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Part 19: Meeting Shu

Chapter 19 - Meeting Shu

"Let's go in."

"Huh? Oh, okay."

"Hmm, he lives in a nice house."


"I already know what you want, but go ahead and tell me anyway."

"I want only one thing. I want you to join us. You must know what Luca Blight is up to. If Highland takes over this country, a lot of people will suffer. Please, Shu, please lend us your strength."

"That's what I figured. You're right. Luca Blight is a blight ( ) on this land. He intends to crush the State."

"That's why we must stop him. Please join our side."

"I can't."

"!!!! B, but why!!! You know what Luca is planning..."

"That's true. But to be honest, I don't really care which country is destroyed."

"How can you say that..."

"I'm a trader now. I use my knowledge to predict shifts in the world's economy. It's the greatest way to get rich."

I would probably have said "Nothing's better," but hey.

"So Shu, are you saying that even though you know what a monster Luca is, you're just going to ignore it?"

"In a word, yes."

"How... how can you! I... I misjudged you. You didn't learn anything from Master Mathiu, did you? The Master..."

"The Master expelled me. Well, it was good seeing you again, I'm sure. Someone show them the way out."

"..." count: 1

"A, Apple... This Shu of yours..."

"Shu and I studied war tactics together under Master Mathiu. Shu tought of me as his own sister... But even though Mathiu warned him not to use his genius for the wrong ends, he wound up being expelled. Master Mathiu and Shu, they were both so important to me... But they couldn't get along... But without Shu's help, there's no way we can stand up to Solon Jhee. I hate to admit it, but I can't do it... Let's get some more information."

"I know that. But we're not leaving until you agree to help us."

"...So what are you going to do? Are you willing to get down on your knees and beg?"

"...............If that's what it takes." (Count: 2)

"Apple... You..."

"Please. Please. I'm begging you. We need your strength, Shu."

"Grrr....... I'm leaving. I'm not thirsty anymore. Apple.......... Have you lost your pride as one of Mathiu's disciples? You should be ashamed..."

"No. You should be ashamed. Of course I don't like to dirty myself on the ground before you, begging like a dog... But if necessary, I can throw away my vainful pride. That's what I learned from Master Mathiu."


"I'm leaving."

"Come on, Apple, that's enough."

"No... even if there's... even if there's a tiny chance... Please stay with me just a little longer, Riou. But it looks like Shu is going to avoid us from this point on... What should we do...?"

Dandy Richmond

"You're Riou, that's your adopted sister Nanami, and that's Apple, student of Mathiu, am I right? I knew it. Richmond, the greatest private eye in Radat Town can find out anything. So you came here to get Shu the trader to join you, right? Yes, I know about the scene in the tavern too. Do you wanna hire me to help? I need 1500 potch up front. Then I'll get you some good information on Shu."

"Okay, it's a deal. Leave the rest to me. Go back to the inn and relax. I always do what I promise. That's a promise from Richmond. I'll find you when I get the info. The inn is... oh yeah, the Oora Inn, of course I know. They have great soup. Try it."

"Hey! You're the one from before! How did you get in here!!!!!"

"Just calm down a minute. I came to report what I've found out."

"Really? Really? C'mon, you really haven't done anything, have you?"

"Hey, pretty lady, why would this hard-boiled private eye, Richmond, do something like that?"

"...........Hey, what's going on... Don't make such a fuss..."

"Well, I'm good about getting the job done quick. It looks like this Shu person is avoiding you. But there's an important trade tomorrow night. Shu has to attend. The trade will be at the port east of here. If you wait at the bridge, you'll be able to get the jump on him. Well, that's the end of my job. The rest is up to you. Well, see ya later."

"Tomorrow night, eh...."

"Wait? At the bridge? What do you mean?"

"You don't remember?"

"..................." (That's four.)

"Well, well. That's okay. Anyway, it looks like we should go to the bridge to the east."


"Brr... Not here yet, huh. It's starting to get cold..."

"..........You're right."

"Hey, over there!"

"No, I'm not giving up."

"Apple... Listen carefully. It's a war you're trying to get me involved with. How to kill, that's what you and I studied. In the last battle, Viktor's fort was burned to the ground because your strategy failed. How many people died? Do you even know?"

