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Part 13: Crush Your Dreams Forever

You know what I was planning on doing? I was gonna pull a Leovinus and just ignore everything in this thread. I was actually going to go into the Salva Mines, start the Ashton sidequest, lead you all on, then tell him that his curse wasn't my problem. But then...

Valvados posted:

There once was a man who fought dragons
But one sure fixed his little red wagon
Now it's stuck on his back
And his luck's out of whack
And his access to barrels is laggin'

He has a definite penchant for bitching
And his back-attached lizards keep twitching
But he's an excellent fighter
And he makes the mood lighter
With the humor for which we are itching

So thus, the clear choice for compassion
And a Let's Play in a proper fashion:
He likes containers for wine?
Give him his moment to shine!
And therefore, I say you pick Ashton

... I read this. To everyone else who wanted Ashton, you suck. This man saved you all.

Chapter 12: Crush Your Dreams Forever

Last time, we left our heroes just as they'd recruited some hooker with magic tattoos that repress menstruation.

See, I would do this, but we're already so far off-track that I'm not even going to bother going to that ass-town.

Instead, we're doing a PA in Salva.

ZeeToo is pretty pissed off about something. I would assume from the store's name that the owner dropkicked her or something, but that would be too logical.

Being the nice guy she is, Billy volunteers to find the shopkeeper.

Who is, obviously, hanging out in the fucking mines.

Just fuckin' great, suddenly we're on Expellian Idol.

My thoughts exactly.

Why the fuck would you want to be a singer in a time period like this. That is like begging to be a bar whore.

Good job crushing her dreams, Billy. You are the Hero of this update. Now let's check on how good she is at keeping her store.

Well maybe she killed herself out of grief or something.

... Nope, not my problem.

Anyway, since we're nearby, let's stop by Arlia.

Geese is having a staring contest with a dog.

Incidentally, you can't pickpocket this dog.

"I had pets when I was a kid, too. But then our immigrant neighbors ate them"

Geese, you are being such a pussy today. Get out of my party.

Yes, it's a very safe place.

... Well, there goes the neighborhood.

Next time: Star Ocean 2 teaches us the theatrical concept of irony.