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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 13: Chapter 5-1

So welcome back. When we last left Vickie, she had spent roughly one gajillion years examining Chuckles’ house of fun, only to randomly flashback upon opening a door. Now we…


And look around we shall! Start with the stove on the left.

You’d almost think his girlfriend was incredibly frigid.

There’s a locked cabinet on the left, not that you can see it with the all-consuming darkness.

Check over here next.

Keep reminding us that Ackerman was so much better of a villain than Chuckles, game.

Over here next.

To the right of that is a locked file cabinet. Sadly, Vickie left her lockpick gun in the future.

Over here by the entrance…

Thank God, there is no CSIing to be done here. Although it kind of galls me that the game is clever enough to *know* it’s shitty, but it keeps on being shitty.

To the right of the sink, grab this thing.

Now jog back over here.

Another tool to go in the collection.

Oh hey, another interesting character from Still Life that only gets mentions in the sequel. Vladanna was an underage prostitute who somehow managed to be the only one Ackerman tried and failed to kill. This was never really explained.

Snap a photo of that.

And it’s good old Ackerman himself. We miss you, Mark.

In the inventory, we’ll just combine our pair of modeling tools to make…

Shitty improvised lockpicks! Now we’re cooking with gas.

Using those on cabinet number one…

Uh, why do you have this, Richard?

Good question.

We can spring the other file cabinet too.

Well that’s certainly something.

Dun dun duuuuuun.

So there’s a random mystery from the beginning of the game solved. Well, kind of.


And then Richard sneaks up on us.

Oh, nothing much. Discovering you’re a bloody whacko. The usual.

And now we can interrogate Dick. You’re the grandson of crazy people! This doesn’t seem all that incriminating, really, but what are you gonna do?

“Richard, I know you’re Mark Ackerman’s grandson.”

I’ll bet.

“But you always said that you only discovered Ackerman’s paintings recently…why lie?”

Well, that’s halfway plausible. But we have more lines of questioning. Those letters you stole from Gustav’s police inspector buddy!

“I found a page of Governor Ackerman’s confessions in one of your drawers…were you the one who went to see Inspector Harrison under the pseudonym Zarkovic?”

Uh…that doesn’t even make sense, Richard.

Well, we have more evidence. You have the Ripper’s blood soaked cape stuffed away in your closet!

“I found a black cape in the closet. It looks remarkably like the one the killer wore. There’s still blood on it. In exactly the spot where I wounded him.”

Good one, Dick.

“In that case, you won’t mind me taking this cape to have the blood tested? I could also have a little look to make sure you don’t have any trace of a wound…”

“I did trust you. But that’s impossible now.”

Take that!

“Richard…I may have quit the FBI, but I’m still a profiler…my gut tells me I’m not wrong. It’s you, Richard…you’ve committed these horrible murders. My heart can’t believe it…but my head knows it’s true. You’re not saying anything…why, Richard? Why all this madness, this hatred? I need to understand.”

Noooooooo! Welcome to Still Life 2. Five minutes of interesting, five hours of crap.