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Star Ocean: The Second Story

by The White Dragon

Part 5: The Worst is Yet to Come

Once you get some levels, there is a much easier way to grind money for the Bandit Gloves, but the update in which this process is detailed will have to wait.

It will have to wait forever, because even though it's

Chapter 4: The Worst is Yet to Come

So if you don't remember from last time, some weirdo abducted Billy with his guards.

Basically this is a pretty terrible plan, because he still has to go straight through the village to leave.

Yes, yes, evil dude's monologue, you can't stop me, etc.

Standard horrified reaction, so on and so forth.

This game is so terrible, and it's still the best Star Ocean game.

Okay so anyway, the screen fades to black and...

Yeah. I'm not even kidding.

Nope. No idea what she even means here.

"Don't get any ideas now!"


But since we're here, we may as well loot this place for whatever he's got lying around before we make a break for it.

In Alen's room...

Yeah, that's not creepy at all.

Okay, time to get out--oh.

Oh look, there's a huge fuckin' window right there. Using it to escape, of course, would be too logical.


Oh, maybe it's just that I can't use the window if it isn't the exact one scripted for me to be able to escape from.

I fuckin' hate you, game.

And you, shut the fuck up.

So basically there's a huge hidden passage right under Alen's house. He's either worried about nuclear missiles, or he's just crazy. Though I guess technically the lines between those two kind of blur after a while.

Also, this is the construction worker from Arlia. I have to assume that he built this entire thing himself.

So if you haven't figured it out yet, which is completely understandable because this game is really good at describing things, Alen basically found a stone in the mine that made him go crazy.

After telling us he's okay, Bossman tells us that this leads to a mine, and that we should be able to escape through there.

--Wait, what's this?

I can... run around and get into random encounters?

I can... control my dudes in battle?

Billy has increased

and we got some fuckin' bling

And yet... it still refuses to let me do anything whatsoever.

I hate this game.