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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 2: Chapter 1-2

So as you can see, Vickie spent New Year’s being horribly disorganized. There are files scattered everywhere, but we’ll start with the ones on the bed.

Good plan.

Starting from the left. Hey, I see our old friend Jack, the victim with horrible hair that we found in a bathtub. And that other victim who was drowned in a toilet.

So there goes that theory about the current killer being Ackerman; he dead.

And whoever this Zarkovic guy was, he disappeared with Daddy Ackerman’s confessions about his boy. We’ll need to be looking into him.

Next file.

Hey, it’s Dr. Hyde from that painting of Ackerman’s.

Third file.

Their CEO couldn’t be reached for comment.

Last file.

And it’s Officer Harrison and Perrin. Perrin doesn’t look upset at being caught.

Well Vickie, you’re the one who put off investigating Ackerman until the current Ripper had racked up like five victims, so I kind of doubt your sleuthin’.

Leaving the files, Vickie’s phone rings. Claire.

And she came up with the password to the FBI database. God only knows what kind of deadly lasers and robot spiders and puzzles she had to navigate to get that one.

More stuff to be found down here.

The very dark picture is the 50s Chicago victim found in a bathtub. Up above is Apolina, post having her eyes poked out.

Anywho, our laptop is over here, along with a photo on the desk.

Well of course not. That would be tying up a loose end.

Now for the computer.

The laptop plug is back over here. I don’t think this five second delay was necessary, game.

Go to your inventory, use the plug here.

And we’re given a choice of Google or the database. We’ll try Google first, because we’re a professional.

Taking the relevant things from the files in order. Labyrinth Foundation comes back with…

Well, you know who she was, Vickie. Ackerman had a painting of a nurse named ‘Beatrice’.

Looking up Daddy Ackerman…

In his free time, Herbert moonlighted as Dr. Strange.

Googling Beatrice.

So that’s interesting. Perrin is caught, the mental ward burns down and takes Ackerman with it, Beatrice narrowly escapes, then shortly takes over Daddy Ackerman's estate when he dies of cancer.

Googling Zarkovic, the journalist who ran off with Harrison's files.


Googling our old buddy Ackerman…

And it’s that last painting that the current Ripper was apparently trying to copy when Vickie stopped him from gutting Mia.

Now for the FBI database.

I’m surprised they didn’t go with ‘Swordfish’ for the red herring choices.

Let’s look up Beatrice.

FBI has no files on Beatrice. Alright.


We can try to look up Ackerman’s file, but…

You might recall that someone almost immediately erased all of those after Gustav’s adventure. Oh well.

Nothing to be found on Dr. Kelly. Or Zarkovic, for that matter.

Henry Allen. Beatrice's son.

Which would mean Richard of all people is actually Beatrice's grandson.

Vickie decides Richard has some splainin to do and tries to call.

The screen then fades to black. What awaits Vickie? Well, the game proper, for one thing. It gets better, folks.