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Part 12: Database entries for The Eastern Arch

Database entries for The Eastern Arch

scratch it. And why, whenever these things happen, are those creepy students from the Acolyte Program are always around?

Report 7791.Cf9: Another 'accident', and this time three men were lost. Seems an energy sub-station malfunctioned and fried a whole work team. I saw them. They were cooked through. Thing is, that area isn't fully wired. It's not getting enough juice to boil an egg. I know we're not meant to ask what goes on here, but something is wrong.

Report 7791.Jn5: I put in for a transfer today. Last night, I was working on the hangar force fields. I knocked my tool box over and dropped a hydro-spanner to the floor. I started to reach for it, when I noticed someone standing right behind me. It was one of those damned creepy students. It [somehow it feels more natural to say 'it' instead of 'he'] made a gesture and the spanner lifted off the ground and drifted straight to my hand. That isn't even the worst of it. Its eyes were red. Then it smiled and walked away.

and the gunship returned to base with only minor damage.

I am also pleased to report on an unexpected side-effect of the Nemesis' jet-drive system. During certain maneuvers, the jets produce a turbulent backwash of superheated air which creates an immensely loud, high-pitched shrieking sound. We noted this sound to have a devastating effect on the morale of enemy combatants, and observed whole squads abandoning their weapns and fleeing in sheer terror.

However, while the Nemesis is an extremely effective weapons-platform, perfectly suited to the roles of close-air support and civilian pacification, it may simply be too exotic for widespread service. Its use of angled jet-drives, rather than common repulsors, requires specially trained pilots, and the Hellcaster cannon uses heavy elements that make ammunition expensive and difficult to produce. Consequently, the Nemesis is likely to be seen only within the private forces of particularly wealthy Moffs and governors.

in with the rest of the Legion. The friction is almost entirely on the side of the scouts, who seem to have made a sport of being as difficult and as offensive as possible to anyone of equal or lesser rank. The sound of the speeder-bikes is frequently heard tearing through the barracks at all hours of the night, I believe with the express purpose of disrupting the other troopers' sleep. While the scouts show extreme camaraderie with each other, they frequently refuse to acknowledge the other enlisted men. By and large, the entire platoon seems to be composed of egotistical, unpleasant braggarts. My suggestion would be to keep them separate from the general armed forces, or it will only be a matter of time before the other men tear them limb from lim------

that we are endeavoring to make your new Imperial status as comfortable as possible. However, insurrection will not be tolerated in any fashion. I cannot make myself any more clear than this. The instigators responsible will soon have their day in the sun, so to speak. You can see them later this afternoon, as they will participate in the opening games opposite a full grown female rancor. As their weapons in sedition were their voices, so too shall it be in the Arena!

trooper attempted to eat 50 Spiced Mynock Wings from the buffet. The mess he made of the dropship interior has kept it out of commission for several days. No one can stand the smell! So far we have prevented the Baron from learning of these infractions. But consider this your last warning! If it happens again, you will be facing an immediate demotion.