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Part 24: The Passacaglia of Neclord

Now that we have the Star Dragon Sword (named King Dragon Sword after, I think, level 12 sharpness), Viktor is even more of a murderous beast than he was before, with the potentially strongest weapon in the game once we get the ability to sharpen to the max level of 16.

The librarian staying at the Temple wants the War Scroll we found. Hugo is a librarian. There is always a librarian-type character in the Suikoden series, and through him we can view the Old Books we've been acquiring.

This incredibly weird fellow is Window, named after his ability in our castle. Finding the Window Rune makes him want to join.

While it seems like he would clean our windows back at the castle and shit (which... makes no sense because there are no windows), Window actually allows us to change how our menu and text windows look like, similar to how Chrono Cross allows you to pick up different “themes”. We've picked up two window settings so far, and we'll check them out later.

Since our main character is now level 43, Eikei in Teien will join us since we are level 40 or higher.

Back in Warriors' Village, we show off the Star Dragon Sword to Zorak.

Ahahaha, I love him.

Zorak: A talking sword? Will this thing defeat a vampire?

Star Dragon Sword: Of course, vampires are nothing to me.

Cleo with the constant Viktor zingers.

Apparently, Neclord sent Zorak and co. a wedding invitation... for himself and Tengaar...

Poor Hix, always getting the shaft.

That's a really, really imposing castle.

Suikoden Tunes – Passacaglia ~ Neclord's Castle Theme

Zorak: Now is the time to show the power of the Warriors' Village!

Neclord ain't having none of that shit.

Zorak: Give me back my daughter, my Tengaar.

Neclord: I'm afraid not. She's my beloved bride. When the sun sets, our wedding begins. Miles, you're the leader of the Liberation Army, correct? I'd like you to be my most honored guest tonight. If you don't make it to the top of the castle by sunset, Tengaar will be mine forever. Understood?

Well that rules out Zorak.

some idiot attempts to get in anyway, and gets pushed back. I was hoping he would get fried or something.

well duh Cleo

In a wonderfully sidequesty turn of events, we are tasked to take down Neclord, a man who poses absolutely zero threat to the Liberation Army. Just wait until next game. Ugh.

Hix, however, wants to save Tengaar, so he forces his way into our party.

He just wants to show his mettle, guys.


Zorak: I hereby accept you as a true warrior, and allow you to name your sword. May the birth of this new warrior be celebrated by all.

Hix isn't bad, but he's not great, either. This holds true for the next game as well. He also is totally not original and named his sword much like Flik did, after the girl he loves/loved. He does have a really high Luck stat which means he'll critical hit very often, and is really good to bring along for gambling. Before we ascend the castle, though, he needs better armor and a better weapon. I'm also going to sub in characters.

I subbed in, firstly, Quincy, the hunter. He's not very great, but I fucking love his weapon: a dual-edged phurba. What the fuck is a phurba, you ask?

A phurba is a Tibetan ritual blade that generally has a super ornate hilt. It's fucking badass.

There's also Fukien, who has an uncommon Rune, the Resurrection Rune. You can get this uncommonly from drops in the Lorimar region, but it comes fixed to Fukien. This Rune requires little in the way of magical power, so thankfully Fukien isn't too great magically. It comes with four spells: Scolding, which does minor damage to one enemy; Yell, which revives a character by 33% of their HP although the Flowing Rune can do this as well (but to 100%) as well as cure statuses; Scream, which heals the party for 400HP and cures statuses, and finally Charm Arrow which does 500 damage to all enemies. It is also the only Rune that uses the Holy element (and a surprising number of foes are weak to it, like everyone in Neclord's castle), and it is a Rune that has gotten weaker upon each subsequent entry.

It is unknown if this Rune comes from a True Rune or not.

Here's our new party in action. As you can see, Quincy is a palette-swapped Sydonia. A nice thing about Silence is that you will still cast magic the same turn you get silenced, as there's no canceling turns in this game.

Neclord's castle starts out seeming pretty normal.

Down the stairs in the room to the right is a zombie who'll tell us hints about the castle in exchange for bits. However, this is a waste of money and he doesn't tell you anything worthwhile. In fact, Viktor calls him an idiot afterward and you get your money back.

Pay attention to the color of the sky as we ascend.

All of the enemies down here are undead, perfect for Fukien. But we won't waste our spells on them.

Here are two of the more dangerous enemies – Hell Unicorns and Demon Sorcerors. Luckily, they're weak to Hell. Go back where you came from!!

also the Demon Sorceror was featured on the shitty American cover of Suikoden for some reason.

Fucking OW.

In here is a bit of a painting puzzle. First, examine the painting second from the right (Chestnut Tree), then the one to its left (Girl in the Early Afternoon), the one on the far right (Peasant Girl), and finally the first one (King of the Night). This opens a door out to the balcony.

There's no one here to eat this food. It's going to spoil! Fucking Neclord. At least feed your serfs!

I have no idea what that's supposed to be

S'up, sunset? It has taken us hours (not really) to get up here.

Suikoden Tunes – Neclord's Wedding Song (must listen)

Quite an awesome setup he's got here.

Hix: Tengaar, I've come to save you!

Tengaar: Hix, you've come. I'm so happy.

Neclord: Now wait a minute. You speak as if I'm going to lose.

Viktor: That's right, Neclord. You're going to die here. Damn you to hell, Neclord! You remember the village of Northwind?! (read: North Window)

Neclord: Come to think of it, you do look somewhat familiar. Perhaps I've seen you at... what was that village? But Northwind doesn't ring a bell.

Viktor: I'll make sure you never waste your breath again. Here we go, Star Dragon!

Star Dragon Sword: One or two vampires like this one are easy work.

Hix: In the name of my sword, Tengaar, I'll destroy you, Neclord!

Alright, this is the real battle with Neclord. First thing to do is have NO ONE attack but Viktor.

Now we can attack him normally.

Cleo picked up the level 4 Fire spell Explosion. It's ridiculously powerful.

Thank god for Scream.

Scolding does more damage than the Fire Rune does, so Fukien is a good character to bring along.

So long as you have a way to heal the party, Neclord isn't too tough.

The Night Rune, by the way, is a True Rune.

Star Dragon Sword: You are merely a servant of the darkness, and therefore fight me in vain.

Neclord: I have lived for 500 years. Damned if my life ends now.

Viktor: You killed my family and my friends, and I traveled looking for you. Now it's time for revenge!

Neclord's dead. He will never ever ever ever return in a superbly hamfisted and stupid way.

And we saved the two lovers. Aww.

I decided to cut out all of the fluff of Hix and Tengaar having an awkward not-fight.

By saving Tengaar, the people of the Warriors' Village have joined our army. Time to head back I guess.

Viktor, however, leaves temporarily to go back to North Window. He'll be back in a while.

Cleo: Without you, the Liberation Army suffers a huge handicap.

Okay you can get the fuck out now

Tengaar, however, decides she'll fill in for him and brings Hix along with her because who else will protect her? Tengaar is a much better battle character than Hix, by the way. Funny how that works.

just look at that Magic stat! Damn!

It sure has.


Eikei – Chiyu Star

Hugo – Chisui Star

Window – Chisu Star

Hix – Tenrou Star

Tengaar – Tensui Star