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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 15: Chapter 5-3

Short update before I head off for vacation. When we last left Vickie, she’d…uh, been shot with an arrow and passed out? Sheriff Kate appeared to be similarly ventilated but it looked like she was out and out dead. Also there might or might not be a dozen Chuckles.

But none of that matters, as we’re in another flashback!


Well, Richard is…just kind of hanging out over there now. We’re free to explore. Dick will provide running commentary on the stuff we looked at in the last flashback.

Examining that painting on the right from the big reveal…

I only just noticed how the game trips over itself to do Vickie fanservice, like the camera angle here. Also she refuses to sit down at any computer, instead stripper leaning on it.

Looking at Richard’s sculpture…

And that’s about it. No, we can’t do the sensible thing and just leave the way we came in. Talking to Richard now.

Richard’s voice has now full on shifted to this really silly cross between Hannibal Lecter and Seymour from FFX. Also, he keeps speaking lower as he goes on, making you really struggle to make out his mumbling.

…and there’s a hell of a lot of stuff to ask him about. Sigh.

“Our relationship…it wasn’t a coincidence, was it? You had everything planned from the beginning?”

Good job, Vickie. Using your police work to pick up boyfriends and then they turn out to be mass murderers. Is there anything you aren’t terrible at?

“So that’s it…all these months, you were just pretending? How could I have been so stupid?”

Well that’s just too easy.

“Richard…how could you have become a murderer?”

Good lord you’re a longwinded one.

“You’re completely insane.”

It took you *this* long to figure that out?

“Ackerman killed so he could fill his canvases. Did you murder women to emulate your ancestor?”

And again, Ackerman was so much better of a villain than either Chuckles or Richard.

“Good God, you really are sick…you seem so…convinced of what you’re saying. Why all this insanity? Because your mother abandoned you? She wanted you to have a chance, a future she couldn’t offer you.”

Richard: The ist little killer.

And finally we’re given the option to end this. Thank God.

“Richard…I can’t let this go on.”

…and another option. Well, Vickie is clearly horrible at her job, so let’s roll with the stupid choice. It fits.

“Please, come to your senses…I’ll do what I can to help you escape this madness.”

And then…

…no, I’m not sure what just happened there either.