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Part 17: Episode 17: "Idiot Ball"

Episode 17: "Idiot Ball"

Captain's Log posted:

We've been ordered to rendezvous with Admiral Zelle at Starbase 39-Sierra. Admiral Zelle is something of an expert on Romulans, and has an important task she needs done. I suspect this will be akin to our mission to track down Amar Singh; but with more unofficial Federation approval.

I've never met Admiral Zelle before, so I've been going over her files. She seems quite the capable officer, although she's more of a diplomat than a combat commander. She's one of those rare Starfleet Admirals who was perfectly happy to give up commanding a ship (unlike Admiral Riker) and take up a position behind a desk. It looks as if she's never been in a combat zone-although it is possible she has, and the details are classified and not in her files.

BlipTV version

"C… captain! What did we just do?!"
"We just provoked open war between the Romulans and the Federation."
"No, Admiral Zelle just did that. We were only following orders."
"Yes, we were; but our 'fearless leader' doesn't seem too upset-"
"Hey! Where d'you get off-?!"
"Elerena, what's the matter with-?!"
"S-sir! Incoming transmission from… Vulcan?"
"Thank you, Ensign. Onscreen."

"Do you have her?"
"Yes, we do. She put up quite a fight; but this will aid our Undine-detection research immensely."
"And our deal?"
"Yes, of course. If we do uncover new ways of detecting Undine infiltrators, we will be sure that the Federation shares in our discovery."
"Thank you, Ambassador Vreenak."
"I have one question for you, captain. How did you know Commander Selok was a fake? I've never minded eliminating a political rival, but I can't see how you managed to detect her at all."
"Ah, but that would be telling. I trust you'll have a pleasant day, Ambassador. Von Braun out."
"… Captain, what… what did we just bear witness to?"
"Best you not ask, Lieutenant. Set a course for Starbase 1, Earth… best possible speed. I've a feeling the Admiralty is going to want to speak with me."

"… Not the friendliest looking bunch, are they?"
"No, they're n-"
"My fellow Admirals-thank you for joining me today. I know some of you have had to travel quite far-Admiral Riker, your presence is unexpected, but highly appreciated."
"It's my pleasure, Admiral. It's good to get away from the Klingon front for a while."
"Well, I don't see any point in dragging this out. Would you please bring in the accused?"
"Admirals. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances."
"Lieutenant Commander Korvat. You stand accused of knowingly aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power and exposing a Federation covert action to enemy scrutiny. How do you plead?"
"… I see. Admirals, this Court Martial is now called to order."