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Part 2: Leknaat's Divinations

Something oft-missed is that you can leave the room you're in with Teo before even speaking to the Emperor.

Kasim Hazil: Ha ha ha... you have an excellent face, just like your father! You'll be an important man just like him. I, Kasim Hazil, guarantee it.

this is also the only time you get this line of speech from Kraze, as well.

You can leave on your own after Teo escorts you home, so let's go to Sarady just by ourselves.

to do so, we need to be about level 10, as the enemies on the way to Sarady are tough, as TWD has shown.

thankfully it takes all of no time to get there, thanks to the fact that we're alone and the monsters outside are pretty tough

Being level 10 allows Mt. Tigerwolf to be a lot easier than it usually is. We can actually run from the enemies here.

He gives us the Fortune Crystal. Equipping the Fortune Rune multiplies the amount of potch you receive, like the Prosperity Rune does with experience. Again, you can buy this elsewhere, but you'll never get it this early unless you were particularly adventurous. Now, we go back to your regularly scheduled Suikoden.

Suikoden Tunes – Black Forest

Where were we? Ah yes, the Magician's Island. It's an introductory dungeon, without any difficult enemies and some nice treasures.

Primarily we face Holly Boys, an eternally easy enemy in the game, and brown-colored BonBons, called FurFurs, and they're way easier. Notice they're not highlighted when I select Pahn. That's because he cannot hit back-row enemies, being short-ranged. Cleo and Ted, however, can.

Characters attack simultaneously some of the time in Suikoden games, depending on their own speed stats, if they're attacking different enemies, etc. Our enemies have that ability, too.

Unite attacks are another cool thing in the Suikoden games. Characters with affinities towards one another, or similar characteristics, can link up attacks to do something really cool. These can either range from the really gimmicky to some of the most broken attacks in the game. Our first one is the Talisman Attack (and I have no idea why it's called that, it's the only one I don't understand), and it features Gremio and Pahn.

it does a fuckton of damage.

Meet Luc. Luc is a character who shows up in multiple games and is almost always a smug, dickface prick.

He uses his Wind Rune to call forth a Golem, the game's first boss fight.

Basic strategy: Attack. Attack attack attack. Use Talisman Unite.

He throws his body parts at us from time to time.

Of course, he goes down in like two fucking rounds.

Luc: I'm impressed, Imperial Guards.

Pahn: Hey, have you got something against us, or what?!

Luc: Take it easy. I know who you guys are. You've come to see Lady Leknaat, right? I just wanted to test you, guess you're the real thing. Come this way, honored guests.

Cool palace, bro.

Climbing stairs is shitty. Leknaat should own a fucking elevator.

Meet Leknaat, a character who has shown up in every mainline Suikoden game.

Leknaat: Oh my, what a cute messenger we have this year.

Ted: She says you're cute, Miles. How do you feel about that?

Leknaat: I'm sorry, you're a soldier of the Empire. I shouldn't call you “cute”. I have prepared the Astral Conclusions. Follow me.

Ted here is the only one who doesn't murmur something about the Astral Conclusions, for he has his mind in the gutter.

This was the background image you saw in the attract mode video

Suikoden Tunes – Touching Theme

but something's wrong...

Leknaat: What's your name? I see. Miles – such a friendly name. I am an astrological magician. My job is to see the future in the stars. But the future is not unchangeable. All I can see is the overall flow of things.

Aw Leknaat, no need to make me blush.

Leknaat: You will have to make painful choices, and experience a great deal of pain and sorrow. And I know not what the outcome is, but remember that your destiny is always in your hands. Never forget that. You must decide what is right. Do you understand?

Leknaat: But we will meet again. Not that I see your future in the stars... it's just my wish.

bangin' a millenia-old cougar, that's what

Pahn: If we don't hurry, Futch will get impatient and leave us behind. Let's get going.

Luc: Of course not, ma'am. I would never trick anyone.

Keep this line in mind as you read this LP, and the next two as well.

Leknaat: Take this, it may help you someday.

She gives us a free Fire crystal. I almost always put this on Cleo just because.

And so Luc teleports us back to Futch.

Pahn: Whoa, what's going on?? We're back here already. I've never seen such magic.

Gremio: You are a worthy apprentice to Lady Leknaat.

Cleo: That's all fine, but... where's Ted?

Ted is having the best day.

Ted: Ouch, watch it you punk!!

Futch: Better watch your mouth!!

Gremio: Enough is enough, I'm sick of all this fighting.

dun dun dunnna going back to the imperial capituuuhhhlll DUN DUN DUNNAAAAA

When we get back, Futch wants to get his dragon out on a date. How cute. It's like How To Train Your Dragon, but the PG-13 version.

i'm just gonna stand here and watch these … uhh... cows? pigs? gorge themselves.

time to deliver this shit to this asshole

Kraze: I guess you've done your job, so get ready for your next assignment. What's the matter? Why don't you look happier? It's an honor to be able to work for the Empire.

Meet Kanaan, a fat fuck who bends over backwards for anything Kraze does. I hate him just as much.

Kanaan: Understand? Rockland, east of Gregminster.

Kraze: For some reason, this town has failed to pay its taxes.

he butts in to repeat anything Kraze says. Anything.

Kraze: So you will go to Rockland.

Kanaan: That's right, you'll go to Rockland.

Kraze: And tell them their tax payment is overdue.

Kanaan: Tell them they're overdue.

thankfully, the game notices this too.

Grady is the town's mayor, we'll have to go to him about this shady business. Kanaan joins us as an envoy. Envoys don't fight in battles, but will tag along in just about everything else you do.

If you bug Kraze enough, he gets really pissed and just shouts out our mission in shorter and shorter, exasperated sentences.

Kraze: Don't forget the tax!

After this his words just recycle, but it's nice to get him that frustrated.

Suikoden Tunes – Beautiful Golden City ~ Gregminster Theme (must listen, iconic)

Let's have a look around Gregminster. This fountain is superbly iconic for me. I can never forget this fountain.

this, by the way, is how you know you can go to Lenankamp and get sharper weapons. Other than going to Lenankamp yourself, of course. NPCs in Suikoden tend to be more helpful than most games.

In Lenankamp we give Cleo the Fire Rune to watch her immolate the world. Some people just like watching that, I guess.

in Gregminster's armor shop there's these super sweet things. We'll get them later, but they are so very useful.

my Grandma, what a big world you have!