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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

by Trizophenie, Simply Simon

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Original Thread: The book is better than the game: Star Wars The Force Unleashed II



The game
Released in October of 2010, Force Unleashed II is a direct sequel to the 2008 release Force Unleashed. It was developed by LucasArts (PC, 360 and PS3) and Red Fly Studio (Wii) as part of the Force Unleashed project, which includes two books, two games and two graphic novels.
With Disney reworking everything that was officially canon, I have no idea if this game will end up being an official source or not, but who cares, the Star Wars EU is mostly stupid as it is anyway!
In the game you control Starkiller, secret apprentice to Darth Vader, totally a clone totally not a clone, after he was supposedly killed at the end of the first game.
The game has some pretty big drawbacks, including very few different environments, a rather stupid story, and definitely not enough gameplay variety, but what is there is still enjoyable to play, at least for me.

The LP
I'll show off the whole game, as it is available on PC, including all the collectibles and unlockables.
Because it's a Star Wars game and it's more enjoyable to make fun of those with other people, Simply Simon will help me get through the sparse far too big amount of QTEs this game has to offer.

Additional stuff
Please, no story spoilers, at least not for the game.
If you want to talk about book and graphic novel, please use spoiler tags for stuff that we haven't got to in the game yet. I'll probably show off some parts of the graphic novel once we get introduced to its main character.

Also, I encourage you all to watch WeaponBoys LP of the first game.

If somebody wants to show off the Wii version, or the 360/PS3 DLC content that didn't get released on PC, feel free to do so as long as it doesn't spoil new story content.

Table of Contents

Bonus content

This will include codex entries, gallery unlockables, and eventually the challenges.

Database entries
Database entries for Escape from Kamino
Database entries for The Eastern Arch
Database entries for The Tarko-se Arena
Database entries for Dagobah
Database entries for Aboard The Salvation
Database entries for The Battle for The Salvation
Database entries for The Confrontation

Concept art

Uncut videos
Because Simon is weird and wanted me to upload them aswell, here's the uncut videos where two guys talk about stuff that's not the game in a language nobody understands.
Escape from Kamino
The Eastern Arch
The Western Arch
Tarko-se Arena uncut
Dagobah uncut
Aboard The Salvation uncut
The Confrontation uncut
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