Krazoa Palace.

Oh hell fuck no.

Well, I can't very well just float about freely. I also can't enter your dinosaur friend, not that he can even enter the temple.

Don't worry, I've got that shit covered.




Get in the bag or the planet dies.

Tricky, carry this.

Ew, it's all damp...and wriggling.

Use your flame to dry it if it gets too soggy.


[You could just go back the way you came and skip this retarded puzzle, but this is a Let's Play, not a Let's Skip Dumb Puzzles. You have to lob this timed bomb across the whirlwinds so that it lands on the rocky pillars. Because it's timed you have to hurry, which is ironic because it's really damned hard to guess where to throw the bomb so your safest bet is to use first-person to line up the toss.]

[Excellent, another case of big bomb, small ledge. Thank you, Rare.]

[Freeeeeedom! From here it's a straight shot back to the WarpStone. Well, except for that inane switchgate zone we have to pass through. Yeesh.]

[Oh yeah, the stupid barrel launchers start up as soon as you're through the door. Only problem is that we run at the same speed as them, so...]

Heh, they barrely missed us!

For god's sake, will you stop?!

[And that's that. Onward to Krazoa Palace and semi-broken puzzles!]