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Part 17: North Wind(ow)

Chapter 17 - North Wind(ow)

"You'll understand when you see it. Anyway, let's head back."

"So how did it go?"

"Well, it looks like he's willing to part with some gold, but I have to do a favor first."

"Who are you?"

"Forgive me, I'm Lord Granmeyer's assistant, Freed."

"Very polite, aren't you."

"Well, anyway, I've got to go to North Window. Are you gonna come along, Riou?"

"I'm going too. I'm interested to see what kind of place North Window is."

"I'm kind of interested too."

"Yeah, I'll bet. Hoo hoo, I'll wait here. Someone's got to watch this kid."


"Okay, Pilika, we'll stay here."

"Well, see ya..."

**This scene is much more amusing if you play this music: Theme of Temptation ~ Asian Dub Mix

"Say, would you like to have tea with me? I'm so bored by myself."

"Huh? Me? I've got a friend......"



"Well, I'm leaving, so do whatever you want."

"Wait, why do I..."

"What? You don't like me?"

"No, no, that's not it..."

"Okay, Flik, I'm countin' on you."

"Well let's go then. North Window is northwest of here. Right, Viktor?"

"Yeah, that's right. But if you know that much, I don't think you need me."

Northwind! ow!

"I'm sorry... Sorry I asked before..."

"Ha ha. It's like I told you, it's a ghost town."

"A ghost town? What happened here? What are all those graves?"

"The graves are the graves of the villages her once lived here. Many years ago, this place was attacked by the vampire, Neclord. He killed everyone for his amusement, then he sucked out all their blood. I happened to be away from the village, so I was saved. When I saw this, I dug the graves as best I could... But anyway, that was a long time ago. It all ended when I destroyed Neclord with my own hands."

"Y... you! How!?"

"Did you really believe you could destroy an undead vampire? Ha ha ha. I like this place. Thanks to you, Viktor, the corpses were in nice shape."

"But look! Your face has turned white as a ghost, pardon the pun. What's wrong? Do you see someone you recognize? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"You bastard!!"

"Ha ha ha. This is your punishment for what you did to my body... This is my revenge."

"Those dead bodies aren't playthings for you to mess around with!"

Note that Nanami ran behind Riou and pushed him forward.

"You're brave young girls. I like that. I find brave young girls most... delicious. I'll take both of you as my brides to live with me for eternity."

"Stop, Riou."

"Well then, will you fight me?"

"It's no good... to destroy him, we need..."

"The Star Dragon Sword, was it? Why don't you go get it? This time I'll destroy that sword. It caused me great pain... If you wish to meet me again, I'll be waiting to greet you in that castle over there."

"What was that? Who was that strange, nasty man!?"

"Bah, he's nothing. Rune of the Night, indeed! That neclord creep, he was scared of us!"

"So he's the reason little girls have been dissapearing... We can't just ignore this!"

"What's that sword the vampire was talking about?"

"The rune that Neclord holds makes him immune to sword and magic. Only the Star Dragon Sword can seal off that rune's powers. I borrowed its power last time I fought Neclord. He says he's an incarnation of one of the 27 True Runes..."

"Wait a minute. What do you mean, 'he says?'"

"It's hard to explain. Anyway, let's go get the Star Dragon Sword. Okay, Riou?"

You better not make decision.

"South of here is a place called the Cave of the Wind. In the deepest part of the cave, the Star Dragon Sword is... should I say 'sleeping' or 'waiting' or perhaps 'hiding' would be closer to the truth..."

"What? I'm not hiding anything."

"Anyway, let's go to the Cave of the Wind."

"Okay. Let's hurry, before more people lose their lives."

Yes, we are in fact being attacked by squirrels with capes.

"There's always a breeze blowing through it, so they call it the Cave of the Wind. When I was a kid, we used to come here to test out bravery. But be careful, there are monsters living in here now."

"And the Star Dragon Sword is in there?"

"Yeah... I'll bet it's waiting for me..."

"Something strange is going on. Are you hiding something?"

"I was waiting for you, Viktor."

"How do you know my name?! Are you one of Neclord's slaves?"

"Don't get so excited. I understand your feelings though. Neclord... You're not the only one that has a grudge against him, you know."

"So you want a piece of him too, eh...?"

"Yes... The Marley family has been hunting vampires for generations. My father and his father before him both hunted Neclord. Ever since I was a young boy, I vowed that I would destroy him. In the name of the MArley family, I swear I will destroy him!"

"So what do you want from me?"

"My business isn't with you... It's with the Star Dragon Sword and the Rune of the Night. Neclord is using his 'Doppleganger Secret' (OH MY GOD HERE WE GO AGAIN!!) To make a double of himself. The Neclord that you defeated wasn't the true Neclord."

"Doppleganger... You mean it was a fake?"

"He's a vampire who's lived for hundreds of years. He's learned a few tricks in that time. But if we use the Night Rune to cast his spirit out an then seal it, I think we'll be able to capture his spirit."

"That stupid sword... whaddaya mean 'Night Rune'...? He's the reason we didn't beat Neclord the first time!"

"Well... I know one thing, without the Star Dragon Sword, we've got no chance to defeat Neclord. That's why I was waiting for you. I knew you'd be coming to get it."

"If you knew where it was, why don't you use that dumb old Star Dragon Sword yourself?"

"No, that sword was not meant for my hands. In any case, the way it looks..."

"Ugh... That's what I figured..."

"So, may I travel with you? After all, our goal is the same."

"Yeah, that's fine, right Riou?"

"Thank you. Well then, shall we retrieve the Star Dragon Sword?"

Kahn is a pretty good character, but his Locked Ressurection Rune kind of hurts.

Boss #4: Star Dragon Sword

"What?! Once I get this mad, I fight until my enemies are routed..."

"Yikes!! Okay, okay, I'm really sorry! Forgive me, great god! Please forego your vengeance, oh Star Dragon Sword!"

"Hmm... Very well. But tell me, servant, why did you come back here?"

"Neclord is still alive. Or since he's a vampire, perhaps I should say 'dead'... Anyway, he's back."

"You mean that nasty vampire...? I thought I disposed of him..."

"Neclord is using his 'Doppleganger Secret.' ( ) In other words, he's a vampire with a powerful rune."

"Impudent little bloodsucker! If that's true, perhaps I'll go with you."

"C'mon, pal, do it for old times sake."


"I mean... Please! I beg you!"

"Very well then."

"Okay, we're ready. Normal attacks don't work on Neclord, but if we can seal his power with this thing..."


"I, uh, ... that is... if we can seal his power by using the power of the great Star Dragon Sword, perhaps we can beat him."

"Ha ha ha!"

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