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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 7: Chapter 3-1

So anywho, when we last left Paloma, she had woken up in a rejected dungeon from Saw…

Stop that, game!

Anyway, Paloma wakes up and her phone is ringing way over here. Kind of hard to make out because of the all consuming darkness, but it’s also sitting in a bunch of shards of glass.

…and Paloma immediately steps on the glass. Well, it was hard to see.

Click the phone again to make her be more careful.

“McPherson? Have you located me? Have you figured out where this miserable house is?”

Why that’s not Vickie, that’s the voice of our silly murderer.

“You? You won’t get away with this! I’ve warned McPherson! The FBI and the police will soon be here…they know exactly where I am!”

And by that you mean they’d kind of narrowed it down to either Bumfuck Maine or Bumfuck Quebec.

That is kind of funny.

“Please…let me go!”

Oh well sure, since you asked nicely. I was going to torture you for hours, but golly shucks, what was I thinking?

Come again?

So yeah. Up here, you may notice that we’re now sporting a life bar. For the first time in the series, we can actually die now, kids.

The bar slowly empties out, giving us roughly seven minutes. When that’s up…

…Paloma keels over and suffers an uneventful death. Hope you saved.

Anyway, we can’t get to the door because glass. Not that we’d want to right now, because poison.

And by that you mean *one camera*.

There’s a very obvious medicine cabinet here, but Paloma is too short to reach it and I guess her feet hurt too much from that glass to jump.

Go over here and take the mattress.

…well, no. We can’t take the mattress. You know why?

Because our cell phone is in our inventory taking up *one block* of space and mattress toting requires all of em.

So run on over to the storage cupboard in the middle of the room, drop off your phone, then get the mattress. Put that in the cabinet too. Take your phone back.

Get behind the bed and shove it over to the medicine cabinet.

It means Chuckles is a moron.

So yeah, take everything here.

Separate the vials that are lumped together.

Take a vial and combine it with the bottle.

I got extremely lucky and managed a vial of black goop on the first go. Use that on Paloma’s ID badge to have her drink it.

By the way, lest you think that puzzle was too easy, those vials have a seemingly random chance of giving you black goop or white goop. Drinking white goop…

…makes Paloma fucking drop dead. You can only mix two vials with the bottle before using up the bottle as an item. What happens if you draw two white vials? Well, fuck you, that’s what. Hope you saved before mixing the vials and hope you *didn’t* save after mixing two white ones, or you’re screwed.

Anyway. With the poison cured, fetch your mattress and drop it on the glass shards.

…but walking out the door would be too easy.

Immediately to the left of that are some goodies. First, our dictaphone’s memory card.

And a key of some sort. Let’s listen to our old recordings.

“No comment. Get lost.”

Hell of a report there. Good work.

I’m noticing a trend.

Back over towards the bed, there’s a locker.

Use our new hex key on that.

And it’s a fire extinguisher. Fuck, I hope we aren’t going to have to spray deadly lasers with this thing.

The sink works, not that this does us any good.

We can also look in the mirror at our collar, but we don’t have anything to mess with it right now.

I fail to see how “Why me God help me” is meant to help you, Paloma. Do note the 2324, though.

Now who left this here?

Not that you have much way of knowing, but you need to pull the bed back to where it was.

This reveals a metal bar that broke off.

Push the bed over yet again.

Use the bar to smash the grate open.

…and that hand is holding a key. And it’s surrounded by rats.

There’s a really cheap joke here, but I’ll not sink to it.

So the obvious solution, grab your fire extinguisher and spray that sum bitch at the rats. Better than using it on deadly lasers. Grab your key.

Back over here, the door is latched shut. So use the extinguisher again to bash it open. You can also use that key we just got to the same effect, but why pass on pointless violence?

You must proceed to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey…

And dialogue. Sure, why not?

“Let me go! I’m begging you!”

Because that worked out well the last twenty times you asked, Paloma.

And the other option.

You aren’t Jigsaw. Shut up.

I’m not going canoeing with you in Georgia either.

Well, it’s a circuit breaker. They kind of do that.

Touching the box shocks us. They usually don’t do that.

Go back over here.

Spray *that* with your fire extinguisher. We’re getting a lot of use out of that thing.

But alas, the unadjustable darkness of the game foils us yet again. We can't see inside of the circuit box.

And here’s that chair Chuckles was mentioning.

Uh, if you say so.

We can operate it to scoot it around a little.

…and then sit in it? Uh…

Pulling that switch on the side amazingly does not kill us like retards, but rather rotates the chair around to the various doors. They’re all locked though. Only other thing of note is a panel on the arm of the chair.

Back over near the entrance is a light switch. You can’t really see it until you shut the door we came in through.

Let there be light.

Jog over to the circuit breaker and turn the juice back on.

This seems like a really horrible plan, but what are you gonna do?

We can mess with the voltage. Chuckles is suitably snarky.

Predictably, this shocks the hell out of us. Won’t kill us though, oddly enough.

Now that the lights are on, hit the lever on the chair until it rotates around to this door.

Hey, it’s a shitty puzzle. What would Still Life be without those?

Actually, this one’s pretty easy. Mess with the dials until you have 129. That’s 5 twice, 50 twice, 20 once, and minus 1 once.

And said door nudges itself open.

What awaits us? If you guessed ‘Yet more bullshit’, have a cigar.