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Part 31: Love and Manservants

Chapter 29: Love and Manservants

The Fortune is like the Mischief item we got earlier. It gives you free random shit out of a pool. However, there is only one thing that this piece of equipment can give you that isn't utterly useless.

That item is miniature soaps and shampoos.

wait no it's this

The Tri-Emblem is the Fortune's rare drop and you'll get it maybe once every thousand other free items you get.

It increases all stats, provides 1/2 resistance to all elements, and normally costs somewhere around 6,500,000 Fol.

Anyway, there's one last attraction in Fun City.

Cooking Master is boring as a brick of shit. I played it a couple of times but I won't waste your time showing you anything more than that it simply exists.

Anyway, we're done here.

Our levels are all at least 100.

I guess it's time

to do a Private Action.


No. Shit.

I actually ended up asking, "boiled or raw," because I thought it would be the comedy option where OPTIMUS gets offended that we're inferring that she's so barbaric as to eat raw eggs.

Sadly, it is not.

I wish we didn't.

I like to imagine that Narl is kind of annoyed here, like, "Oh. So you DID manage to do it. Well damn, now I have to think of another errand for you."

Which he does.

So basically we have to go on a huge fetch quest to get Four Magic Orbs. What they do is neither clear from the start nor ever explained later.

Thanks, Narl. Thanks for the most useless piece of shit in the entire game.

The Link Combo is an accessory, so it takes up a vital slot that you could be using for an Atlas Ring (which you should be able to make by now) or a Fairy Ring. What it does is it allows you to use two different Killer Moves with the press of one button, essentially allowing you to equip four Killer Moves at once.

The drawback is that it "steals" Killer Moves from another character in the active party, making them unable to use Killer Moves at all. This is not so bad if you steal them from a caster, who has no Killer Moves anyway, but the bad part is that it actually forces you to use the two KMs in sequence.

Admittedly, it's not a TERRIBLE accessory. You can make a setup something like Head Splitter/Mirror Slice, which isn't awful until very late in the game, but unless you've been playing the entire game so utterly badly this entire time that you don't have ANYTHING worth putting on instead, you're gonna have a lot of trouble with this game from here on out.

And by anything, I mean ANYTHING. Look at it this way: you don't need the game to press L1 really fast for you.

Anyway, based on what Narl's told us, we know exactly where we're headed first.

no we shouldn't

Suddenly, there's a flash of light and we are

in the dungeon.

It's a short and simple dungeon. The monsters aren't tough, but the problem is that the "talk to" hitbox on these switches is incredibly small and almost impossible to touch. I got into five encounters just trying to find this exact pixel.

You also fight these Playstation Controller enemies. Apparently they changed them to PSPs in the remake. Their main purpose is to be annoying, if not largely harmless; if they latch on to your character, said character has a seizure and can't move anywhere, kind of like those little demons from Symphony of the Night.

Not really fatal, but it does give the caster enemies in this area time to charge their spells and I hate it when this game wastes my time with its magic animations.

Anyway, this dungeon is literally four screens long counting this one, so it's not so terrible.

gasp larry how did you get over there

This event has nothing to do with relationship values, by the way. If you're playing as Geese and have recruited ZeeToo, she will always be the one who Lover abducts with Plot Magic.

how do you even speak english as your first language and think that this is a sound localization choice

Sure, I don't even know what the fuck they're for.


Wait, that's not a man


After soundly beating the manservant, we... uh...

have an epileptic seizure!

Haha what the fuck

So we the, uh, Jewel of Love and

continue with this retarded fetch quest.