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Part 18: North Window Part 2

Chapter 18 - North Window Part 2

The Fugue ~ Praise be to My Master

"Stupid bag of flesh..."

"First, let's go to Neclord's place. I know how to seal off Neclord's power."

"We're going in, Riou."

"I've been waiting for you... Viktor, Star Dragon Sword and... eh? Is that the Marley boy? I'm so glad you could come."

"Between the Star Dragon Sword and the vampire hunting secrets of the Marley family, your time is running out, vampire."

"That's right! Get ready to die!"

"Wait. Don't be in such a rush. Of course, I understand that... but I have my own ideas as well. That's why I summoned you. I have someone I'd like you to meet."

"B... bastard...!"

"Well? Do you give up? Just hand the Star Dragon Sword to me and I'll let you have the girl, okay?"

(Daisy) "Viktor...?"


"Viktor!! If we lose the Night Rune, we'll never be able to defeat Neclord!!"

"Viktor... hel... help me..."

"What's wrong with you! Hand that sword over to me."

"Star Dragon Sword..."

"Do whatever you like."

"A lot of years have passed since then... It was so long ago that I can barely even remember her face... Okay! Listen to me, bloodsucker!! I know that once a person is dead, they're gone forever!"

"Let's go, pal!"

"Watch what you call me!"

"Let's go Riou! We've got to destroy him!"

Did they even spellcheck any of this? Jesus.


"Farewell, we'll meet again."

Boss #5 - Abomination

"Crap! He got away! Crap! Crap! Crap!!"


"Yeah, I guess you're right..."

"Well then, goodbye for now. I'm going to follow Neclord. When I find him, I'll send word to you."

"Okay, thanks."

"...South Window has fallen to Highland..."

"What did you say? Is it... is it true? What happened to Lord Granmeyer?"

"Killed... by Solon Jhee..."

"No... No it... can't be... Lord Granmeyer..."

"Y... yes... Just after you left South Window (I went back there after the Star Dragon Sword, fuck you continuity!) we were attacked by General Solon Jhee's 1st Company. He must have judged that we didn't have a chance to win... Lord Granmeyer surrendered unconditionally without a blow being struck."

I guess in theory you could say this makes sense...

"I was with women and children, so I managed to get away..."

"Ho ho ho... Who do you have to thank for getting away?"



"Well... anyway, we got away and came after you. On the way, we met Apple, Tsai and Leona."

"Highland is afraid of rebellion, so they're arresting former Muse and South Window soldiers all over the place."

"Which means it's only a matter of time before the Highland Army comes here... But... We've got a few people and this abandoned castle... What should we do?"


"Let's run away."

"Yeah, I guess that's best... But with this many people, we'll attract attention. First, we need to find an escape route."

"You're right... I guess we'll have to get away either by boat from Kuskus or maybe west to Two River..."

"Okay, Riou and I will look for a route. Let's go!"

Hey let's see if they left the fort.

"What are you talking about? Buzz off before you get hurt!"

"I told you. I'm just trying to fix my map!"

"Get the hell out of here!"


"I swear, people around here have really got an attitude... Hey, who are you guys? You guys got kicked out of here? Jeez, what a pain... So much stuff going on... I gotta keep changing my map. Oh, I'm Templeton, a catographer. (I refuse to spell his name 'Templton'!) I'm correcting my map of this area, but I'm really having a hard time. Sorry, but I'm sort of in a rush. Maybe I'll see you again."

"I thought I'd seen everything, but this... So the Highland Army did this? You said before that you were thrown out of that fort. Are you fighting the Highland Army? In that case, I'll fight with you. I can't let them ruin everything I've gone to the trouble of mapping."

"Here, I've got something for you. With this, you won't get lost no matter where you are. Okay, I'm going to look around some. I'll see you later, bye."

Back to the castle, I guess.

"But Riou..."

"But can we stop the whole Highland Army...?"

"What's wrong with all of you!!! Is running away all that you can think of!!!! Riou is right! There must be a way! There must be!"

"But to fight a war we have no chance of winning is stupid..."

"We do have a chance!"

"What do you mean, Apple?"

"For a small force to defeat a larger force, strategy is needed. With the right strategy, we have a chance to win..."

"Yeah... and have you figured out this strategy?"

"No, I'm not up to the task. I've learned that the hard way. But I know someone who is. In Radat Town, there is a man named Shu. He and I were both students under Master Mathiu. Mathiu expelled him, but he's brilliant... a first class strategist. If we can get him to join us, I'm sure he'll be able to think up a winning strategy."

"I guess you're right... We can't keep running to the edge of the world."

"That's right. That's right."

"Okay, let's do our best. Flik, you and me should gather all the troops we can find. The South Window soldiers should still be around somewhere. As far as this Shu guys goes, I'll leave it to you, Riou. Do your best to get him."

"This is important, Riou. Radat Town is east of South Window. I'll go along with you."

"Don't worry about Pilika, I'll watch over her."

"Thanks, Leona. Let's go, Riou. Hey hey hey... Apple, Is this Shu person handsome?"

"Eh? ...I don't know anything about that!"

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