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Part 30: The Headband Gang discovers the identity of the ghost!

Chapter 29 - The Headband Gang discovers the identity of the ghost!

My apologies for the length you all had to wait for updates, they should become a bit more regular now that I have my shit in order.

"It's okay... I ate it all like a big girl."

"Ah! Nanami! You won during the day, but our duel is just beginning."

"D, Duel...?"

Notice how they're all walking away from her.

"What a foolish question. Why, you ask? Tee-hee. What do the troubadors call it...? Ah yes, destiny. It's destiny. That day, that hour... I felt the hand of destiny upon my brow when Sir Flik fought in my honor. Aaah... I've heard the poets speak of it, but to FEEL it... Just talking about it makes me swoon... Sigh."

Oh Nina, you card.

"I wonder if we'll see the ghost?"

"W, w, w, we're okay!! R, r, right, Pilika??"

"What is it?"

"Did you hear that?! Did you hear that creak?! Hey, hey, Riou... Go and look... Make sure it's not a ghost!"

"I don't want to be left behind. Let's go together."

"Hmm, it looks too big to be a cat..."

"L, l, let's go b, b, back!!! Riou! Let's go!! Come on, quick, quick!!"

I bet you'll never believe me if I told you that there's a hidden passage here.

"Wha? Wha? Wha? Wha? What? What? What's this???"

"So it's not a ghost, then."

Well there is.


"Okay. When you hear the signal, rush in and tackle it.

"That certainly was a quick change."

"Me? I'm hunky-dory, really... GO!!!"

"Who are you?!"

"We've got you."

"Oooh, you, you... Who is it, anyway?!"

"Oh, I get it! Flik's been wandering around night after night like a ghost... But why would you do that?"

"Who's been acting like a ghost?! I was tailing that guy Shin. There's something suspicious about him... He's a tricky one, though... The Highland Army's after him, too, so it's to be expected. I figured he's got to be doing whatever he does at night, so I've been watching and waiting... And I just spotted him! I tailed him all the way here until you showed up..."

"...And then we caught you."


"Then that means... just up ahead."

"Yeah, no doubt."

"Eh? Eh? It can't be... Is it really a g, g, ghost...?"

"Of course not. There's got to be some kind of mechanism somewhere. Let's search for it, Riou."

Gosh, I wonder where it could be.

Imagine lots of this for like ten minutes.

"It's gotta be the ghost's haunted shack!"

"That can't be."

"Anyway, let's check it out."

"Hey, wait, we're..."

"Shut your mouth!"

"I do not know who you are, so I cannot call you an ally. I'm sorry, but I can't let you leave here alive."

"You refuse to listen to us?! Are you after a fight? You'll find us very diffent from those Highland soldiers..."

"With my blade, Tarantula, in my hand, I have nothing to fear... from anyone."

"If we're talking about reasons not to lose, we have 'em too, buddy!"


"Children... why...?"

"My lady... but these people..."

"There... there has been enough fighting... I beg you, Shin... please stop."

"Wait a minute. We haven't come to capture you. I'm Flik of the Unicorn Army. This is our leader, Riou."

"The Unicorn Army..."

"My lady..."

"Even if they are from the Highland Army, we needn't do such roundabout things, Shin. Lord Riou, why have you taken such trouble especially to see me?"

"You came to... save me? Why?"

"Why? Our army's military strength is still fairly slight. Even with the aid of Two River, we aren't in a position to wage war against Highland's main army. So, lady Teresa, we need your strength."

"My strength? No, what you seek is Greenhill's strength... forgive me, Lord Riou. I'm afraid I cannot help you. I abandoned my citizens, and escaped here alone... I am no longer acting mayor of Greenhill. And I... don't want.. anything like that battle to ever..."

"At first, everyone rejoiced, without knowing the true meaning of the soldiers' arrival..."

"There were skeptics, but most of the citizens assumed there must have been some Highland commander who wanted a fair fight. More than anything, the increase in military power due to the Muse soldiers was invaluable to the morale of the dejected citizens. Before long, the Highland Army appeared and the citizens prepared for battle. However... The Highland army began their siege, but made no move to attack. The addition of the Muse soldiers had nearly doubled Greenhill's army, and the food supply was now decreasing with alarmig speed. Soon enough, the soldiers and the citizens were at odds over the dwindling provisions. The Greenhill citizens thought, 'This is food for Greenhill,' but the Muse soldiers considered it food for fighting."

"It seems obvious now that Highland must have given the Muse soldiers back their weapons for just this purpose. We... Right in front of the Highland Army, we... were defeated without even having fought."

"All that remained in us was distrust for each other... And... I, as acting mayor of Greenhill, could not prevent this... Forgive me... Lord Riou... I can't help you... Please, please, return home..."

"And... I'm not saying I distrust you, but if the Highland Army discovers Lady Teresa's whereabouts, I will hunt you down."

"Don't threaten us. ( I am really glad Flik is here. Everyone would just cower from Shin. ) You're called Shin, right? What do you plan to do? You can't hide here forever."

"We need a bit more time here. Lady Teresa wishes it..."

"Gosh, we came all this way and found Teresa for nothing, I guess."

"Yeah. Looks like this was all pointless. Riou, we'll leave Greenhill tommorow."

"It's kind of sad."

"So we're saying good-bye to this place..."

