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Part 18: Azure's Nine Year Old Self Has a Breakdown

I know, it is very confusing

Kimberley: Oops, I forgot to mention that I can't read. What's it say?

Gremio, begrudgingly, reads it for her, in the black screen of information transitioning

She might join, but only if...

Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Perversion

she gets some Flik cock

Flik: M-Me?

Kimberley: I'll join up if you promise to take me to dinner.

no you don't, she's dead

Viktor: All right. Do what you want with him.

Flik: Viktor! You!

Kimberley: Good, it's a deal. Come here, pretty boy.

sprite detail! Yes I will say this every time it's immaculate.

Kimberley: All right, don't spill any. … Okay, it's your turn next.

Flik: Oh n-no, n-not at all.

Flik: … good grief.

Flik: How can you stay out all night and look so well?

Kimberley: What are you talking about? You're still tired, pretty boy. Say, Miles, you're planning to recruit Tesla too, right? He's somewhere in this town. But I believe he's using the name Albert.

no you're not

Viktor: You're Tesla the Scrivener, right?

Albert: Goodness, no. My name is Albert Onyx. My people have lived in this town for generations.

Viktor: Really? Then what is your mother's name?

Albert: Umm, her name was Marianne Onyx.

sidebar: I've totally played this game to out-BS my friends when they would BS me. One of my ex-friends (who is now one of the most vile scum of the earth) claimed once while we were playing Borderlands together in New Haven that he was from an African tribe, despite being white. I called him on it, asking him where he was from, who his parents were, what his “secret African tribe name” was (he claimed he had two names) and at some point in this interrogation he gave up, and just told me “fuck you okay god”

I won.

Albert: I believe it was... uhh.... Allen Onyx.

Viktor: Grandmother!

Albert: Uhh... let's see... Leah Onyx.

Viktor: Hey Tesla.


Albert: …. !! I mean, that's not my name, I'm not Tesla.

Viktor: Do you give up?

Viktor: Shut up and get your things ready.

Tesla: Oh god, how unlucky I am. Led back into a life of crime.

If you might remember, someone with Tesla's same outfit, but in different colors, was present next to Emperor Barbarossa way back in the first update. Maybe it was secretly Tesla...

Kimberley: I'm a perfectionist.

Tesla: I-I did well too, I hope.

Mathiu: Commander Miles, what you see here are forged Imperial papers. Milich's signature, the Official Imperial Seal, it's all there, perfectly forged. With these papers, we can walk right into Soniere Prison. Please free Dr. Liukan with this.

I just wanted to prove that the Key Items section does exist.

For random purposes and because I want to use characters I've never used before, I'm putting dancing Mina in our party despite her awesomeness.

She doesn't have terrible forced equipment, but the inability to take off that Magic robe for defense kind of sucks. It does, however, keep her Magic top-notch.

For offensive purposes, I'm giving her a Wind Rune. The Shredding is a pretty good spell, honestly. I use it a lot.

Yeah, I sharpened her shawl. What of it?

Suikoden Tunes – Soniere Prison ~ Intrusion

So this is Soniere, and for reference I am very sure this is not a word in French. The guard outside tells us we can get Opals from an enemy in here. We actually need at least one to recruit the most useless Star of Destiny in the game, she edges out Onil by a country mile.

Anyway, let's break in, casually.

Enemies in here include Delfs, or little demons in vases, and Vipermen, who control them. The Vipermen play a bit of the main Suikoden theme from their instrument to direct the Delfs in front of them.

The Nightmares are the enemies that drop the Opals, but they don't have a high chance of doing so.

They love to cast one of three spells – a fire spell that does a little under 200 damage to a single character, a lightning spell that hits a single character but is much less harmful, and a water spell that heals the entire enemy party.

this kitchen makes me hungry

Mina wrecks shit up by shredding their asses off.

Soniere Prison is incredibly straightforward, you shouldn't have a lot of issues in here.

There are Veteran Soldiers in here, but they're no huge threat, they're way beyond an issue at this point.

Flik: Whatever you say. Right now we have to get you out!

Liukan: Good idea. I'm beginning to miss the sunlight.

Liukan, thankfully, does not force himself into our party. You should be happy, because he's just as bad as Kamandol if not worse. Those two make up truly terrible characters.

I don't like the looks of this guys

Watch the Video!

Viktor: Good timing, let's fight it out here. We'll save some time this way.

Milich: My my, how barbarous. I'm not bad with a sword, but right now I'm not in the mood. So I'll give you this instead.

Milich: This bottle is filled with the Spores of Agony. Aren't they beautiful? It took a lot of work to fill this bottle. Did you know that these spores eat humans? Man-eating spores they are.

Oh shit

Viktor: Run! They'll eat us!

Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version

I really, really hate this scene. It hits me like a train every time.

Gremio: Viktor, this door can only be opened and closed from this side.

Viktor: What are you talking about? We'll get help somehow. So hurry up and come...

Gremio: No, it's too late. The spores are at my feet now. So if I open the door...

God damn this game. God damn this game

Gremio: Young Master, can you hear me? I'm sorry I can't protect you any more. But now that you've grown up, you don't need my protection. Young Master... make me proud. I wish Master Teo could see you now.


Gremio: Young Master, I'm proud of you. Promise me you'll always follow your heart.

Mathiu: Are you all right, Commander Miles? You were away for so long that I brought the troops along. What's going on? Where are the Imperial forces?

Viktor: They must have been devoured by the man-eating spores.

This was about the time my nine year old self put this game down for a few days. I was heartbroken. Viktor stops us before heading back into the room to collect Gremio's belongings.

A new day.

Will more tragedy be on the horizon?


Kimberley – Chikou Star

Tesla – Chibun Star