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Part 20: How about Orange Army?

Chapter 20 - How about Orange Army?

"He has lots to take care of. It was so sudden, it might take some time. He wants us to go on ahead without him, so let's go."

"Are you sure? He might be trying to trick us again..."

"It's okay. Shu isn't that kind of person. Let's go, Riou."

"Shu promised to help us. He should be here soon."

"I guess the rest is up to this strategist of yours. But can we really trust him? He was banished after all..."

"If you don't trust me, perhaps you should leave."

"There's much to do, so I pushed my horses hard. I went through three steeds on the way here. Hey! You! Big guy! Are you Viktor?"

"Yeah... that's right."

"Listen up. Follow my orders and do as I say (Aren't those... the same thing...?) and we can defeat the Highland Army. Don't believe in me and you'll be the loser. If you want to win, don't question me ahain. If you can't do that, I'll consider you an obstacle that needs to be removed."

"..............................Apple, I'm starting to see why he was banished..."

"Hey, blue-boy. You're Flik, right? How many soldiers do we have?"

"Careful what you call me... If we add up the former Muse and South Window soldiers, plus the women, children and elderly volunteers, we've got about 2,000. That, and this rickity old castle."

Not only Highander, but an improper it's.

"I've got a plan. If I recall, this castle played a key role in a counterstrike when the Scarlet Moon Empire invaded. 2,000 soldiers may be enough. They may be 20,000 strong, but they'll have to leave soldiers to man their garrisons as they go. In reality, they have only 10,000 soldiers to move as they please. Furthermore, one-third of them are former South Window soldiers. Under the right conditions, we should be able to get them to join our side. If we could do that, we'd have a force of 5,000 compared to their force of 7,000. We have a good chance to win."

"I'm impressed... Listening to you, I actually believe we've got a chance. But what exactly is the plan?"


"Yes, sir!"

"Infiltrate the Highland Army and spread the rumor that all South Window soldiers will be executed when the war is over."

"I understand, sir!"

"Everyone else will stay here and protect this castle. We've got to buy some time."

"What then? No reinforcements are coming, and I don't think Freed's rumor alone will get the South Windower's to change sides."

"The enemy will undoubtedly try to surround this castle. We'll have a small unit work its way around the enemy and attack Solon Jhee's unit from the rear. If we attack their general, the troops will be shaken. We should be able to get the South Windower's to change sides."

"Wait a minute. This is a peninsula. How are we going to sneak around an enemy that has us surrounded?"

"The Highland Army has only been in land battles. They have no experience on the water. For Solon Jhee, water is just an obstacle. But we're going to use the lake to our advantage. We should be able to borrow some ships from the Neighboring village."

"You've taken care of everything. I feel like we're going to win."

"Yeah!! We're gonna win! We're gonna win!"

"Okay. I'll take a chance on you."

"So who's going to attack Solon Jhee's unit? Either me or Viktor..."

"No, I'm going to leave that to role for someone else. Riou, I'd like you to do it."

"Wait a minute! What is this? Why do you have to give Riou such a dangerous mission to do?"

"Who do you think you are!! How dare you ask my baby brother, Riou, to do such a dangerous mission!"

"Riou must do it. If you don't do it, then the strategy is meaningless. We might as well just quietly surrender to Highland."

"The key to defeating Luca Blight is literally in your hands. We're counting on you. Well, everyone get to work. Freed, I'll help you figure out what to say to the South Window soldiers..."

"For the memory of Granmeyer! For the people of South Window!! I'll fight with all my power!!"

"Okay, I'm counting on you. Viktor, Flik, Tsai... try to protect the castle. Apple, I want you to handpick 300 soldiers from our army of 2,000. That will be Riou's unit."

"Yes, sir!"

"This time I'd like to win."

"Don't mess up."

"Well, there's no time. If we lose this battle, there won't be any more. Everyone get prepared!!!!"

"You must have been very tired. A lot has happened to you... Why has this happened? Why do you have to do everything? I'm not sure I trust this Shu. But I guess we have no choice but to fight now. It'll be okay. I'll be here to protect you. Let's go... It's almost time... time to fight again..."

"Okay, it's time. Viktor, Flik, are you ready?"

"Leave it to us."

"We'll protect this place."


"Riou, good luck."

"Good luck, but be careful, Riou."

Strategy Battle #4

"You did it, Riou!! You really did it!!"


