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Part 14: Database entries for Dagobah

supposed to have any habitable planets. But there's no point in arguing with the facts. It's teeming with life too, the whole world is just a hot house, overgrown and completely uninhabited by any sapient life. We're taking the shuttle down to the ground, to take a look, but... can you imagine, Dak? What kind of money we can make off this? I just can't imagine in this day and age how anyone loses an entire planet.
Anyway, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Golden Mean, over and out.

not. But the Shipyard docking bay is infested with Mynocks. And guess what? So is the old T-16 now. There isn't a foot of power cabling on the old bird that doesn't have the little devils filthy tooth prints on it. And who gets to clean it up? Old Jan, that's right. It's. Not. Fair. Please. Please steer clear of the shipyard. You lie down with Kuati, you're gonna wake up with Mynocks. Every time.

Please take note from Rurrk Ca'rivv's unfortunate fate. I assure you, the Empire is quite capable of discovering the difference between a living Jedi of advanced age, and a dead Jawa stripped of his clothing and surgically modified. The smell is a dead giveaway.