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by pannycakes

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Original Thread: Let's Play Republic Commando and nerd out about Star Wars (a lot) [subVLP]


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Way back in the early years of this decade, LucasArts realized that people not only enjoyed Star Wars, which they had happily been making and publishing horrible games about for years, but that they also enjoyed tactical shooters. But then, in a stroke of genius, they realized that many people, and gamers in particular, lack the intelligence to play Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon and so they decided that you, the player, should have as little say in the game's decision making as possible.

And so Republic Commando was born, and it was a lot of fun. It's not without its flaws and it can get brutally hard, but it's Star Wars and we can forgive it much. It also has the rather odd distinction of having literal clones for its main characters and yet it gave them more personality than most videogame characters ever have.

There are three campaigns, going from the opening of the Clone Wars to near the end, and we'll be tackling them in short snippets, as each one is a few hours long. I'll be posting some bonus footage kindly provided by the game itself at the times when the game would normally award it (usually at the end of a campaign, but one is available at the start). Details on mission areas and enemies will be updated as they're encountered.

I also recommend you make a Viddler account and download the original files rather than watch them in Viddler's flash player. They're still watchable there, but the quality is much better in the originals.

The Videos
(Originals require Viddler account)

Part 1 - Prologue: The Beginning | Extreme Prejudice (Viddler)(Original)

Part 2 - Infiltrate the Droid Foundry | Destroy the Factory (Viddler)(Original)

Part 3 - Advance on the Core Ship (Viddler)(Original)

Part 4 - Infiltration of the Core Ship (Viddler)(Original)

RAS Prosecutor
Part 1 - Ghost Ship Recon (Viddler)(Original)

Part 2 - Rescue the Squad 1 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 3 - Rescue the Squad 2 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 4 - Attack of the Clones (Vidder)(Original)

Part 5 - Saving the Ship (Viddler)(Original)

Part 1 - The Rescue of Tarfful (Viddler)(Original)

Part 2 - Obliterate the Outpost (Viddler)(Original)

Part 3 - The Bridge at Kachirho (Viddler)(Original)

Part 4 - The Wookiee Resistance 1 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 5 - The Wookiee Resistance 2 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 6 - Search and Destroy 1 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 7 - Search and Destroy 2 (Viddler)(Original)

Part 8 - The Final Strike (Viddler)(Original)

Bonus Videos
Making of Featurettes
Concept Art
Special Ops
Temuera Morrison Interview

Let's Fall
Thanks for the memories, dear old friend.

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