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Part 7: Tragedy Begins

My apologies for the delay, I got a little busy!

Chapter 7 - Tragedy Begins

After a little walking, we reach the great city of Muse!

"Oh yeah... this here. It's not for sale. A customer with an overdue bill left it a few months ago. But I guess if you really want it I'll sell it to you... How about 500 potch?"

"500 potch!!"

"Well if ya don't want it, fine."

"500 potch...? What should we do, Riou?"

First choice

"Thanks, Riou. I'll pay you back."

Second choice

"I see... Can you wait a minute, Riou? This signet ring... how much will you give me for it?"

"Let me see that... Hey! This is pretty valuable! I'll buy it for 2000 potch."

"Give up the wooden amulet and we'll call it even."

"Really? Hey, thanks a lot. Well, here's the amulet and here's your 1500 potch change. Say, do you know someone from Highland? This seal is Highland style. It might have belonged to some nobleman."

"No.... let's go, Riou. Pilika is waiting for us."

Huzzah. Let's see what else the guy has!

Anyway, let's go back to Toto. I bet Pilika wants this amulet!

Oh. ...That isn't good.

Heart Softening BGM 3 (Seriously that is what it's called)

"Waaaaaah... Wah, wah, wah... waaaaah!!"

"What happened...?"

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Waaa waaa waaa!! Waaaa!!"

"What... what could have..."

"Waaa... d... da... daddy said 'go hide!' So Pilika hide real good... so nobody find. But Pilika hear lot of noise. Very scary noise. Very, very, very scary noise. So... so... so Pilika... Pilika take a little peek."


"And then... and then... and then... Pilika saw Mommy and Daddy... but they not moving... covered with sticky, red stuff..."

"What happened here?"

"Pilika... sniff... Pilika... know... Mommy and Daddy are 'dead,' right? Daddy told Pilika about it when Pilika's cat died... waaa... But... but... but it's okay. Daddy said that it not so bad to be dead. He say it just like going somewhere far, far, away... Right? Right? Pilika... Pilika be a good girl... waaahhh! Mommy... daddy... waaah!!"


First choice

"It's the work of the prince, Luca Blight. He looted and burned this village just to keep his army entertained."

Second choice

"My name is Apple. I was collecting materials, but I came here when I heard about Luca Blight's rampage."

"I've got no time left, so if you know him, please take me to him."

"Wait! This girl... Pilika... she's still crying."

"There's no time. Drag her if you must, but we have to go."

Seriously, Apple was like 11 in Suikoden 1.

Leave the village and return.

"So my journey was just a waste of time..."

First choice

"Hmm. So there's still a chance for me to wield my sword? In that case, I'll join you."

Second choice

"I guess you're right. I've failed as a warrior."

"How dare you?! You're here like the godfather of all mercenaries and you don't even let us know? We were worried!"

"You've got some nerve, Viktor! I can't believe it! Didn't you say you'd keep in contact?!"

"Huh? No, I... aha ha... ahem. Anyway, Apple, what are you doing here? Doing a little sightseeing?"

"Unfortunately not. Luca Blight attacked Toto Village. I came to relay word of that."

"Luca... the royal prince?"

"Yes, it was horrible. He looted what he could and then burned everything to the ground. This child is the only survivor."

"Damn! What is he up to..."

"Luca Blight has his eyes set on an invasion of the City-State. This was just a warmup. This fort is in his way. If he leaves it, he'd be opening himself to an attack from behind when he invades Muse."

"You're joking. What about the peace treaty?"

"Luca set things up so it looked like the State broke the peace treaty with a surprise attack. Now he's screaming for all citizens of Highland to take revenge for the lives of the young men slain in the attack."

"So that's how it is..."

"Gimme a break. He can't fool anyone with that dog and pony show."

"Riou, Jowy, good work. We have some important strategy to discuss, but you must be tired. Why don't you go to your quarters and get some rest."

