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Part 8: How about Orange Army?

This is a short update, but you'll see why.

Chapter 8 - How about Orange Army?


"A man who looks like a bear was worried about you. But Pilika knew you would come back. Hurry, let's go."

"I heard that Ryube Village was attacked and I was worried."

"So is that the man called Tsai?"

"I am Tsai. Good to meet you. There is very little time. I will begin working on the 'Fire Spears.'"

"Thank you. Let's hope it works. Riou, Jowy, good work. You two have done enough... Get ready to escape to Muse City. This battle has nothing to do with you. Thanks again for getting Tsai. It's not safe around here. Be careful. You really helped us out."

I will say there was a choice before, but it seems to make more sense, story-wise, to handle things this way.

"And it was Luca Blight! He's the one who killed all our friends in the Unicorn Brigade... I want to fight. Even if I can only help a little..."

We take a moment out of our story to show you an episode of Nanami is Awesome

This concludes this week's episode of Nanami is Awesome

"Let's go back and fight Luca. Even if we can't do much... we have to try for all the people he's killed... Riou... You feel the same, don't you? Right, Riou?"

Second choice

"What he did to Toto Village... to Ryube Village... I can't allow that to happen again. Am I wrong... Riou?"

Second choice

"It's no good. It's no good, Riou. You're afraid of Luca, right? I... I'm afraid of Luca too. But even if we close our eyes, shut out ears and run away, he won't go away. Riou... Let's go back. We may be weak, but even so..."

Second choice and loop

"Please... Riou. Please... go back with me... You... you're my friend. Anyway... that's what I always thought. So I don't want to see you run away... Please, let's go back."

First choice

"Thanks... Riou. I'll protect you. So let's fight side by side."


Second choice this time.

Second choice

"Good idea. This is no place for kids."

First choice

"Okay. Have at you."

There was a duel here, but it ended in one turn so it really wasn't worth making a video of!

"Maybe you've lost your touch, Flik."

"What did you say!?"

"Ha ha ha! Okay Riou, Jowy, I'll let you two lead a company. Think of the company's name."

"Riou... Let's do a good job."

"Dragon Company, Orange Company, Scarlet Moon Company, Riou and Jowy Company... What should we do? Riou, what name do you like?"

It's time to name the company! This name will be the name of the Hero's army group for the rest of the game, so make sure it counts! (8 Character limit)

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