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Part 32: Matilda means old friends and new enemies

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, I came down with bronchitis! Waffleimages seems to be acting a little wonky right now, so if any of the pictures are missing I apologize, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Chapter 31 - Matilda means old friends and new enemies

We'll call it the, uh... everyone is looking the same direction except Sid brigade.

"Be very careful, Lord Riou. You belong to all of us now."

"When you arrive in Matilda, they should send a party to meet you."

Get away, zit face.

"Eh? You're joking with me! Don't even say that! That's exactly why I need to come! I Don't care what you say, I'm coming along no matter what!"

Thankfully, unlike Gremio, Nanami takes the hint and goes into the convoy instead of the actual party.

"Hey, are you still mad I came along without your permission?"

Why would I be? You didn't barge into the party and make yourself useless.

"Well... I'm glad... It's just... I was worried... Jowy went back to Highland... Now you're the only family I've got left..."

ELVES!!! The forest is relatively straight-forward. There's really nothing special about it at all.

Oh except Viki.

"Hey, where am I? WHAT?! The City-State of Jowston????? How strange... Hmm, can I even go back...? Um, um, I'm a little lost... Hey, do you think I could stay at your house for a little while?"

"Really?? Wow, thanks. Thank you. So, so, where's your house?? Okay, it's pretty close. We should be all right. Reeaadddyy.... Oh... yeah, I forgot. Um, what's your name? Riou. Okay. My name is Viki. I specialize in 'Blinking Magic.' Basically, I teleport things. Nice to meet you!"

Young Heroes

"I am Miklotov, Captain of the Blue Knights. I am here to greet you."

"Oh! I was right! It's the guy we met in Muse!"

"Met in Muse... Ah, at Jowston Hill... I apologize for that, but at that time I had no idea of the man Lord Riou would become. Please allow me to escort you to our castle."

Prideful Sarabande

"Lord Gorudo is waiting in the reception area. Please proceed straight ahead."

If any of you played or read Suikoden I, you may remember Kraze. Gorudo is basically Fat Kraze.

"The rumors that your army managed to best Highland must be gross exaggerations at best."

"The Muse Army were such pathetic cowards. We sent troops to save them, but Muse fell before they even arrived!"

"I say that because, like Muse, you're a leader of a tiny army futilely battling Highland. You'll probably meet the same fate. Probably. Camus, see Lord Riou and his party to a guest room. Let them rest a while, then escort them to the border. Our business is done."

"Yes sir. Lord Riou... This way."

"Lord Riou, try not to let that upset you... Well, if you'll excuse me..."

"Wake up... Riou... You've become so strong... But the threat of battle is still nipping at our heels... Much blood and many teards have been shed... But you can't turn your back on the fight. You musn't avert your eyes. In you... In you rests the hopes and dreams of so many. You can't throw that away. The Rune on your right hand will guide you to the final battle... and the results of that... Will create our future... Our destiny... Riou."

"What the hell's going on? Shall we go see?"

"The Highland Army has appeared at the Matilda-Muse border."

"So they've finally come to give us a chance to prove our valor?"

"What the hell...? Do they intend to us? I can't imagine they'd attack now."

"No, it seems the Highland Army is pursuing refugees from Muse. The refugees must be trying to flee to Matilda... Lord Gorudo, we must mobilize to save the refugees immediately!"

"Hmm... I see... Prepare to mobilize."

"Yes SIR!"

Strategy Battle #5 Now with... no actual strategy!

"Stand down now, Mikolotov, Camus."


". . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"But...!!! I have to see with my own eyes! I have to see what those Highland bastards are doing in Muse! Don't try to stop me, Camus."

"I see. I will not interfere."

"Lord Riou, I cannot leave this castle. I must stay behind to respond to Lord Gorudo's capricious commands. You can get to Muse through the border crossing south of here. I beg of you... Please protect Miklotov."

"Don't worry. I'll be careful. I have to see what's going on in Muse. I will return soon!"

Unfortunately for Mikolotov, we have something better to do right now.

"No. . . . . This is fine. Sorry I've stayed here so long."

