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Part 20: Mini Update: Going to a New Continent

Mini Update: Going to a New Continent

Hey Goons. Just a quickie today,

because I know you're all just as excited about going to this new continent as Geese is.

Look, I know it's only 120 Fol and you can get that in twenty seconds, but seriously, the idea of needing money to advance the plot is pretty much the worst thing.

Goodbye, Cross Continent. I hope I never see you again.

Ahh, the Lacour Continent.

Poorly localized dialogue,

new skills to be learned,

exciting offensive stereotypes to meet,

more musical instruments to be bought,

what the fuck is this,

and of course,

it's the first place the game lets you truly break it wide open.

All this and more, all starting in the next exciting episode of Let's Play Star Ocean 2. Man, I couldn't have punctuated that in a more nonchalant manner.

But you know what? I've been thinking lately: let's all have a little fun with this thread. So starting now until Monday next week, we'll have a little competition.

I have a few really fun ideas, so since someone brought it up very recently, we'll get things started with today's theme:

Anti-Motoi Sakuraba Propaganda Posters

YOU WILL BE ARBITRARILY JUDGED let's be more creative than i was ok