".....Yes, I know. I was weak and ineffective. That's exactly why we need your help."

"And if your strategy had been successful, it would also have meant the loss of life. Can you really bear that burden?"

".................." (Yes, that's five.)

"Is that really a promise?"

"Yes... but remember. That's only if you find the coin."

"Hey, it's impossible. We'll never find that little coin. Let's go home. Maybe Viktor and the others will have come up with a good plan. Okay? Okay?"

"No. I'm going to find that coin. First we'll have to stop the flow of water. Let's go to that sluice gate up ahead."

Oh no, the disease, it's spread to Nanami! Also, six.

"The sluice gate? That's a funny joke, kid. This gate only gets closed a couple times a year for special reasons. There's no way I'm closing it now, okay. Now go on home, it's past your bedtime, kid."

"Please, it's very important."

"You don't hear too well, little girl. Don't make me give you a spanking. ( ) You don't wanna get hurt, do ya?"

"You can hurt me if you want to, but close the sluice gate..."

"A, Apple, let's just give up..."

"Hey, you should take that cute girl's advice."

"Hey, Amada, these crazy kids are telling us to close the sluice gate."

"So these kids are up to funny stuff again, eh? Don't worry, I'll take care of this. So what do you want? The sluice gate, you mean that thing over there?"

"Yes, please. Just close it for one day, even just one night. Couldn't you please close it?"

"Hmm, I see... Sorry little late, I can't just close the sluice gate for no good reason. If someone's life was in danger, or if there was some other emergency, it would be different."

"Many people's lives depend on it. We must stop the Highland Army."


"Listen little lady, I don't think the sluce gate has anything to do with the war..."

"Forget about it."

"Okay then, bye."


"Wow, you're really serious. I've got a weak spot in my heart for hard working kids like you. Okay, here's what I'll do. I'll fight you for it. If you win, that means you're for real and I'll close the gate. How about it, want to try? I knew you'd go for it. I've got a good eye for character. You look like a tough kid. Now you and I will fight like men! Okay, let's go!!!"

"Ouch... Hey, I'm sorry. I guess you were serious. What do I do now... Well, a promise is a promise. But only for one night."

"O... Okay. Thank you so much. Are you okay? You're not hurt?"

"He's fine. He's fine. Riou is a lot stronger than he looks."

"..........I'm sorry. We don't have much time. Let's hurry and get below the bridge."

"Uh.... Okay........... This water looks pretty cold."

"We have to hurry up. It'll be daybreak soon. As soon as this water level drops..."

"I'm fine. You can go back to the inn if you want."

You end up helping no matter what, Nanami just tells you you're a coward if you choose the second.

"Hey! Hey! We'll never be able to find it!! I saw the whole thing!!"

"Saw what?"

"When threw the coin, I saw it. That man replaced it with a stone just before he threw it. It happened so fast, I wasn't sure what I saw, but... That's why... That's why... We'll never be able to find it..."

"That's not true. I'll look too."


"...............It's fine."


"You can go home... It's fine. I knew it wouldn't be easy.... Shu wasn't even willing to give me a fair chance... But... I didn't want to believe it... That's why... Please go back to the inn..."

"Don't say that..."

Nine...I think.

"What's that!"

"Is it true? Is it true?"

"Hurray! Riou! Hurray! Hurray!"

"The coin... So now Shu will..."

"Shu!! The promise."

"Yes, the promise..."

"It was necessary."

Isn't there a law against this?

"You're a strong woman. I may have inherited Master Mathiu's brain, but you inherited his heart..."

"So then.... then..."

"Yes. Leave it to me. I'm worth more than 100,000 soldiers and I'm on your side now."

"Th... thank you."

"Can you show me that coin? Th... That rune on your right hand... Your name is Riou, right? You wouldn't be Master Genkaku's son, would you...?"

"How do you know about Grandpa Genkaku?"

"I see........ There aren't many left who recall, but the name of Master Genkaku has a special meaning for the City-State."

"What do you mean?"

"We'll talk about it after the war. Right now, we have to worry about defeating Solon Jhee and his troops. Riou...... I want to thank you for saving Apple. Between you and that rune on your hand, we might just have a chance to win this war."

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