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Part 30: Return to Gregminster

Flik: Why did you light the oil before receiving orders?! Answer me, Sanchez!

Sanchez: I have been in the employ of the Emperor since the War of Succession, seven years ago.

Sanchez: That is right. In the days of the War of Succession, His Majesty was a wonderful man. And like everyone else, I swore allegiance to him.

Flik: When the hideout was attacked and Odessa... are you to blame for Odessa's death?!

Sanchez: That was the result. I won't deny it. But my heart was in pain. Being with you people, I began to question myself. Who's right? What should I do? Ultimately, I chose to remain with the Emperor. At my age, it's difficult to change one's life. I'm sorry about Lady Odessa...

Flik: Don't you dare mention her name. You haven't the right.

Sanchez: Yes, Master. I have no regrets. But please remember one thing. I like you, I like all of you. Master Flik, you are immature. But that immaturity, that honesty, was something I coveted. And I'm sure that is why Lady Odessa loved you...

Mathiu: W-wait.

Mathiu: If you kill Sanchez now, and the troops find out he was a spy, the morale of the Liberation Army will plummet. Administer the punishment later. Right now, we must prepare our Army to march on Gregminster.

Liukan: Don't be ridiculous, Master Mathiu. You're badly injured, you can barely move...

Mathiu: There is a thing called flow in this world. There is a thing called timing in warfare. If we lose this opportunity, we will never defeat the Empire! Commander Miles, you must decide.

In the castle basement, Sonya is in our dungeon jail.

Cleo: My name is Cleo, Lady Sonya.

Sonya: What are you doing here? You are a traitor.

Cleo: Lady Sonya, I was always by Master Teo's side. So I understand how you feel. I also know about your personal relationship.

Sonya: How dare you! Shut your mouth!

Cleo: You are someone who may have become Master Miles' mother. And yet you hate Master Miles. I cannot bear the thought.

Sonya: But I can never discard my loyalty to the Empire or General Teo.

Cleo: The expression on Master Teo's face when he died was... very peaceful. He seemed happy to have seen how his son grew up. Remember that.

Sonya is the last recruit in the game, and it's important you get her as a recruit before you even think of marching on Gregminster.

Sonya: All right, I'll join you. But I won't help you fight. I'll stay by your side so I can watch you die.

Yep, she's the most reluctant person to join the Stars of Destiny in the whole game. She actually does fight for us, both in battle (where she is by far the best Imperial General) and as part of a war unit. So I think she's lying to be stubborn.

We now have all 108 stars, except for one. Any character that dies due to plot (Gremio, Pahn) or in war will have their name blacked out on the Tablet of Promise.

Mathiu: Now is the time to gather our forces and attack Gregminster. Commander, please give the order to march forward.

Liukan warns Mathiu that he shouldn't go into battle, but he does so anyway.

I cringe every time I see that mistranslation.

Mathiu: Warriors of the Liberation Army! The time has come! The end is near for the cruel Imperial regime!

Lepant: Think of your friends. Think of your families. Fight for them!

Warren: The ground quakes with the anger of the people. Their cries echo into the heavens. Now is the time for this to end.

But before we can go anywhere, Leknaat appears...

Leknaat: My sister Windy is looking to enact vengeance on the entire world. Hundreds of years ago, my ancestors, the Clan of the Gate, were powerful people. But because of their power, they were massacred. Windy and I managed to escape, using the power of the Rune of the Gate. The Rune of the Gate is in fact two runes, the “front” and “back” runes, also called the “entrance” and “exit” runes. My sister carries the “front” and I the “back”. Their powers are connected.

Cleo: Then it was Windy who tried to kill you.

Leknaat: That is why I isolated myself on Magician's Island, setting up defenses, and biding my time. Awaiting the appearance of someone like you, Miles.

Leknaat: Listen everyone, the 108 Stars of Destiny have come together here. You are all wanderers, stars that wander freely across the skies. And you have all assembled together in this spot. Together you will be victorious.

