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Part 6: Recruitment Begins!

Chapter 6 - Recruitment Begins!

"Oh! Viktor! You surprised us..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry about that."

"Well, it's okay 'cause everyone's fine, but if Muse found out that soldiers were going in and out of Highland, you'd be in trouble. Let's make it out little secret."

"Or maybe you think it's okay that you let these guys get past your post?"

"I... well... you...see..."

"It's okay. Don't worry about it. Like I said, everyone's safe..."

We head back to the fort! Awesome!

"Watch your mouth. I like this place. It's got a certain charm. Right, Riou, Jowy?"

"Umm... I... guess?"

"This place? Hmm... I wonder..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! A kid can't appreciate its greatness. Well, I'm gonna go relax for a while. You must be tired too, so take a nice rest. If you have questions, ask Leona. She's the woman who runs the bar."

"So we're prisoners, I guess..."

"Huh? Well, that's true, long as you don't make trouble, you're free to do what you want. Why don't you go find recruits? We always need more of them."

"Take it easy here until things cool down. Meanwhile, I'll think of a good way to get back to Highland."

We can't really do much, but we add Gengen to the party.

Let's head to Ryube and see who we can find, shall we?

First and second choices

"My... my stomach..."

First and second choices

"Stomach... so... hungry... can't move... please... give me food..."

First choice

"Thanks... I... owe you..."

"Really... I won't forget this..."

"Huh? ...???"

First choice

"Okay, I got my money."

"Whew... thanks a lot."

Second Choice

"Hey you! You'll work for me, 3000 potch worth!"

"Okay. I'll help out too or my name isn't Rikimaru!"

"Those mercenaries... They get fed well, don't they?"

Rikimaru isn't a bad character, I'd venture he's one of the more decent ones with pretty good attack stats.

First choice

"Okay, bye bye."

Second choice

"My pet Bonparte is lost. He ran into the forst, probably up into the mountain.. Will you help me find him?"

First choice, second just starts all over.

Millie... is not so good as Rikimaru, but she has an Long range attack.

So we give chase!

"You can't run anymore! Now I've got you!"

A battle ensues that wasn't important enough to bother taking screenshots of.

"It's okay. Good boy. Don't be scared. See? Bonaparte's back. Isn't he cute?"

First and second choices

"Huh? You don't think this face is cute? Thanks for helping me find Bonaparte. In return, I'll go with you."

This comes into play later. We're done with Ryube for now, so it's off to Toto.

"Wasting? Are you saying talking to us is a waste of time?"

"It may not be a complete waste, but it's not exactly useful either."

"What?! How dare you! Let's go, Riou! We wouldn't want someone like this anyway."

"What? ...What do you mean?"

"I mean we don't need you. Understand?"

"What are you talking about? Are you saying I'm not valuable...?"

"Listen. We're you the one who didn't want to be talked to?"

"I'm strong, I've got good moves, I look good. I'm perfect in every way. How could you say you don't need me?"

"What? You wanna fight?"

"I'll show you exactly how valuable a man I can be. I don't care who it is. Shall I prove to you that nobody can stand against my strength and my magic?"

"What is with this guy?"

"Okay, here I go little girl. You'll all appreciate me. You'll all say you're happy to have me as an ally."

Zamza is actually a really good character. His fixed rune does damage to him, but can be worked around with another rune you pick up later.


The Matilda Glitch

During this part of the game, it is possible to take advantage of a rather major bug in the game. To do this, when you're heading towards Muse, continue past it northwest to the Muse-Matilda border.

You will come to the gate like normal. However, if you walk up against it and push it as if it were a box...

You can just walk around it and into an area with much stronger monsters you will visit later in the game. Doing this allows you to recruit two Stars of Destiny very early and allows you to get some easy levels and money for your characters.

Done with the weird bugs for now.

Once you do your recruiting, when you return to Toto...

"Uncle! Uncle! You came back!"

"Pilika! You doing okay?"

"Yeah. Pilika's good. Pilika went to Muse with Mommy and Daddy. We had to get a 'sacrifice' for daddy's shrine. It was really far, but Pilika walked all by herself. Isn't Pilika good?"

"Yes, Pilika, you're very good."

First and second choices

"Oh, that's right. You didn't hear this part. After the river took me downstream, I wound up stranded on a rock and this girl found me. Then her family nursed me back to health."

"Hey, are you a friend of Uncle Jowy?"

Third choice, others skip this line.

"That's not true, you shouldn't tell a lie. Pilika, this is my best friend."

First and second choices

"Okay. Uncle Riou, okay? My name is Pilika. Nice to meet you. Uncle Jowy, uncle Riou, come to Pilika's house, okay?""

(Joanna) "You look terrific. You left before your wounds were healed and we were so worried."

"I'm happy to see you again. I just don't know how to thank you enough for what you did for me..."

(Marx): "You don't have to thank us. We just did what anyone else here would have done. Right dear?"

"Of course, Jowy. And this is...?"

"Oh, this is my boyhood friend, Riou. Riou and I... we can't go back to Highland."

"I see... well... think of this as your own home. You're welcome here anytime."

"That's right, you're welcome anytime. I'll make you all a terrific feast."

"Thanks... Thank you... thank you very much. I'm so... happy."

"Pilika is happy too."

"Umm... uncle Jowy... uncle Riou, come over here."

"Pilika, Jowy and Riou must be very tired. Leave them be for a while."


"Come in, come in close..."

I just like how their sprites really do lean in.

"Umm... When Pilika went to Muse with Mommy and Daddy, Pilika saw something really great."

"Something great?"

I'm posting these so you don't think I'm transcribing this incorrectly.

"Pilika saw a wooden amulet with stars and fish on it. Do you think Daddy would like it?

"I'm sure he would."

"So... D'ya know? When Pilika does chores for daddy, Pilika gets 2 potch. Now Pilika has this much, so Pilika can buy amulet. But Pilika can't leave village alone. So could uncle Jowy and uncle Riou go buy amulet for Pilika? Please?"

Second choice, the first again just ignores this line

"C'mon, don't say that."

"It's a wooden amulet. It's at the big item store. Don't forget."

"Let's get that birthday present. Muse is west of Toto Village. It's the capital city of the State, so it'll be lively."

Next Time: Chapter 7 - Tragedy Begins