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Part 11: In Which We do Something Completely Pointless

Chapter 10: In Which We do Something Completely Pointless

Last time, Billy saw something that caught her eye so much, we couldn't even leave town.

I guess admittedly seeing a hooker and a cosplayer fight it out over a pile of dog shit in the middle of a park is pretty eye-catching.

Come on, I can think of at least twenty different, much more entertaining adjectives.

Clearly, Billy doesn't like boors very much, so she steps in to help out.

well obviously he left them in his parents' basement

He starts charging up some spell, I guess.

And just like how it works in the actual game, the chick cancels his huge gigantic spell with a really pussy one.

Yeah honestly I prefer to just watch them because it's entertaining no matter who wins.

But as we'll soon find out, we'll wish that the dude had won, because then we wouldn't have to do something very stupid, very soon.

"You got a pile of dog shit at an auction house."
"No--I mean, well, yes, but it's a magical pile of dog shit"
"well i guess that makes it just like the rest of this game hurf durf"

So instead of going to the port to do some very important things, we're going to play Final Fantasy 12 for a minute and muck around in some caves.


Tallgeese, you are now the official leader of the party.

No thank you? No get the fuck away from me you crazy bitch, is more like it.

Unfortunately, this is one of those Communist Choice options.

fuck i hate you billy

So we get a key item that doesn't do shit.

Thing is, this hooker, who happens to be named ZeeToo, is a mage (as opposed to a healer like Billy). Unfortunately, because we're playing as Rena, she is the only mage-type character we can get in the game. Fortunately, mages suck anyway.

Anyway, Private Action time.

Cool, girls night out, have a few drinks, that kinda thing

... Or not.

Yes improve our mood by getting so inebriated that we get alcohol poisoning and die and never have to play this game again

(apologies to any readers who might be sensitive to such a topic)

So we lose 10 Fols. This is not really a loss.

I hate this game's translation

but--wait no we were going to get crunk

So like my name is Chris and this whole scene weirded me out because it was like the game was scolding me for something I never even did

Well anyway, it's time to do what we came here to do.

This Cinderella Glass that you can steal off of ZeeToo in this town is a pretty good item. It reduces the purchase prices of items in one shop, one time. It also raises selling prices. Damn shame you can't get one without the Bandit's Gloves.


let's go pickpocket bitches where we couldn't earlier.

Magical Film, not bad.

Magical Film is the consumed item in the Reproduction Item Creation skill. You need a Magical Camera to use it.

Good thing the dude right next to her has one.

So basically as long as I get my Reproduction skill level high enough, I can duplicate whatever I need to starting right now. I also saved about 9000 Fol on the Magical Camera.

I also somehow steal the princess's clothes right off of her.

And so ends our little Private Action for today.

See you all next time, dearies.