"Flik, are you going to go say something to Nina?"

"Don't be ridiculous. ...Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her since this morning. Well, it has nothing to do with me. Come on, let's go."

"20,000 Potch and the right of Highland citizenship will be awarded to whomever captures Teresa, former acting mayor!"

"A cash reward and immunity... It's only a matter of time before someone comes forward..."

"Pilika? What are you... ...! No! That's a lie...!"

"How dare you citizens! If you won't trust us, then..."

"The parties responsible for yesterday's unlawful investigation are already being punished."

". . . . ."

"This is a formal offer from Prince Luca Blight of Highland. I swear on my own life that our promises will be kept. There is, however, one condition. Teresa must be delivered alive... No reward will be given for a corpse."

"Wh, why? Why?? What is Jowy doing here?"

Pilika is running off into the crowd in case that isn't obvious.

"Hey! Wait!! Damnit, you brats!!"

"Okay, let's go!!"

"What...? Who's this little girl?"

"Y, you..."

". . . . . . . . ."

"H, hey! Get them! They're..."

"Hey, you people!! Capture them!! Spies!! They're spies!! There will be rewards!!"


"You're sure we shouldn't follow, commander?"

"Rowd will take care of it. We'll leave it to him."

Oh no, not Highland soldiers.

"This is bad. There's bound to be tons of Highland soldiers at the gate."

"We should be fine if we take the path by Teresa's shack."

"Good thinking. We've got to get Teresa out of here, even if we have to use force. As if their promises can be believed!!"

"Wh... Why... Why would Jowy..."

"The commander that 'knew what time it is' Fitcher was talking about... It must have been Jowy. But... It's hard to believe... A commander in the Highland Army..."

"Oh my!! Sir Flik, whatever are you doing here? Goodness... Have you been following me...?"

"What... How do you know this place?!"

"Nina has been helping me. Whenever I needed supplies, she would buy them... I fear I would have stood out too much."

"Flik, what are you doing here?"

"We've come to get you, Lady Teresa, and escape. The situation has changed. This time, if we must, we will use force..."

"Nina has already informed me of what is happening."

"Then, then, then, let's get out of here. If we stay here we'll be found in no time..."

"No... I will not run. I will be the cause of no more suffering for my people. Once they have captured me, Highland's oppression of Greenhill will end... I have no other options."

"B... But... Wait a minute..."

"Lord Riou, excuse me. I am... sorry that I could not be of any help to you."

"Wait!! Do you really think I can let you do that?? I'm sorry, but..."

"If you interfere, I will take my own life."

"My lady, I will accompany you."

"Then... Please bear witness to the end of my life."

"No... I can't let you die!! Lady Teresa, you... After you fought so hard for us... We knew the food supplies were low!! And yet, even after that... You didn't wish ill on the soldiers from Muse!! I can't stand by and watch someone with such a kind heart die!!"


"We... We're not out of the game yet. Let's go, Riou!!"

"All right, get them! What? Are you resisting?"

"I'll never let you lay your hands on Lady Teresa."

"Shin, what do you think you're doing? Please, stop. And... The House of Wisemail is no more, so I am no longer acting mayor. You have no reason to be doing this."

"I don't know what's going on, and I don't care if they resist... Take them by force!!"

"Stop... Please, stop fighting."

"Don't be ridiculous!!"

"I beg you... I... I don't want to be responsible for any more trouble."

"Trouble...? Trouble?! Trouble to who!?"

"Wh... What... you..."


"No!! You can't be captured!!"

"But... If I am taken, everyone will..."

"You think everyone will be happy!? Lady Teresa, at least believe in us the same way we believed in you, fought for you... Everyone, everyone... When we lost... When we led Greenhill to defeat with our own hands... that battle wounded us inside! Knowing that, will you still hand yourself over to the Highland Army? Will you really cause the citizens of Greenhill more pain?! You may lose battles... You may even lose your town... But there is something more important than that that you CANNOT lose!! Please... Do not lose that... Lady Teresa..." ( Lose that... what? Hope? Freedom? )

"Everyone, protect Lady Teresa!"

"Protect our mayor!!"


"Yeah... the people of Greenhill took us in... LEt's return the favor! Let us not pollute the name of Muse any further!"

"D... Damn you..."

"Lady Teresa, you are the one and only mayor of Greenhill. Please, get yourself to safety!"

"Thank you... I... I'm not worthy... I understand... And I promise... I will return to Greenhill... I will once again walk these streets... I will once again breathe this air... And my lips will once again call this town's name! Wait for me... I will return!"

"It looks like the main force is coming! Run!"

"Citizens... I promise... I promise... I will return!!"

"Godspeed, my lady."

"Are you in that much of a hurry?"

"You're awful! Awful! Awful!"

"Awful? Who are you kidding? Do you know how much trouble you've caused me? This time I'm sending you to the execution grounds."

"Don't worry, I won't let them pass, my lady."

"I will not allow this!! If you die..."

"My loyalty lies not with the office of mayor, not with the House of Wisemail... but with you, Lady Teresa."

"What are you saying...!?"

It's kind of hard to see here, but Flik totally knocked Teresa out and is carrying her on his shoulder.

"Thank you..."

"Let's go, Riou!"

"H, hey! They're getting away! Quick, follow them!!"

There's a Valkyrie Profile joke to be made here, I'm sure.

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