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Star Ocean: The Second Story

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Part 15: Cycle of Self-Defeat

Chapter 14: Cycle of Self-Defeat

If you scroll up the page a bit, you'll remember that last time, somebody stole Billy's wallet. He didn't steal our items or our passport, so why this really matters considering we have a bracelet that gives us free shit for walking around, I will never know.

I'll just blame it on Enix, and I'll probably be right.

The question now is, did Enix invent the filler fetch quest, or was it King's Quest?

Anyway, you might know exactly where the kid appears, but you have to talk to this girl before his switch triggers, so you can literally just wander around forever not knowing what the fuck to do.

Billy is a pussy so she doesn't let Geese rip the kid's head off.

kid shut the fuck up i have enough money to buy a full inventory of everything on this continent (Bandit's Gloves excepted)

I mean, this is like RPG Maker 101. Thirteen-year-olds with a $60 game program can make an event that checks your amount of money against a set value in ten fucking seconds, but Enix neglected to do so. This is basically the embodiment of everything that is wrong with Square-Enix these days.

"i ate it"

Well that's just fuckin' dandy. We're leaving.

Actually, you know what the game makes you do here? It makes you walk around and let this kid tell you about the town. I'm not kidding, and I'm not going to waste my time showing it.

Anyway, you drop him off with the other kids at the port, at which point you can interact with him like a normal NPC. So obviously...

... yeah.

Yeah, we have much more important things to do.

Like maxing out our inventory of Magical Clay.

I've been putting points into ZeeToo's Art item creation skill for this express purpose.

We are off to such a great start.

Actually I lie, ZeeToo rolled without Originality, so we have to use Art a few times to unlock it.

We make some balls.

I'm not so sure how useful the Hyperball is, but it looks pretty.

Originality unlocks, so we get a free 100 SP to spend leveling up Art a bit more.

At this point, I was crossing my fingers really, really hard that 8 would be a high-enough level to get what I wanted.

Fortunately, it was.

Obviously this is the first item I end up getting.

I reroll a few times trying to get the Sorceress Knuckles for Rena, but eventually, I just settle on a Rune Full Moon. I didn't know it at the time, but this would actually be really convenient for me later.

Now that we're through messing around with item creation, it's time to leave.

Actually, not yet. He tells us to go back into the city again to do some last-minute shopping. Fucking game.

Oh boy, FMV time!!!!

Sometimes I wonder if LINKS was an afterthought that never actually did any work with Enix or Tri-Ace, because none of the landmarks shown in this FMV actually exist, with the exception of this angel statue, except in the real game it's in the middle of a wide-open courtyard and not some back alley.

Apparently, the captain made it out alive.

Good thing, too, because apparently, he still had our fucking passport.

all right cool we're leaving

as soon as i pickpocket the guys at the top of these st--

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

Anyway, people generally ignore that a giant fucking wave just wiped everything out and you end up talking to this asshole kid again.

In case you were wondering, yes, you can steal another Bandit's Gloves from him.

And on that note, we are leaving this town forever. I knew its name last update and I've already forgotten it.

Along the way to the port of Herlie, we see Cross Castle, so why don't we stop off there for a second? You know, restock, stay at the inn, maybe

state something blindingly obvious.


do a private action?

"YAY "

Well, I guess someone dine-and-ditched one time too many.

Oh, well I wasn't expecting that.

Well. Uh.

Yeah, if my given name was Clother, I wouldn't want people to call me that either.

"Away from here. Fuck this city, it's horrible."

What happens?