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Part 28: Hix and the Quest for Manhood (again)

for some reason the developers thought to bring back Hix and Tengaar because apparently even though he trudged through a demonic castle with tough enemies and defeated the clone of a powerful vampire, he's STILL not a man


this is his story.

The story of how an average man goes on a silly sidequest to prove his manhood.

Chaco and Sid's attack animations are cool, because they fly upward then come soaring down. I also love Wakaba's, because it's a flurry of feet then one solid kick.

Gosh darnit I love Wakaba.

So now we follow Hix and Tengaar to the Kobold Village.

: C... can we rest for a bit?

: What are you saying? Real men don't whine like that!

: Well, we might need it for the rest. C'mon, let's go.

In this town, kobolds get drunk then go stand watch

The Kobold Village has some decent rare finds. The Heavy Necklace is only equippable by Wingers and Kobolds, but these are decent except I'm not buying anything equipment-wise until I know what my party will be like in the future.

The trading post here is actually one of the best trading posts in the game, if only because you can buy/sell that Ancient Text for a lot of profit. We're here primarily to get Mayonnaise for Hai Yo.

: Do I really have to do this?

: Of course you do! I want you to become a real man!

One of the most easily-missed Runes in the game, the Exertion Rune is part of a game-obliterating setup with Double-Beat, Fury, and Killer Runes. It comes pre-equipped to Hix's weapon, as well. This Rune starts the user out in battle with an attack multiplier of 1.2x, and over the course of six rounds maxes out at 2.2x attack power, then it starts over again. It's ridiculous, and only seen in this game.

The chief has told them some troubling news about the Unicorn Test.

Seems Tengaar didn't get the memo.

They seem kind of unsure what to say with our presence here. Tengaar complains that they'll never let Hix back into the Warriors' Village now.

I kind of... didn't really do anything but follow you, but okay.

>>> She seems really angry...

: Tengaar... actually... she's a very nice girl. Probably too nice, in fact. We were born in the Warriors' Village, and as is our custom, I have to go on a quest for my manhood to be recognized. Tengaar wants to make me a great warrior, so that's what she's so excited about...

: I just can't get into the idea of having to fight... but if I say that to Tengaar, I'm sure she'll be angry...

The next morning, Tengaar seems to have come down with a... mysterious illness.

>>> It's too early for this...

Yeah, so, this is all a really elaborate plot.

Chief: Eh? Oh, yeah, that's it! It's the Curse of the Unicorn... it's... it's uh... a very terrible curse... it's because she spoke too frankly about the Unicorn Test. This girl may never open her eyes again...

He has to go and talk to Tengaar to remember the 'cure' for the curse. He says to bring the Blue Stone, Red Flower, and Green Bell to the Unicorn's tree in the forest behind the village.

So now we go on a very short fetch quest for pretty much nothing.

There's lot of holes in this story.

Stop it, you idiot. I don't want to goooo

Hix, much like the last game, is pretty average. With multiple Runes you could make him okay, but he only gains two slots and there are many better characters. His Exertion Rune is, sadly, locked.

Oh hi coincidental Kobold

The item shop lady gives us the Blue Stone for a pittance (Hix pays for it, though).

Tengaar blatantly sneezes, then the chief tells us the next item is in the Cave of the Wind. Even the main character recognized her sneeze and Hix just goes along with it...

Oh hi coincidental Kobold

Red Flower acquired, back to the Kobold Village...

Looks like we almost caught her BEING NOT SICK

This is the LAST time I am ever going back to those sewers.

At least Azure has sense. He takes after me.

Oh hi coincidental Kobold

Hix is the biggest lovestruck idiot in the world.

Tengaar ran off into the woods behind the village on her own

Yes, Hix, FIGHT A UNICORN... to prove your manhood

(also the guy to the right in the chief's tent gives you the Meat Pie recipe)

The Unicorn Woods is not exciting, but it has a couple things to note. First, these guys drop Fire Emblems, which as we know from before add 7 defense and 15 strength, which is awesome. Also, everyone in this dungeon is easy, compared to the monsters outside.

If you want all the animals for your farm later in the game, DO NOT open this chest. For some reason, the index of the contents of this treasure chest (a Necklace) is tied to a Sheep who, when acquired, also opens the chest. If you open the chest beforehand, the Sheep disappears from the game entirely.

There's a ton of Necklaces in here, if you happen to be using Kobolds.

There's also EagleMen from the first game, and they drop Recipe #12 and the Double-Strike Rune. The Double-Strike Rune increases your physical damage by 1.5x but increases the damage you receive by 1.5x. In later games, this is increased to 2x on both ends.

they have a knack for taking characters just totally out of battle.

: You're already a great warrior.

: Great warrior... was this all just a...

I'm beginning to like Azure. He's a real awesome dude.

Chief: When I heard you were from there, I offered to help the young lady.

He comes clean to Hix about the obvious, obvious truth.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention when I started this LP, unicorns exist

: What... what if I am?

This unicorn REALLY needs a maiden to... do stuff with. Hix stands up to the unicorn...

And it just simply vanishes.

Instead of returning to the village, like Hix wants, they join our army.

Well, we're done collecting Stars, let's go back to the castle and move onto the... ugh, plot.

But first, we rest...

Spiffy new room!

Jowy's unit... and they might have a brilliant strategist of their own to take down the forces of 7,000 men. Ironic how it's similar to our own defeat of Solon Jhee. Hmm...

Teresa's become an icon following her father's death, but she's gone into hiding thanks to the siege. If we were to track her down and bring her out into the spotlight, we could get the people to turn on Highland.

Shu proposes that Azure and a few others pose as college students, with the help of Fitcher getting us a way in.

You're not nearly smart enough to attend school

anyway, we are restricted to JUST youngsters, but there's some weird exceptions.

However, Flik MUST come along, as he is our 'bodyguard'.


Please choose the other three members to go to college, with a maximum of two S-range characters added:

Hix (S-range)

Tengaar (L-range)

Eilie (L-range)

Bolgan (S-range)

Tuta (L-range)

Millie (L-range)

Shiro (S-range)

Gengen (S-range)

Gabocha (L-range)

Meg (L-range)

Mukumuku (L-range)

Luc (S-range mage)

Chaco (M-range)

Wakaba (S-range)


Hix – Tenrou Star

Tengaar – Tensui Star