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Part 29: Ghost Stories!!

Chapter 28 - Ghost Stories!!

"Come on, look alive! Looks like Pilika's caught your sleepyhead syndrome, Riou. Come on, let's go."

Imprisoned Town (Theme of Greenhill)

I didn't do a good job on the screenshot, but Flik was hiding in the shadow of the building when your party comes outside.

"There's something going on with that Shin guy... I think he knows where Teresa is. I'm going to go look for him... Why don't you guys go and see what you can find out? People might be a little more willing to part with information since you're just kids. And don't be conspicuous! Also... The Academy seems safe, but the town's crawling with Highland soldiers, so be careful. See ya!"

"What's he in such a hurry about?"

Then Nina comes running up from the other side of the building.

"Eh? Eh? Me? Flik went that way..."

"Really?? Are you sure you're not trying to lead me away from my beloved Sir Flik? Whatever. This way, then. And after I made him this delicious box lunch!"

". . . .Uh, uh, let's go look for Shin, okay?"

"By the way... Will you be going into town? You must be careful... There've been an awful lot of Highland soldiers wandering about since this morning. The Academy seems to be safe... it's been declared clear by the commander from Highland. Why a person that uses such brutal tactics would leave the Academy is beyondme, but I'm grateful."

"Shut your mouth!! We've received information that Teresa's holed up in this building!"

"Th... that's a lie... Who would say such a thing...?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha!! Our information was from a soldier from Muse. To think he'd sell out an ally for such a pittance... You people are pathetic!"

"Aagh... that... that battle..."


Well, since we're obviously not trying to pose as students anymore, might as well bust some heads!

"W, wait, Riou!!"

Oh look, it's Dick Dastard--er, I mean, Rowd.

"No... Please..."

"Captain, what reason have you for such actions?"

"What reason? It's obvious. You're not telling me where Teresa is. You're bringing this on yourself!"

"When we surrendered, the Lord Commander from Highland promised no more violence..."

"That's right... if he hadn't made such a promise, we'd be torturing each and every one of you until you talked. As you can see, the commander is really a very peaceable man."


"All right, find out where they're hiding her, quickly now! But you don't need to go as far as setting fires... we wouldn't want to make our 'Lord Commander' angry, now, would we?"

"It's all right... If Lady Teresa lives that is..."

"What are you talking about!!! You're the reason we're in this mess!! That cowardly mayor of yours..."

"Stop, won't you? I'm sorry... please don't worry about it. W, well then..."

". . . . . . . . ."

"And... that battle everyone's talking about... I wonder what happened? What should we do, Riou? Pilika's getting tired... Should we be getting back to the dorms?"

"See you in a little while, then, Riou!"

"Riou, you should eat more. You're a growing boy."

"Oh, good timing. Hey, Nanami, can I ask you something?"

"Wh, wh, what?"

"Um, do you know what Sir Flik flikes?? I want to make him a really fantastic dinner, but I'm not sure what to do..."

"I, I really don't know, but... Um, first, why don't you take some really bracing tincture, or something, then just, uh, go for it like mad. Even if you make some mistakes, it's, uh, the thought that counts..."

"Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Thanks, Nanami! Bye now! ...Oh, Nanami, I forgot to tell you... don't make too much noise at night. If you start a pillow fight, or something, you might wake up the 'wandering ghost.'"

Ghost Story

"'Wandering ghost??' Th, the, there's a GHOST here!? N-n-n-o w-w-way. Th-th-there's n-n-no s-s-such th-thing as g-g-ghosts... r-r-right, Riou??"

"AIIIEEE!! S-s-stop it!! I-I-I'm not afraid of g-g-ghosts that d-d-don't even exist!! Come on Pilika. Y-you don't have to b-b-be scared, big sis Nanami will l-l-let you sleep in her b-b-bed."

"Riou... Did you sleep okay??"

"A ghost...? I wonder if it'd make a worthy opponent?"

"Wh, wh, what?? Of course not!!"

"Pilika, what happened?"


Seriously, that sums up this entire arc of the game.

"Before that, there's something I have to ask you."

"I need to talk to you about something, too. Good timing... you go first."

"Uh, uh, okay. Hey, hey, um, Nina... uh... is it true??"

"Is WHAT true?? Oh, you don't mean... The 'wandering ghost?'"

"Uh... y, yeah..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! No! You didn't really believe that old rumor, did you?"

"It's... it's not true??"

"'Course not. Oh, but... a lot of kids have been seeing weird shadows and stuff at night... It might be true after all."

"N, no way..."

"Anyway... Nanami! How COULD you? I thought you were my friend!!"

Oh no, the punctuation disease has spread to question marks!!

"Don't pretend like you don't know. I was hanging around Sir Flik's place yester, and... he has someone he loves?? Someone who's 'always with him??'"

"W, wh, what do you MEAN?? Wait... you don't think..."

"I won't give up! Nanami! It's a duel!!!"

"Wha? Wha? Are you kidding? You've completely lost me..."

"Huh? So you think so??? Ah! You mean she may be... jealous???"

"Shouldn't we be searching for Flik?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Uh, Nina's..."

"Oh, man... How could this have happened? Don't worry, though, Nanami... I'm not interested in children."

"Thank goodness... ...Wait a second, 'children???'"

"All right, let's head for town. I got instructors yesterday... We're to wait for Fitcher."

"Look at you, slinking around all suspicious-like!!"

"N, no... I'm not traitor..."

"You are! You are! I can tell from your Muse accent! You're with those bastards from Muse!!"

"N, n, no! Please, stop!! It has nothing to do with me..."

"Wh, what should we do...?"

"Riou, you guys wait here. Leave this to me."

"Hmph. I've never seen you before. Get out of here, stranger."

"Well, yeah, I am a stranger here, so I don't know the whole situation, but... Aren't Greenhill and Muse comrades-in-arms?"

"Hmph, you don't know anything. If the bastards from Muse weren't here, this never would have happened to us. They stabbed us in the back... betrayed us! This idiot here's one of them!"

"Ah, Thank the gods! Fl... I mean... kind traveller, please, help me..."

"Hmm, a traitor, huh? He sold out his allies? He can't get away with this!"

"Yeah, exactly! You understand, don't you?"

"Hmm. I don't think his crimes are grave enough to warrant a lynching, but... Why not just hack his head off? Here, you can use my sword."

"Wha? ...I, I..."

"Whoa! That was cool!!"

"I see! So that's how it's done. I must be sure to study this."

"Hey Fitcher, how long do you plan on staying like that?"

"I'm sure she must be in hiding somewhere nearby."

"Oh well, Riou, we'll just have to return to the Academy and gather more information. Fitcher, you see what you can find out, too... but be careful."

"I'm afraid I can't. I don't want anything like that little scene we just had to happen again. Oh, I almost forgot. The general that brought Greenhill down is coming back here in two or three days... This guy knows what time it is, if you know what I mean, so be careful."

"Whew... Where should we begin looking...?"

"Eh? Eh? Eh?"

"I'll leave this to you, Riou!"

"Ahhh, wait, Sir Flik! Why do you run from true love?? You needn't be so bashful!!"

Next Time: Chapter 29 - The Headband Gang uncovers the identify of the ghost!