"Riou... I just don't know who to feel loyal to... I thought I was a Highlander and then they hunted us down. But I always thought someday we could go back to Highland. The Unicorn Brigade massacre, Captain Rowd's betrayal, Toto Village burning down... I just don't know who to trust anymore."

First Choice

"I know. I know I can... Thanks, Riou."

Second Choice

"I'm sorry, Riou. We're in the same boat, I guess. ...I'm sorry."

"I don't know how long this fort is gonna last against Luca Blight, but we've decided to fight."

"I'm going to Muse to request reinforcements."

"I'm going to look for a good place to lay some traps."

"I'll gather soldiers and weapons. We'll use whatever we can find. Take a look at this, Riou, Jowy. These are called Fire Spears. They're weapons forged years ago by the Dwarves. They shoot fire from their tips. We've got several of these 'Fire Spears' (Why does he all of a sudden put them in quotes?) in the fort's storeroom. They could be very useful, but they're all rusted over."

"I told you to take care of your toys."

"Quiet. Anyway, I need them fixed, but only one man can do it. A Man who lives near here named Tsai of the Divine Spear. Riou, Jowy, I want you to find Tsai. Will you do it?

First choice

"Really? Thanks. I'm counting you."

Second Choice

"Well, I know you two aren't part of my army and that you're originally Highlanders... But I'm just asking you to find Tsai. Please."

Second choice

Second choice and loop

"Riou... It's the least you can do, considering."

"I got some money together for you to give to Tsai. Don't spend it along the way."

"Tsai lives near Ryube Village. He moved into the mountains because he likes privacy. Anyway, go find Tsai, we're counting on you."

"Let's go, Riou."

Hanna is okay, I guess.

Off to Ryube and into the forest. Yay!

First choice

"Aha. You were right, Shiro!"

Second choice

"I see. Wrong person, Shiro."

"I'm Kinnison. This is Shiro. We're hunters who live in this forest. But recently the Highland Army has been scaring off all the game. What are you doing here?"

First choice

"Really? Looking for companions? If things keep up, the Highland Army will ruin this forest. What should we do, Shiro?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. If we can be of help... You.. I'm sorry, what was your name? Oh yeah, Riou. We'll be your companions if you'll have us. Shiro too."

Second choice and end of conversation

"Really? Well, I'm sure you have reasons. Anyway, thanks for saving the baby bird."

Shiro and Kinnison are pretty good. They have a Unite Attack and everything.

"Nobody's here... What should we do? Wait for a while? I guess he's probably not coming back..."

"Are you Tsai of the Divine Spear?"

"Divine Spear? No, just plain Tsai. But anyway, what's your business?"

First choice

"The 'Fire Spears,' right? I heard that Luca Blight attacked Toto Village. So it's war again, is it... Well, I've already got my things packed so I'd be ready whenever the time came. Let's go. "

Second choice and end of conversation
"Really. In that case, please leave me alone."

"I brought this along. It's payment for your work."

"I don't ask for prepayment on my work so you can hold onto that. When the job is done... and if we beat the Highland Army, I'll accept payment then."

On the way back to the village, you can see smoke and hear some rather unpleasant noises...

Ryube Massacre

I made a video of this scene because I believe it conveys it much better than screenshots possibly can. If anyone has any issues I can also post screenshots of this section as well.

"I... I won't forget this!"

"Wait a minute. Luca Blight possesses strength that is not of this world. You and I would not have a chance of standing against him in combat. But there will be another time."

First Choice

"Let's go, Riou! I won't let him make more victims like Pilika!"

"That's not going to happen."

"This isn't the time for such talk."

Tsai basically knocks Riou and Jowy out by... uh... I don't know, hitting them?

Second choice


Requiem of Grief

Hopefully we can get back to the fort before it burns down too.

Next time: Chapter 8 - How about Orange Army?

My apologies for some of the awkwardness of those choices... they don't really make it easy to give all of one dialog tree sometimes.