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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 8: Chapter 3-2

So when we left Paloma, she had just gotten out of a goofy puzzle involving shocking herself with an electric chair. I think that’d be preferable to continuing this game.

Anyway, open up the locker over here.

Within is an empty spray bottle to go in our collection.

Left of there and up the stairs. Is…is that a pig head? Come on game, you’re not even trying to not rip off Saw.

I suspect it won’t be that easy.

No, no I think you just lack imagination.

And dialogue. Let’s try this one for the 1083rd time.

“I have money…I can pay you a ransom if you let me out of here!”

Bravo, Paloma. A cliche you hadn’t thought of yet.

“I hate the dead! I love the living! So it can die! I’m very deep!”

Let’s ask about the room we’re in. Why not.

Aw, there goes my theory that Chuckles is actually Claire out to take vengeance on us all.

And the collar shocks us again.

Yeah, well, I don’t know how to do that, game.

Anyway, the morgue. We’ll start out by checking this thing here.

It’s a keypad. Unfortunately, the 2324 code from before doesn’t work and we don’t have any others.

Can’t get into the morgue drawers over here either.

You don’t say.

A conspicuous shirt over here on the wall.

…and yet you will take everything from fire extinguishers to mattresses.

I don’t like the sound of that.

I’m guessing they serve the purpose of a stupid puzzle.

Nothing else to be done with that stuff. Run over here.

Nothing to be done with that either. A little to the left is a blood soaked table.

Grab this.

And a scalpel, too. I’d say we have a good chance of stabbing Chuckles in the neck the next time he shows, but Paloma is bad at being clever.

And here’s the door out Chuckles mentioned.


Not a hell of a lot of way of telling, but now we need to run all the way back downstairs.

All the way back to the sink in the first room.

Fill your empty spray bottle at the sink.

Then combine your powder with the water bottle.

Which gives us liquid revealer. Now we can find shirtless guys with bad British accents.

I try using the mirror and the scalpel to get rid of the collar, but nothing doing.

All the way back upstairs, to the weird tiles.

Use your liquid revealer on those.

Uh, let’s not and say I did?

Oh for fuck’s sake. We have a time limit again, and this one isn’t as forgiving as the last one. T-minus about three minutes this time and Paloma croaks.

To start, run back over to the control panel.

Remember those voicemail messages? Remember the dates on them? No? Me either. That’s why I died a lot here.

Anyway, put the dates in order. 1022 opens the first drawer, 0229 the second, 0113 the third. Run over to them.

The second drawer…

And the third.

Jog back over to the tiles. Hit P, hit E, hit H.

That gets rid of the timer. Yay. Let’s just head out now.

The collar shocks Paloma yet again.

…and she fucking dies. Hope you saved, although to be fair, you should have after the stupid gas trap puzzle.

The answer is all the way back downstairs again, at the circuit box.

And this iron thread, which I did not see the other times the game made me come here.

And back over to the mirror again.

Poking the holes here fills up one of the red bars above it. You want 2324, as per the graffiti off to the left.

Like so. Paloma yoinks off the collar and ditches it.

Now with our collar gone, back upstairs again.

And we’ll try the door again.

You don’t say.

Incidentally, the door opens up on a fucking brick wall. The game does point out this vent over here, though.

Well, I have just the answer for that.

Smash that bastard with the fire extinguisher of death!

With that settled, climb on in.

Back downstairs *again*.

To the circuit box *again*.

Unscrew the light bulb. Maybe Paloma can hold it in her mouth like Uncle Fester.

Back upstairs. Sigh.

Screw the light bulb in the hole up here.

Use your scalpel to do that, since this game doesn’t believe in screwdrivers.

Use the iron thread on the bottom most fuse.

And the scalpel on the topmost fuse.

Upstairs we go, to a dark kitchen.

Door over here is locked.

Only other thing of note is the paper here.

Way to look for clues to your location, Paloma. You’re the best.

One more door. We’ll just try that one.

Oh hey, it takes us outside.

That flash indicates a boom.