Leknaat: … Miles, I shall show you the power of my Rune of the Gate. Soldiers of the Liberation Army, quiet your minds, and remember your friend.

Gremio: There's still some laundry left to do... and a new stew. Huh? What the...

Leknaat: Such is the combined power of the Rune of the Gate and the 108 Stars. But what you have just witnessed is only possible once.

Mathiu: The end of the war is near. We have lost so many lives. For our departed friends, and for our future, we must battle on. We must bring an end to this conflict. Under the banner of the Liberation Army, under our leader Commander Miles...

Suikoden Tunes – Into the World of Illusions ~ Opening Theme

Everyone starts to chant along with our main character. This is, by far, my favorite endgame sequence in the series.

Sydonia: Heh.

Alright then... the final battle.

To war! To victory!!

If you were wondering where Kanaan's been the whole game.

Yuber: Against our 100,000 troops, they can hardly call that an army.

Leknaat: Most of the 100,000 must be monsters that my sister Windy conjured up. I will return the monsters from whence they came.

Sucks for Yuber.

Leknaat: It's no good. I don't have enough power... to defeat my sister.

Leknaat: You mustn't. You must never use that rune.

Yuber: Forward, march!

Suikoden Tunes – Collision! ~ War Theme

Kuromimi: No way. Woof.

Uhh... oops. Well, anyway, time to use my Ninjas up then.

That's some solid damage.

I dunno why, but the enemy loves to charge, constantly.

See what elves can do with arrows, fucker!

Guess I was wrong, the Knights Team is always the best Charge unit. Well, anyway, let's end this with a coup-de-grace.

Son of a BITCH

Stop using magic!

And it's over.

Oh shut up, you'll be back. Again, and again.

Yuber basically does whatever the fuck he wants.

Kasumi: Chief Hanzo! You survived!

Hanzo: Yes, but we had to keep it a secret. I'm sorry.

Zorak: We have come far, Commander Miles. We of the Warriors' Village have come to give you a hand. It has been a wonderful war. It's been a long time since we enjoyed such a big one. Our father, Clift the Crusader...

Suikoden Tunes – Echoes of the Changed Past

We're back in Gregminster, where it all began.

One of the more annoying parts about Suikoden 1's endgame is the fact that Viktor and Flik are forced into your party. This is a bit detrimental to a cool party setup, and basically rules out ever bringing the full blacksmith bros to the final battle with you.

Mathiu: Miles, please fullfill my sister Odessa's... dream.

For some reason, the shops remain open in Gregminster. You can buy the best shield, robe, and second-best hat here (the best one is an enemy drop/in a chest). The best full armor and light armor remain as drops or found in treasure chests. The best accessory, the Golden Necklace, is only available to Kobolds and is once again a drop or found in a chest.

There's really no place to revisit, since the rest of the houses are locked.

And the fountain's all dried up. Well, let's head towards the castle, then...

Ain Gide: Yes, and I believe your name was Scholtenheim Reinbach III.

Viktor: What do you want? Please let us pass.

Ain Gide: I can't. I'm an Imperial General.

Ain Gide: Even if the Imperial Army is defeated, I cannot betray Emperor Barbarossa. Master Miles, if you insist on going any further, you'll have to do so over my dead body!

Yep, we gotta fight him as an intermediary boss before we even step foot in the castle.

Ain Gide is thankfully pretty easy because he's slow as fuck, which gives you time to heal in case he wrecks your shit. I came into this fight with an unoptimized party just to add a little challenge.

Luckily, Sonya comes with a Water Rune so we can keep healing.

Poor Warren falls, but that's because I didn't bother upgrading his equips. My bad.

Despite having a sword, you'll probably never see Ain Gide use it.

Viktor: Yes, he was wrong. But just as some things can be right and useless at the same time, can't something be wrong... and priceless?

Next time: Going back and exploring our castle before the final battle.


Sonya Schulen – Tenjyu Star