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Part 14: Highland camps are for chumps

Chapter 14 - Highland camps are for chumps

Mukumuku, Shiro and Kinnison won the vote, so we add them to our party before leaving the city.

Then we head north!

"We're here by orders of Chamberlain Jess. You should have received word of us."

"Just a moment please."

"I'm starting to get pretty excited, Riou, Jowy. I feel like a spy or something romantic like that."

"You're cleared. If you take a shortcut through the woods, you should be able to approach the Highland camp without being seen. Follow me, I'll show you the way."

"I guess we should split up here..."

"Don't worry, We'll go along with you until we get to the enemy camp. C'mon, let's go!"

"Okay, we're going to change into our uniforms now..."


"Umm... could you look the other way?"

"Riou, Jowy, be careful. If you're in danger, just run away, okay?"

"It looks like that's where they're storing the provisions, but those guards..."

"Uh oh..."

"What are you doing here?! Those are Unicorn Brigade uniforms!"

"Well you see... that is... We... we were in the Unicorn Brigade. The State soldiers ambushed us and everyone... We managed to survive, but the rest of the troops..."

"Is that right... You kids are very brave. Those State bastards! They're pure evil!"

"Thank you. Umm... our captain told us to come here and get some butter..."

"Huh? Really? Okay, follow me. Hey, these guys need butter, let them in the tent."

"Well, hurry up then. My shift's almost over."

"Yes, sir."

"It's about two weeks worth. I guess the Highland Army is planning to end things fast... Let's go before we're caught."

Why can't anything ever go well for these two?

"Captain Rowd..."

"Hah, now you really have become State spies! Intruders!!"

"Let's get out of here!"

"This tent is for the Royal Family."

"I guess we've got no choice..."

"Two State spies have infiltrated the camp. Forgive me, but I'd like you to allow me to search this tent..."

"That's not necessary. Please leave."

"I assure you it won't take but a moment..."

"Thank you anyway, soldier. I wish to be alone."

"But... if by some chance..."

"I am asking you to leave. Or do you wish to disturb a lady's private sleep chambers?"

"Ah, no... no, My Lady, It's not that at all. Please forgive me for disturbing your rest, Princess."

"I remember you said something like 'This country has betrayed us. I won't forgive them.' So, how is it now? You still haven't forgiven us?"


"Say, what happened to that lively spirit you had back then?"

"Jillia... No, Princess. Whata re you doing in this place?"

"My brother... Luca Blight, do you know him? My brother is trying to expand this war. Even though most of the people of Highland are tired of it... Also, my brother is considering something truly evil... Up until now, I've always thought somehow I could stop him, but...It looks impossible now. He would never listen to me... To my brother, I'm just like an 'enemy'... It looks like I don't have the power to stop my brother. I've begun to realize that. As a princess and a woman, I'm limited in what I can do. Ah, I'm sorry to have spoken so long. The tea has gotten cold... Things have quieted down outside. Perhaps you'd like to leave now?"

"Yes. Thank you, Princess."

"Farewell. I do not think we will meet again..."

"Lady Jillia opposes Prince Luca. I had a feeling she was hiding something. So I kept on the lookout and who pops up but you guys. Get ready, State spies!"

"This is bad."

"You won't get away this time. Kill them!"

"I want you to run. If they get both of us here, Nanami, who's waiting for us, might be in trouble too."

"I promise I'll catch up to you! They're not going to get me! Hurry up and run!"

"Oh, trying to buy some time so your friends can get away? That's very sweet, but it's meaningless."

"Shut your mouth! Saving my two friends has plenty of meaning for me!

"Empty talk! We'll capture you and your little friend Riou, too."

"Oh, Black Sword Rune. If you're really one of the 'true runes'... Then grant me the power that I need!"

"He'll be okay... yeah, he'll be fine. Jowy always keeps his promises. We'll wait in Muse for him to come back. Heck, he may even get there before us."

There goes that idea.

"We can't see Jess or Anabelle. What are we going to do? Are Viktors and the others here, maybe?"

"Y, yeah. I'm okay. But Jowy..."

"Yeah, he's not here. What happened to Jowy?"

"Well, you see..."

"What?! So they captured Jowy?"

"Huh? Well, I don't know... Jowy said... he'd follow after us..."

"Hey, let's go see Jess and find out exactly what's going on."

"But Jess wasn't there and we weren't allowed in to see Anabelle..."

"What is this!?"

"Viktor and Flik. What happened? Why do you look so angry?"

"Hey! You! Is it true you sent Riou and Jowy to sneak into the Highland camp?!"

"Hold on a minute. Don't get so mad..."

"Yes, I asked them to do it. Now get your hands off me."

"Anabelle, I don't know you that well, but is the State really in such bad shape that they have to use kids like this as spies?"


"I asked them because in order to defeat the Highland Army, we need to know how many provisions they have. Riou, how many provisions did they have anyway?"

"So you said... about two weeks, right Riou? But... the important thing is Jowy. What about Jowy...? Jowy's been captured by Highland. Well, I don't know if he's captured, but he didn't come back. So please, please save Jowy."

"Riou, Nanami, I thank you for getting vital information for us. Furthermore, I apologize for putting you in such danger. But I'm afraid we can't save Jowy. We've got our hands full just protecting the city. Forgive me."

"But, but, but..."

"Riou... Nanami. Standing around and talking isn't going to bring Jowy back safe."

"Two weeks means they're planning a swift assault. Now we can plan our strategy at the Hilltop conference. Thank you, Riou."

"Why you!"

"Please, no violence! No violence!"

"How dare you, mercenary. We needed information to save Muse! Besides, it's your fault that Lady Anabelle is suffering."


"Stop it, Jess!"

"Enough, Viktor. I guess mercs like us don't have anything to say about what goes on here. Let's go back."


"I wonder if Jowy's... okay. I'm sure he's fine... He'll come back. Well, I'm going to wait for Jowy out by the gate."

"I'm going to wait a while longer for him. Riou, why don't you go back to Leona's and rest. If he comes back, I'll tell you."

All throughout this scene you're given the option to go inside and go to sleep. It's nice for those who have played it before. Anyway, we choose to wait with her.

"That would be nice. It'll seem faster that way. ...No, I guess not."

"It's late. Riou, you should go wait at Leona's."

"Huff... puff..."

"Are you okay, Pilika?"


"It'll be okay, honey. Jowy will come back. Hey, hey. Do you remember the time you got lost in Lude Woods? While Grandpa Genkaku was out looking for you, Jowy and I waited just like this. You came back and I know Jowy is going to too. I think you should wait at Leona's after all. You'll catch cold."

You're given the choice to go back inside again here. We choose not to.

"Why won't you ever listen to what your big sister tells you? We'll wait a little longer. Well, to finish the story... While we were waiting for you just like this, do you know what Jowy did? Ha ha, he cried the whole time. Can you believe it? Our Jowy crying like a little baby... Hey, this conversation is our secret, okay? I promised Jowy I would never tell a soul."

"It looks like Pilika was pretty tired. You're late, Jowy... ...Hey, Riou. You know what I think? When Jowy comes back, let's go far away from here..."

"Riou... Nanami... you waited for me."

"You came back! You really came back!!"

"Riou... Nanami... I kept my promise. It's nice... Having people to wait for you..."


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