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Part 36: Familiar Territory

Everyone's favorite uberperv is back, terrorizing the womenfolk while also simultaneously looking like a woman

I went to masturbate, ok

The 1st, 3rd, and 4th companies are set against us, with Kiba losing 2/3rds of his forces in the battle we just had. The rest could easily overwhelm our 25,000 troops.

Greenhill is still occupied, Matilda still remains neutral, and Tinto is being Tinto.

However, Sheena offers us to ask her old man, Lepant (now head of the Toran Republic) for help. Apple gets flustered when Sheena calls her his “old friend”.

: Ha ha ha! Still playin' hard to get, eh Apple.

Ridley tries to escort Sheena away before telling us, the player, the obvious.

Chaco's clueless about what the Toran Republic is, but well, we already know all that jazz

we also learn that our hero, the awesome Miles, still has not taken over the throne.

but people of Jowston should be wary to trust the people who live there.

because we have to. Now you're probably thinking that I love this arc, but I don't. There are parts of it enjoy, but the logistics and reasoning behind it are, well, hard for me to swallow.

Viktor of course scoffs at Sheena talking about the badlands between Dunan and Toran, saying he's crossed them at least three times with Flik (this is also where the both of them met Nash Latkje).

We know where Radat is, we just fucking Freed that city

UNFORTUNATELY, Freed Y joins our party.

Sheena also joins. He has been significantly altered since the first game. No longer is he stuck with the quickly-obsolete Lightning Rune, and he has very good stats. I'm actually going to use him this time, surprisingly. Sheena gets all three Rune slots, and because of his stats spread, he's one of the few true mage-fighter hybrids in the game. You could make him a mage, if you wanted, or abuse his good strength and make him a fantastic frontline fighter. Your choice. There's another character later in the game who does much the same thing, but even better. Freed makes a request before we leave that we stop by South Window, so we will.

I'm going with a rather awkward party for this expedition, but both of the Unites we can use (Yoshino + Freed Y and Meg + Gadget) are hilarious to see.

Our castle is now level 3, which you have to leave the HQ and re-enter to see. It's necessary to do this because many characters coming up require a level 3 castle to join. At level 3, many places are re-arranged and there's a fifth level added to the HQ, which is kind of annoying.

Yep, it's pretty silly. Gadget is an interesting character, though.

Although not actually an animal, her stats are the exact same as an animal's. She never gets any Rune slots, either. Her natural PROT value is the highest in the game aside from the larger animals, but she has terribad magic defense.

Japan soldier stereotype, Japan doting wife stereotype

Meg's Trick Rune can only be used once, and it's not particularly great. I think it has a hidden second animation in this game, though.

I didn't screenshot it, but sometimes characters with close ties do things for each other in battle. Meg will go Berserk if Gadget is killed, and if Freed Y is low on health, Yoshino will step in to take the hit.

Like so. Neat I guess.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Rock! Rock!

To recruit two characters we need Celadon Urns. We technically don't need them for the second, but they sell for a HIGH price in Gregminster's trading post, which is precisely why I farmed potch so I could play this game to get three more Urns (already have one from squirrels). This is the easiest way to get them, and they only appear in the highest league, the <insert army name here> League. Just keep exiting out and talking to the guy to get his prizes to change up. This game overall is fun to play and can net you either good equipment, expensive things to trade, rare items, or more Plans. It's not hard, either.

Here are the basic rules for rope climbing. It plays much like a Mario Party minigame.

We get a few options here. Viewing the cliff just blanks out the HUD, viewing the rules gives us the screen before, and we get two other options. First, let's roll the die.

We rolled a five, sending us up five notches. We can now place a mark. Placing a mark means you'll never slide below that mark if you lose a die toss.

That's what happens when you roll a 1, Mukumuku flies in and knocks you down. We can savescum fuck the RNG for this game bad.

Imagine doing this twice more. Takes little effort, and good rewards.

: As it turns out, surrendering to Highland was a mistake. If we had lived in a more peaceful world, he would have been seen as a wise ruler. But gentleness has become a sin in this world. But despite that, I'm proud of Lord Granmeyer. I will do everything I can to save the city and people of South Window.

South Window's equips have changed, as they now offer Dragon Armors and Magic Robes. These don't show up at your HQ armory just yet, though. Weird programming, I guess.

And the runeshop now sells Fire, Earth, and Darkness Runes.

Back in Radat, if you're following Clive's story you'll want to go to the pub. You'll need to reach Muse at some point later after the next two story arcs. The final event must be reached at the 20 hour mark, but there's no time limit for the next checkpoint.

So we head to Banner Pass. Note the geographical impregnability of this region.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Distant Skies ~ Banner Theme

Banner Village is a small town of 1,400 known mostly for fishing. Here we find an Alert Rune, which bestows the Alert status at the end of the fourth turn of battle. Alert makes your spells do 50% more damage but increases their backfire chances.

There's also a mini-Azure here. In reality, he just looks up to us in a big way so he tries to dress just like us.

no you can't recruit Ellie

let's head back to Radat real quick

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Theme of Narcissism, Again

This narcissist needs a Rose Brooch. You can find one in Banner Village item shop's Rare Finds.

If you choose 1 or 2, he'll run off with the brooch and not join you.

No I didn't.. want you to.. join. Ah well, he's not too bad. He only gets one Rune slot, so he's pretty nerfed as far as long-range attackers go. It makes him painfully average, but his sharp weapon is much more helpful than Meg right now.

We also go and get a Piglet while we're here.

Lebrante, like Jabba in the first game, wants a certain antique. This time, it's a Celadon Urn. We have four just lying around...

Now we have an appraiser. Not like I've actually gotten any “?” items in the past ten hours, though.

Next time: Why in the world would you send 5,000 troops like it was nothing you're not in any danger or: Why this next section is fanservice and makes little logical sense


Simone Verdricci – Chikai Star

Lebrante – Chisei Star

An appraiser from Zexen, he is a collector of Celadon Urns. He has close to 1,000 of them.