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Star Ocean: The Second Story

by The White Dragon


Super Jay Mann posted:

White Dragon's anti-Sakuraba vendetta is lunacy, this song owns

I will admit that the final boss theme is ONE OF THREE SONGS in this entire game that is actually good (the other two, you'll never hear because they're from playing music, and are useless, so you'll never use them). Out of 87 tracks, that is horrible. For comparison, the Soulblazer soundtrack, by some guy you've probably never heard of and even I can't remember, had one track that wasn't good.

If I got 87 books published and only three weren't shitty, I'd probably be remembered as a really, really shitty author. Same logic, I think.

Azole posted:

Just wanna say I started following this thread, and I am glad you are doing it. I have tried to play through this game at least 5 times, but everytime I get to the Northern Continent I stop playing for some reason. I am not really sure why, just always end right about there. Considering I don't like leaving games un-beat, I'll be glad to accept this in lieu of actually playing it again. Thanks for making one of my unfinished goals come true.

And this--this is why I have fun doing this thread. People who haven't played, haven't finished it, I'm happy that they get to see it. Speaking of seeing more of this game...


Last time, we left off in front of a huge fuckoff nest with a save point in front of it.

Welp, I guess that's it. We're goin' home.

wait what the fuck is this

oh that's so clever XINE is ENIX spelled backwards

also the X is pronounced as a "KS" you uncultured morons

I can only imagine that they sound kind of like

"Hey XINE "

So now we have to fight this thing. I kind of hate it because the battle system was not made for aerial attacks.

Most Giant Bird-type enemies in this game (palette swaps of this one) are low enough to the ground that you can attack them normally, but XINE is an asshole so he starts and stays high in the air. You probably don't have Dragon Howl yet (to my knowledge, the best anti-air attack next to Ten Thousand Volts or Explosion Pills), so that just makes this fight that much more bullshit.

Fortunately, we do have Head Splitter, and we haven't maxed its proficiency yet, so things worked out in the end.

Oh ENIX, don't be silly. You've possessed lots of people in your time. Hell, you still do--you take over other companies, make them do your bidding, then fire the whole original staff (or disgust the part of the staff you didn't fire so much that they quit), then throw their games in the trash.

(The part about throwing their games in the trash is why you'll never see any Quintet games on VC btw)

Anyway, XINE flies off and this gold star falls from the sky.


On the way there, we start working on Burst Knuckle. Useless, but it's just good form to demo things.

Once we get back to the place where Vados was possessed...

We make him do some weird frat initiation I guess

He doesn't appreciate being hazed.

Oh well, someone wussed out. I guess you didn't want to drink an entire keg of beer, from the keg of beer, quite hard enough, huh.

Well, that takes care of that.

As an aside, yes, you do need to do some book-reading event in Mars, but recall that for all intents and purposes of this LP, we are not welcome there. Besides, it's just them reading a book that they can't stop fucking quoting the entire time we're on this misadventure anyway.

NOW we can leave this continent.


... Vados, are you trying to get laid?

Yeah, I'll refrain from any of those sorts of jokes. Any one of them would just make things creepy, and that's not really what this PA series is like.

So basically Eleanor's story is that she has like Anime Cancer (which is like Colon Cancer, except shittiter) or something and has never been outside except to drop her handkerchief.

As if Billy couldn't be any more useless.

Anyway, this is a separate Private Action, but let's just pretend that this happened as we were leaving the house.

"And who the hell are you people, and what are you doing in my house?"

Anyway, the doctor recommends a cure.

"Well, there's a cure, but it doesn't actually exist! Haha, sorry to get your hopes up."

But where to start looking?

There's obviously only one answer.

Well I passed by this place like five times while I was grinding for money and this plant was never there, so this must be it!

bitch you didn't do shit

"I kind of just made that story up."




See, I know it's just that the game is conveying happiness tears through text, but honestly asking this just makes Billy sound kind of ignorant.

Oh, you will?

That's great of you, doc.

... I don't know if I'd ever trust you to diagnose shit though.