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Part 31: Finally something different!

Chapter 30 - Finally something different!

Oh boy, more running through a forest.

"For now... But we can't let our guard down until we get to Genkaku Castle. These lands are still controlled by Highland."

"Pilika, where are you going..."

"Riou... Nanami..."

"Riou... I give you this advice as a friend. Relinquish leadership of the Unicorn Army, and run away."

"What are you saying?"

"The victor in this war is already decided. Anything you will do now is in vain... you will only be prolonging the suffering."

"We will not lose!"

"I will not allow Luca to have his way with Highland and the City-State... You have no reason to fight... Riou..."

Way to go back on all that stuff you fought for a few hours ago, Jowy. You jackass.

". . . . ."

"Ooh... wah... ooh... Jo..."

"Riou, you should start running."

"Pursuers... Riou, run!!"

"Jowy... what is this, this has to be a lie!! I don't believe it!! Jowy, my Jowy, our Jowy... He'd never follow orders from Luca Blight! It's a lie!!"

"Farewell... Riou..."

"Someday... Someday..."

Oh no! Cartoon villainy is afoot!

"I haven't seen anything."

"Ohhh, I see. Hmm, even after one of my men swore he saw them come this way! You may be a commander, but you're still a newcomer. His majesty Luca asked me to keep an eye on you, you know. What do you think he'd say if I have him this little piece of information? Step aside, would you?"

"Wait, Rowd."

"Wh... What are you saying..."

"We'd hate to see you make a false report out of jealousy because a former subordinate is now your commanding officer."

"That's right, we're witnesses."


"You know, there's still quite a riot going on in Greenhill. Shouldn't you get yourself down there?"

"Damn... All right, let's go!"

"Why? We love Highland. It's a wonderful country."

"We can't stand idly by and let it be destroyed. The only thing Luca Blight will bring about is ruin... and that is not our intention."

"It wouldn't be pleasant to be left standing on scorched earth after the war's over, would it?"

"Jowy Atreides, Commander of the Fourth Army of the Kingdom of Highland, we pledge our loyalty to you."

"We know what your goal is. Please, use us to that end."

"Culgan, Seed... Your brave decision will not be in vain. Thank you..."

Yes, we get to run all the way back! Thanks, game! However, before we go back to the castle, we have something to do!

"Ho ho... join your group? You want me... to join you? Tee hee... I'd love to... Well... I'll have to ask Miss Yuri to take over the shop for me..."

"Yes... Thank you. But I'd like to be alone right now. I want time to think."


"Shin! You're safe!"

"We were able to escape in the town's confusion. There are many secret paths in Greenhill."

"You made it... I'm so glad..."

"Fitcher, I'm impressed! Getting Shin out of there was quite an accomplishment."

"Oh, it wasn't just Shin..."

"Sir Flik!!!"

I can imagine the look on his face.

"Sir Flik! I thought that maybe, the way I acted, I was being a nuisance to you... But... But, I know now that I simply have to be by your side! It's our destiny... That's why I followed Fitcher! I won't be a nuisance! That reminds me... I made dinner for you! Hurry, hurry! Your soup is getting cold!"

". . . . . . . . . . . . Lord Riou, please try to get some rest today."

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom...

"Thank you, my lord."

"Well, I'll keep my word as well. Tell me what you want."

"Yes, my lord. . . . . . . . . . . . I want your sister, Princess Jillia, as my wife..."

"Jillia... my sister???"

"You've got balls, I'll say that. Would you like me to remove your head from your shoulders with this blade?"

"No, my lord. But I know that His Majesty does not take an oath lightly. Also..... I've got an idea."

"What is it? Speak up. If I don't like it, I promise I WILL cut off your head."

"But I shouldn't speak in front of so many, if you take my meaning, my lord."

"Yes, yes, I understand. Come to my quarters later and tell me this 'idea' of yours. You'd better not be wasting my precious time."

"There's another meeting today. Lords Viktor and Shu are already waiting."

"Flik's not here yet."

"Where were you? Busy pursuing that little brat Nina?"

"Don't make me sick! It's she who's pursuing me!"


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's like you have a wife already!"

"You'll pay for that, Viktor. But more importantly, Shu, what's this meeting about?"

"Are you ready, Lord Riou? Well then, I'll begin. Of the 5 Cities and 1 Knightdom in the State, South Window has been destroyed, and Muse and Greenhill are under enemy control. Somehow we've managed to protect Two River, but Tinto is still closed to us. I think we should forge a bond with the only alliance member left, the Knightdom of Matilda. Their army is as strong as Muse's, and if we ally with them, we'll be able to attack the enemy from two fronts. Do you agree, Lord Riou?"

"Greenhill is still occupied by Highland, so we'll have to travel to Matilda in small groups, so as to not be detected."

It's that time again! Choose five people, with a maximum of three S-Rank fighters!

S-Rank Fighters

Hai Yo

M-Rank Fighters


L-Rank Fighters


EDIT: Cookoffs!

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Next Time: Chapter 31 - Matilda means old friends and new enemies!