"No, don't worry about it! You've promptly paid for your lodgings, and I know the war's a problem for all travellers. It's Harmonia you're heading for, Sir Humphrey? I guess the roads are closed because of the war..."

"Yes. . . . . . . . . . ."

Humphrey is pretty amazing, as you can see.

"Sorry, sorry. My mom caught me and made me help with the chores."


"Hey Futch! You were a Dragon Knight, right?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah... Ninth Rank, though. Just a Dragon Knight Apprentice."

"So, so, you've flown? Flown in the skies? On a dragon!?"

"Of course! I was born in a Dragon Cave! I've spent more time in the skies than on the ground!" ( Really? Even including the last three years, Futch? I mean, really? )

"Wow, really? Really?! That's awesome! Is that... A Dragon scale? Whoah... That's cool! Hey, can I see that? I want to show it to my mom!"

"Yeah, sure. But it means a lot to me, so don't lose it."

"I'll be super careful! Wow, it must feel great to fly... That's so cool, Futch."

"But... But... My dragon... Black was his name... He died... He died protecting me."

"But... But... Aren't you Humphrey on a quest to find a new dragon? So some day, some day soon, you'll get another dragon and you'll be a Dragon Knight again!"

Just pretend I gave all the '...' responses and this next part becomes more amusing.

"Mr. Humphrey said talking to you was 'nice . . . . .' To express his gratitude, he paid for you lodgings tonight."

"A rumor?"

"Kent just couldn't stop talking about dragons, and someone said they saw one at Mt. Rakutei..."

"This is my fault... Because I told him about Black... Because I promised him a ride... Now Kent is in trouble..."

"Let's go. . . . . . . .Don't you want to go save him?"

"Of... Of course!"

"Huh? Who are you?"

"It's Mr. Riou, Sir Humphrey's new friend!"

"He has friend...?"

"Thanks for your help, Lord Riou."

"Lord Riou, please be careful... Monsters are lurking everywhere."

"Hold on, Kent! We're coming to save you."

"But this mist..."

"What's going on? It's pushing us back! If we don't hurry, Kent..."

"The Rune's power... Let's go..."

This dungeon is pretty long with lots of... uh... mountains. It's really boring, though.

Boss Battle #7: Harpy

"There's no dragons here... That rumor was total bull. You should know better, Kent."

"But what if there was...? And if I had a friend who was a Dragon Knight, I could be proud. I heard it! The dragon cry everyone else talked about! It's real! And it's just above here. That's why I ran up here!"

"What's important is that you're safe. Let's go home."

"No, Futch! I said I heard the dragon's cry! Last night, there was a tremendous beating of wings, and a cry that could split stone! It was just ahead! There might be a dragon, so let's go!"

"There's no way there'd be a dragon around here!"

"Let's go see. . . . Lord Riou, will you stay with us a bit longer?"

"I was right! It's an egg! A dragon's egg! It has to be!"

"Dragons only lay their eggs in Dragon Caves."

"Captain Joshua of the Dragon Knights told me once... Even though dragons only lay eggs in Dragon Caves, once in a while a 'wild dragon' appears... If we could find out why, we could probably breed new types of dragons. I never expected that in a place like this..."

"Look at it, Futch! It's a new Dragon!"

Remind me to fix that name.

"Everyone was all concerned about me and hoping they could help me find another dragon... That's why I couldn't tell them the truth... I don't want to ride on any dragon besides Black!! He was the only one for me..."

"Dragon Pups are weak creatures. With no mother or Knight to care for it, it will weaken and die. And if it did live, but without a master, it would be no more than a monster that terrorizes humans."

"That's why you need to care for it! Come on Futch! Stop him!!!"

"Wait, Sir Humphrey!!"


"It's... It's a dragon... It's so small... Futch?"

"I've never seen such a small dragon. And I've never even heard of a white dragon..."

"But... I don't need..."

"Then why stop me, Futch? It wouldn't be a betrayal to have a new dragon. My memories of Black's death are precious, but I won't have to forget that."

This may mean something to you all who played Suikoden 3 but not this game.

"Of course. For you, I will wield this sword again."

"I, Futch, Former 9th Rank Dragon Knight, will fight by your side."

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