"I'm so relieved. Pilika was worried too. But Riou is just fine."

"C'mon, everyone is waiting in the great hall."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! And well he should be! This is the young man who defeated the Highland Army."

"Everyone's talking about you. They're calling you the "Herald of victory.""

"We've managed to win this battle, but we've already lost Lady Anabelle and Muse has fallen under the control of Highland. The State is in shambles and the survivors are in danger of being destroyed one at a time. Furthermore, sooner or later Luca Blight's main unit, the White Wolf Guard, will attack us here in North Window. In our present condition, we wouldn't be able to defend against such an attack. We need to gather more power here."

"You're talking about making this castle into our headquarters so we can fight the Highland Army?"

"Exactly. We've already got a good tool for collecting people. It's this great old castle. But now we need someone to focus all that power. Someone to bring us all together. We need a leader."

"Shu, are you saying you're going to be that leader?"

"No, I can't do it. I'm a military genius, but I'm no good at leading people... Inspiring them."

"In that case, are we going to appeal to the remaining city mayors? But without a leader, I'm not sure they'll help us..."

"There is a person here who should be our leader. Riou... No, I mean Lord Riou."

"Wait a minute here. Why? Why Riou? That's not right. Can you explain why?"

"Is it... the name Genkaku, Shu?"

"Genkaku... Do you mean 'that' Genkaku?"

"You are the son of the hero, Genkaku, who was driven from the City-State 30 years go. In your hand, you possess the same 'Bright Shield Rune' that Genkaku did. You are Lord Riou, who defeated General Solon Jhee of Highland. Many people look to you for hope. But more than all that, I've sene the brilliance in you. The kind of brilliance that this age needs. You must lead the State Army."

"That's right! Why should Riou!!"

"We need your power to defeat the mad prince, Luca Blight, and restore peace to this land."

"What do you mean by 'his power'?"

"His power to gather people. His ability to touch people's hearts. Lord Riou, you have a unique ability. Many people look to you as a great source of hope. They look at you and see a bright future. They will gather. They will gather for their country, for their friends, for the blood that has flown... and they will gather for you, Riou. That is your power."

"We can't expect Riou to make a decision now. He needs some time. But there's something else I want to talk to Riou about. Something that Anabelle didn't have time to help him..."

".............Lord Riou, please take your time and think about it. When you've made your decision, please come back here. I believe in you."

"Riou, Nanami, come to the tavern later. I'll tell you about Genkaku."

"You can't decide such a big thing so easily, can you? Hey, Riou, do you really want that kind of power? ...Oh, forget about it. I quit, I'm just upsetting both of us anyway. What do you want to do? Should we go to the tavern? I'd like to hear about Genkaku."

"We came to hear about Grandpa Genkaku."

"Hey c'mon now, what's the rush? It's a long story, and it's not a very happy one either, okay? So whaddaya think, still wanna hear it, Riou?"


"And after that... Well, you must be tired. Anyway, that's the kind of life your "grandpa" led. But Riou... You're not 'Genkaku's son,' you're a person named 'Riou.' Don't ever forget that. Oh, it's pretty late. You should carry Nanami to bed. You two are good kids. I think I sort of understand how Genkaku must have felt about you."

"Riou, thank you. I'll lend you all my strength so that we can defeat that bastard, Luca Blight."

"Please Riou. We need your power."

"Lord Riou, it's not much, but I'll give you all my strength too."

"I... I'll fight for you too! For South Window, for Lord Granmeyer, for all those people who have suffered at Highland's hand!"

"Lord Riou, with all the power I have learned at the feet of my master, I promise to help bring you victory."

"I don't have much strength to give, but I'll give you all I've got."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! This is no way to celebrate such a mementous occasion. We've got a new leader! Let's have a party!"

"Doctor Huan! Doctor! You're okay!! I'm so glad..."

"I'm sorry I had you so worried."

"Dr. Huan, how did you survive Muse?"

"Well, I was helped out by a kind soldier and finally made it here."

"The soldiers will be happy to hear that we now have such a famous healer. Welcome, Doctor Huan."

"Thank you. I hope my small knowledge of medicine will be of some help to you and your troops. Lord Riou, I'm happy to be here. I'll try to make myself useful to the other people in this castle."

"Oh, that's right. What are we going to call this castle?"

"What should we do? Shall we have Lord Riou think of a name for the castle?"

"Yeah!! How about it, Riou? What would make a good name???"

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