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Part 40: Epilogue Part Two: The Villains.

Darth Vader: Died making a sandwich. It was undoubtedly a low point in his life, right alongside murdering children and blowing up Alderaan.

Emperor Palpatine: The subject to innumerable "bet he didn't see that coming!" jokes.

Admiral Ozzel: Choked to death by Vader, Ozzel saw his death coming far better than the Emperor did. It was actually stipulated in his will that "When I am deprived of oxygen by Lord Vader until such a time as I am pronounced dead, all my belongings..."

Pter Thanas: The saddest story in the entire galaxy. One man who wanted to make a positive difference in the world happens to bear the brunt of Meteor's frustrations early in the war. Pter's death was unexpectedly sudden after his brief freedom during the HK-47-run part of the war. At least, it was unexpectedly sudden compared to how unbelievably long his torture was.

Bevel Lemelisk: The evil scientist who developed the Death Star was rumored to be on death row for a number of years, hidden away in the deepest reaches of civilized space. In reality, he escaped from captivity much earlier, and has roamed the galaxy in coat covered with question marks peddling an 'answer-all' book.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: Declared dead after his capture, he was covertly kept in research labs, developing new generations of warships with Admirals Ackbar and Antilles. He led a pretty bitchin' life. He's Thrawn, after all.