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Star Ocean: The Second Story

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Part 24: Game Design Theory

Chapter 22: Game Design Theory

Oh boo fuckin' hoo, get over it you ho.

He won't, because he doesn't look like he's at a goddamn renaissance faire.

There are a lot of new characters to pickpocket in this section, but unless you want to ruin your easily-repairable relationship scores, don't bother because you can't PA in this section. The items everyone carries are crap anyway.

I guess that's the problem with pickpocketing, and why I stopped doing it later in the game. There are only about five people in the entire game, off the top of my head, who carry anything worthwhile (Trickster, Treasure Box, Yarma Cooking Set, Santa Boots, and Bunny Shoes). Everything else is failed crafting items, and any pickpockets that might be worth your time (like Orichalcum or those Antiseptic Gloves) have far too high of a DC to be feasible.

I know they didn't want to let you break the game more than they already did, but honestly now, if you're gonna bother making the mechanic, don't make 50% of the targets give you Crumpled Paper, because that's just insulting.


what no fuck you get your hands off my mithril

Then this asshole shows up.

Billy is such a fickle little trollop.

She actually admits this behind the party's back, I even got a screenshot of it. It's great.



Now you know deep down every dude likes to be The Hero for a chick once in a while but honestly grow a fuckin' spine, Billy.

Anyway, Knox joins and we immediately feed him a Mandrake because I hate his useless bitch ass.


Oh, drunk, not dead.

So yeah, Knox starts a fight in the street with drunk people. He's like Kazuma, except he doesn't sing anime songs to help him poop ironically.


what the fuck are you doing alive you asshole

My thoughts exactly, Billy. How the fuck did we lose our sharpness to begin with, or is this some kind of anime euphemism

What the fuck are you talking about.

This is such a "well you also manage to brush your teeth in the morning" response.

Geese must feel like SHIT right now.

If my wins were scripted, I win every time too.

Anyway, it looks like it's Tallgeese's turn again.

Billy's don't-give-a-shit attitude is really starting to piss me off

No, he's drunk. Or dead.

Well, I guess technically you can be drunk and still be here.

What the fuck? You let a fucking gorilla participate?

This is the best line in the entire game.

Interesting note: this is actually the semi-final match for Claude if you're playing as him.

He can paralyze you, but I wonder what would happen if he paralyzed Dias.

Knowing this game, it would probably say "defeated" and send you to the game over screen.

Yes, yes, Vados, we all know that it's a fight.


Actually, we all know exactly how this turns out.

Unbeatable bosses are pretty much the worst gameplay mechanic you can use, and Enix used it like ten fucking times in this cockgobbling game.

Get used to it.