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Part 12: Foolproof plans

Chapter 12 - Foolproof plans

"Is this really going to work?"

"We won't know unless we try."

"Okay then... I'll be Hilda. Riou is Alex and... Jowy, you're Pete. The rest of you just hush."

"Wait a minute, Nanami. Pete is Alex and Hilda's son, right? How am I supposed to... Why doesn't Pilika do it?"

"Pilika is a girl, you dummy. Kind of hard to believe, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah, and it's real believable that I'm your son. Right."

"Don't worry, it'll work. Let's go."

"C'mon. Riou, say something, please."


"Come on. It's too late to back out now. Riou, you should listen to what your big sister tells you. Okay, here we go."

"It'll be fine. Come on already."


"Let's go, Pete."

"Let's take a look. Hmm... Which one of you is Alex?"

The bottom choice is what we're going with, the other two just avoid this scene.

"Okay, so who's Hilda?"

"Ho ho ho, I am Hilda, young man."

"...Okay, where is Pete?"

"Err... umm..."

"I... umm... err... I'm Pete."

"..............You're Pete?! There's something funny about you guys! Take them into custody!!"

"That's weird, huh. I thought we were perfect."

"Perfectly horrible, maybe."

"What?! Maybe if could have fooled them if you had tried a little harder."

"You're the one who overacted."

"What do you mean 'overacted?' I acted like a 28 year old woman!"

"Which part was a 28 year old woman?"

"All of it!"

"Okay, let's ask Riou. Who was more realistic, me or Nanami?"

"Fine. So who was better?"

"Jowy was better."

"Huh??? Come on!"

"You see. I knew Riou would know."

"Nanami was better."

"You see, you see. I knew it."

"Riou, really? You don't mean that..."

"You both stunk."

"Huh!? That's a lie!"

"Riou! Don't put my acting in the same class as Nanami's!"

Either choice.

"Take a look, Riou. You can see the moon through that window. It's a full moon tonight."

"That vision... the one we saw in Toto Village... Back then I was... I was jealous of you. In my house, we had everything... Everything we ever wanted, we got. But... Riou, you and Nanami and Grandpa Genkaku may not have been related by blood... but even so, you had a real connection. That was the one thing... the one thing I wanted, but never got."

"I didn't know what I should say to you, so I just watched you and Nanami. You talked to me first... So, Riou, do you think we'll ever go back to Kyaro?"

Either choice

"When this stupid war ends and things get quiet again, let's go back there. The three of us... me, you and Nanami. We could fix up Grandpa Genkaku's dojo and make a living teaching his way of fighting. But the important thing is we could live and go on. As long as I don't ever have to join the army again. Riou... I... During the long days I spent with Pilika, Marx and Joanna after I was saved near Toto Village... That's when I first realized... realized what was important to me. You see, even though Pilika called me 'Uncle Jowy'... I still... couldn't protect her. Riou... I have a dream to make this land safe again. So that children like Pilika can grow up surrounded by the warmth of people that love them... I want to go back to a time like that. For that, I'd fight with every last bit of strength in my body."

"It's late. I'm going to sleep, Riou."

"Hey! Old man! Get us out of here! Hurry it up!"

"You know who they are. Let them out."

"Yes sir, just a minute..."

"Ha ha ha ha! So you guys are okay. I was getting worried."

"We took a little detour, but we're fine."

"Hmm... somehow you all look a little older... tougher."

"Well, why don't you go to Leona's new tavern? Everyone's there. It's right near the... oh well, just walk around, you'll find it. Oh, Riou and Jowy, meet me in the city hall later. There's somebody I want to introduce you to."

"Me and Riou?

"What? I'm going too! It's not fair if just Riou and Jowy get to go!"

"Okay you little brat, you can come too. Well, I'll be waiting in city hall. Riou, Jowy and the tomboy can come. City hall is at the dead-end north of here."

As we walk around the city, we encounter this interesting character.

"A bad man is chasing me. Would you hold onto these for me? I'll come get them later."

"Where are they? Storm sense them... Moon and Star are somewhere nearby..."

Again, either choice.

"No, I guess not... But she's not going to get away from me this time!"

You meet up with her back at the entrance to Muse, but...

Wha--uh oh.

I wonder if we'll ever see them again?  You will. 

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