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Part 33: Something bad

Chapter 32: Something bad

"I must beg of you... Will you let me accompany you? I must cross the border, but the guards are looking out for me, and I'm too conspicious alone."

"Thank you. I swear on my honor that I will not forget this."

"You... You're Sir Miklotov!"


Don't worry, we'll kick their asses!

"Sir Miklotov, we received a message from Sir Camus. It said we were not to interfere with your secret mission. Please be careful."

"Let's go, Lord Riou."

"Wha... What...?"

Um. Well that can't be good, can it?  NO! 

"What's wrong, don't you think it's beautiful? Weren't you also born without the legitimate blood of your father?"

"Why would you ask that...?"

"Because you interest me. Your eyes are different from the eyes of those other pigs. Just below the surface, I see the darkness inside you. Surely you must feel it too."

"But I... I am grateful to my father for taking me in."

"Cleanse the foul land!!!!"

"We don't have to introduce ourselves to the likes of you!"

"Something's funny about them!!! Seize them!!!"

Right, like this has ever worked for them.

"Who the hell are these guys?"

"Are you okay? What the hell happened?"

"A m...Monster... A silver monster... Ev... Everyone... Eaten alive... My... My wife... My kids... Father... Mother... Got them... Everyone... Eaten... alive..."

"Hey, hey! Hold on... damn! That bastard... Luca Blight!! How dare he! He'll pay for this!! Lord Riou, I'm going back to Rockaxe. I'll send those Highlanders back where they came from! Hurry! We mustn't be captured!!!!"

"After the incident, Lord Gorudo immediately ordered us to close the border and not to let anyone pass. We were really worried."

"Thank you for your concern."

"But the people of Muse... Lord Riou, I'm sure Lord Gorudo will understand when we inform him... I swear, by my hands, Luca Blight will fall..."

"Hurry, Riou! Now the Knightdom of Matilda will surely join you as allies!"

"Yes... I met Lord Riou on the way, and we travelled together. But never mind that, where is Lord Gorudo?"

"Did something happen? It's not like you to be so imperious."

"Something happened!! I only know fragments of the story, but those Highland dogs are doing something horrible!!!"

"Calm yourself. A Knight should know how to control his temper."

"You don't understand! Out of my way, Camus! This emotion can't be controlled!!"

"Hmmph. What got into him?"

"Lord Gorudo, I have a request. Please let me take the Army, or even just my own Blue Knight Squadron, to invade Muse."

"Are you mad? Why should we do that? Highland has no intention of fighting us, but you want to start a war with them?"

"The Highland Army gathered all the people of Muse and the nearby towns, and sacrificed them in some bizzare ritual! It was a massacre! We can't go on pretending not to see what's happening! What of our honor as Knights!?"

"I don't know what you saw, but we Knights have a responsibility to govern this land. We can't send its people into danger."

"You can't think Highland will leave us be for long! When the other State cities fall, Luca Blight will come to destroy us!!!"

"Silence! This 'massacre' you're babbling about, did you actually see it with your own eyes?"

"No, but, but... We know they captured all the refugees..."

"Shut up! You speak of 'Knight's Honor?' As a Knight Captain, didn't you pledge to me, by the emblem on your chest, your undying loyalty? Is breaking that pledge part of a 'Knight's Honor?'"

". . . . . . . . . . . I did... swear to you by this Emblem... But this is my true 'Knight's Honor.'"

"If that's the way you want it, fine. Now get out of my sight!"

"Breaking a pledge... Breaking a pledge of loyalty is a Knight's highest disgrace... But... But I am... I am... I am!!! I am a Human first and a Knight second!!! I don't need your title! I resign myself to your disgrace! But I will never forgive you!!! I can never look idly by while lives are being thrown away!!!"

I should really learn how to make animated gifs with PSX emulators.

"You... You... to break your oath..."

"You came just in time, Camus. Arrest this man! Throw him in prison!"

"Arrest Miklotov? I can't do that."

"What are you saying...?"

" I guess I'm going to break my oath too. I cannot obey."


"Lord Riou, please allow Miklotov and I to join the Unicorn Army. We are no longer Knights, but we still posess our hearts and our sills. Surely they will aid you."

"Quickly! Hurry up!"

I didn't get a shot of it, but Gorudo RUNS BEHIND HIS CHAIR. I guess he thinks no one can see him.

"...I'm sorry, everyone... Lord Riou, it's not safe to stay in the castle any longer."

"Miklotov, you go with Lord Riou. I'll talk with some of the other Knights and catch up. I should be able to convince a few more to join us... Although I hate to council them towards treason."

"Be careful."

"Don't worry, I'll come soon."

"We need to hurry. The Muse border is probably still under Gorudo's control, so let's escape through Greenhill."

"Haaaahh... I'm so tired of constantly running away..."

"What! There's too many..."

"Yipes!! It's okay... We'll triumph somehow. Prepare for battle!"

"Shu! Thank God! Now we'll stand a fighting chance!!"

"I doubt you'll need us. Take a closer look at your pursuers."

"Camus... You... What's with all these people?"

"They share our disgust for Gorudo's methods. About half of both the Red and Blue Knights have decided to join us."

"You must be Lord Camus and Lord Miklotov. I am Shu, the Unicorn Army's strategist."

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the former Blue Knight Captain of Matilda, Miklotov."

"And I'm Camus, former Red Knight Captain. Now a common swordsman."

"The Unicorn Army welcomes you both. Lord Riou, we must return immediately. I don't know how much longer we can evade the notice of the Greenhill Army."

"Lord Riou. We weren't able to form an alliance with the Matilda Knights, but we've got many new recruits. However, the Highland Army isn't just sitting idly by either. They're going to come at us again sooner or later."

Next Time: Chapter 33 - This time, they mean war

Clive & Elza Sidequest, parts 4 and 5

Once you're in Rockaxe, if you bring Clive along, you can go into the inn to continue the sidequest. This must be done before following Mickey to Muse.

"Uh... Um..."

"Do you know her?"

"I think that sounds familiar... That's right, some woman I'd never seen before came in here... Great butt, I'll say. But when I tried to talk to her..."

"Yeah, she just suddenly kicked us down, then whipped out this magic object and blew off my beautiful mustache! No way I'd forget that!"

"And do you remember where she went then?"

"Yeah, I remember, I remember!! Let's see..."

"Uh, I think it was..."

"Am I gonna have to blow off the other half of your mustache?"

"No, hold up, I got it! I remember now... it was... Uh... Radat Town, I think?"

"Radat... I'll get her this time."

Clive & Elza #5