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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 1: Chapter 1-1


And it's our heroine Vickie, with touched up graphics and a new, slightly less douchebaggy sounding voice actress.

Claire is the FBI autopsy person, and was pretty much the only competent officer in the original Still Life.

Near the conclusion of the first game, Vickie threw her badge at Obstructive Chief Browning. To be fair, she had just broken into the FBI archives and demolished what had to have been a million dollars worth of laser shooting robotic spiders, so it was probably a case of quit or be fired.

Apparently Browning is still doing everything possible to make sure no one gets anywhere in the Ripper case.

Well, you're the expert on the dead, lady.

Vickie with the info dump. This game was made four years after the first one, so we need remindin'.

Harrison was the guy who tried to get Gustav's help at the very end with the post-Ackerman killings, but Gustav was done with it and just gave him all of his files.

That would put him at something like a hundred years old. This game happens in 2005, Ackerman's killings were in the 1930s.

Claire is the sane cop. A copycat makes more sense than Ackerman being a Highlander.

More accurately, Ackerman kind of tied him to a chair and made him watch while he gutted his fiance.

And now we get dialogue choices. We'll take them in order.

That'd be the prostitute slash masseuse who Vickie saved at the end of the first game.

Continuing on...

So yeah, Miller's still terrible comic relief.


And so was Ackerman, according to the guest list. That was a pretty big plot thread to leave dangling, game.

And we'll close up by asking about Vickie's boyfriend, Dick.

Well, yeah, he was supposed to be watching Mia when the Ripper kidnapped her.

"If you think I'm traversing the deadly laser hallway for your ass, you're mistaken, honey!"

And we finally take control. First off, right clicking brings up the menu.

Kind of similar to the old layout. The computer icon just goes back to the main menu. The smartphone icon...

...brings up Vickie's smartphone. The game pretty much spells out here what you're supposed to be doing at any given moment.

Which is nice of it, given how obtuse the first game was.

Clicking the little light bulbs makes the game hold your hand even further.

We can also check our mail. Currently, it's only a couple of voicemails from Dick.

Yeah, yeah. Vickie's busy with her, well, I guess she doesn't *have* a career anymore. Awkward.

Next up, we will sift through files and fuck around on Google.