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Part 33: Days 738-834: The Rollercoaster.

DAYS 738-834: Rollercoaster.

DAYS 742-747: The Battle of Praesitlyn.

: The fleet's in place above Praesitlyn. We can't bombard until we clear the shield generator.

: Send the infiltrators, fix this.

: Master Meteor, secret data is inbound from agents on the surface.

: They assault a system, then try to get someone that hideous-looking to stop rioting?

: That's kinda funny. Let me know about about the results. Capture Uggsy while you're at it.


: Well done. Bombs away!

: It's been successful Commander, the troops are gone, the Imperial agents arrested. No sign of Zuggs, he still hasn't arrived.

: Oh well. We'll get him sometime. Send the fleet to Duros. It's time to get angry on them.

DAY 767: A Fairly Good Day.

: Successful test of the new capital ship, Commander.


: It's a fine capital ship, the equal of a Victory Class Star Destroyer, minus the fighter bays.

: Start building them, in bulk. Time to replace leaders with firepower.

: We can't win with firepower alone, Commander.

: If you honestly believe that, you haven't used enough firepower.

: I have to interrupt the good news with more good news.

: We've secured another system for our cause, Commander.

: Oh. Is it loaded with goodies?

: Goodies?

: Industry, factories, anything.

: No Commander, but it-

: GREAT, wonderful! You keep at it! I'm super-interested in what you're up to, keep it up, okay?

: ...

DAY 768: The Followup.

: Another system has heeded the call for justice, Command-


: Asshole.

DAY 786: Wookiees Ahoy!

: Balmorra's finished the recruit training.

: Training? Of who?

: Oh, right, Wookiees! Send em down to the Corellian sector!

: Eighteen regiments of Wookiees is enough to beat that Dark Trooper, right?

: I don't know, Commander.

: That's a lot of Wookiees.

: Yes, it is.

: So they'll win, right?

: I hope. I don't know.

: Lots of arms being ripped off, bowcasters blazing, victory!

: Sure, why not.

: Yay!

DAY 792: The Battle of Corfai.

: Disaster Commander, we got ambushed in Corfai!

: Whuh? Who did?

: The Arujei Fleet, Corvettes and Medium Transports mostly. They got routed.

: We lost the Liberty?!

: I'm afraid so. What's worse is how public this was. Xyquine and Vagran flopped.

: Without the bases there, the fleet is in hyperspace heading clear to Anoat.

: Honestly? I never liked that fleet anyway.

: Screw them.

: You can't say that every time one of our forces loses.

: Haven't you ever heard the saying 'fight again another day'?

: I was more of a fan of the Japanese concept of falling on your sword to restore lost honor.

: Ever the humanitarian, Commander.

: They were tenacious little scrappers, let me tell you!

: I'm leaving now.


: Assemble your men, Commander. It is time to move.


: Re-deploy the Legion to Corfai. Duros has been compromised, and the Rebels are coming.


: Leave them.

: SIR?

: Leave them. Re-capture will ruin any trust the Alliance has in Commander Sully.

: Do leave one Noghri behind. A little mischief would be welcome.

: Move out. I will require a great deal more martial prowess from you soon.


DAY 798: The Guiding Philosophy for Everything Meteor Ever Does Ever Again.

: Keep em coming!

DAY 819: Arrival Part One.

: One of our fleet has arrived at Duros, Commander. It is the one from Sluis Van.

: Can their firepower bust through the shields?

: Not yet. Our best option is to wait for the Wookiee Fleet to arrive in two days for an assault.

DAY 821: Arrival Part Two: The Assault.

: Tralus is ready for the taking, Commander. Their garrison's already been destroyed through bombardment.

: Wookiees away!

: Anyone miss me?

: Me, you big lug!

: Anyone besides him?

: ...

: I guess.

: Yeah, you're alright.

: Damn straight. Where's my woman?

: Yeah, about that...



: We'll get her back soon, I promise! We know where she's at, we'll have her within the month.

: As for now on Tralus? Scrap everything and pull out.

: That's what she said.

: Dammit THIS is what I missed. Glad to have you back Han.

: Yeah...anyone want to switch seats? Anyone?

: The last of the Wookiees are up, Commander. The Empire's retaken the capital.

: Move on to Duros.

DAY 828: Assault Part Three: More Assault.

: GO! Destroy those Dark Troopers!

: You won't believe this Commander, but there's no opposition. The Dark Troopers are gone.

: Really? What's down there?


: All our captives have been freed.

: Where's Leia?

: She's not here.

: Meteor, you bastard!

: She's on Selonia.

: Fine, we're going there next, Commander.

: Um, fine, but let's stop at your homeworld of Corellia first. It's on the way.

: Commander? Something happened.

: Seriously? Escaped? Piett? A gimpy Brit got out of our fleet, past eighteen Wookiee regiments...

: HOW?!

: We're working on it. It looks like some kind of high-level special forces.

: I don't really care, there aren't a whole lot of fleets for him to command, but it's the principle of the thing!

: Bah. Scrap everything and uproot. We're out of here.

DAY 834: Status Quo.

: The fleet's above Corellia now, Commander.

: Assault?

: Not yet. Two shield generators.

: I HATE those things.

: Han? Garm? Go take them out.


: One down.

: Excellent. Han?

: Sigh.