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Part 35: The Mad King

Chapter 34: The Mad King

"Apple, explain the situation."

"The Highland Army has left South Window and is headed for our castle. It looks like a frontal assault like before."

"He's a one-trick pony."

"We'll leave half of our army behind. Lord Riou will lead this as our main unit. The other half will be divided into 4 units led by Viktor, Flik, Tsai and Camus. They'll line up on the right and left sides. When Kiba is right between them, they'll fan out and surround him."

"If Kiba ignores the ambush and thrusts his way in, will we be able to stop him with our smaller numbers?"

"Kiba and his son won't be able to defeat my plan."

"You're pretty confident. You've never miscalculated before?"

"The explanation is finished. Lord Riou, if all is ready, please give the signal to deploy."

Strategy Battle #7, Featuring Way Too Long Battles of Suikoden II

"Pilika is happy. Bolgan also happy."

"You're okay......"

"Are you okay? You're not hurt? Your stomach doesn't hurt?"

"You were good. I was worried up to the end."

"You haven't earned the right to call me by my name, boy. Kill me and be done with it."

"General Kiba is a great general and his son, Klaus, is also a military genius. Lord Riou, I suggest you free them and accept them as our allies."

"What? Read it."

"'King Luca sends you this present in honor of your bravery. We look forward to the next battle. Signed Leon Silverburg'... That's all it says."

"Klaus, what do you make of that message?"

"K, King Agares has been...... murdered by............. Prince Luca................"

"Wh, what!!! Klaus!!! Don't be so careless....."

"The engagement of Lady Jillia.... the death of Lord Agares............. The changes in the 4th Company.... That's all I can think about."

"Luca Blight doesn't want a victory for the Kingdom, he wants to take the life of every citizen of the City-State. But it's not just the State that has reason to fear. Luca's ambition could destroy Highland as well!"



"........I understand. Lord Riou. It is a warrior's shame to change masters, but I'll take that shame. Please let me fight alongside you."

"Lord Riou. It seems I was no match for you. My genius alone was not enough to defeat you and your impressive collection of warriors. But from this day forward, I am yours to command. Please use my humble skills as you see best."

"But I wonder....... is it my fault that Leon Silverburg joined forces with them......"


Interlude: Cookoff #3

"Yikes, that was close! Until things blow over, I think I'll go hide with Viktor and the others."

"Ha ha ha! Even Lord Riou needs some time for himself now and then. After all, he is still a young man."

"Lord Riou, please do not forget your responsibilities as leader of the Unicorn Army. When you leave the castle, you must take every precaution to ensure your safety. The army would collapse without your leadership. That said, let's move on to today's briefing. Please begin, Apple."

"The Unicorn Army now commands nearly 25,000 soldiers, which is roughtly equal to the size of each Highland Army company. The Highland Army has 4 comapnies, of which the 1st, 3rd, and the 4th are deployed against us. Kiba's 3rd company lost 2/3 of its forces in yesterday's battle, but the remaining companies could easily overwhelm this castle."

"If we are to survive their attack, it is imperative that we bolster our own forces."

"Tinto is fortifying its borders, but won't reveal its intentions. We've set a number of messengers, but have received no response."

"Greenhill is under Highland control, Matilda hasn't changed its position and Tinto is ignoring us....... There's no other allies to turn to.... This could be the end."

"We're running out of time. King Luca Blight will order the attack as soon as he gets back to the front line."

"Who the hell...!?"

"Who are you!?"

"Well, let's just say that I'm an 'old friend' of Apple's."

"How... How dare you presume to say such a thing!"

"Ha ha ha! Still playin' hard to get, eh Apple."

"We're in the middle of an importanting meeting. You and she can reminisce when we're finished. Now please leave immediately."

"Hey, hold on a minute! Listen to what I have to say... My father..."

"Ridley, please wait a moment."

"This is serious business. We hardly need the help of some trespassing punk's 'old man.'"

"Now wait a minute! Get your hands off me! My dad's the president of the Toran Republic!"

"Yeah, right."

"No, please wait. That part is true... He really is President Lepant's son."

"See? I told you! Hey, Flik, Viktor, how's it going?"

"What's the Toran Republic....?"

"It's a new country south of the City-State, established after the State's perpetual enemy, the Scarlet Moon Empire, was overthrown and Emperor Barbarossa was killed. Their first President is a man named Lepant, although I heard that it was McDohl, the hero who vanquished Barbarossa, who was expected to take the throne."

"Hmmm... Allying with the Toran Republic certainly isn't a bad idea."

"It's a terrible idea! The Scarlet Moon Empire may have changed its name, but they're still an enemy of the State! How can you think of cooperating with such a vile nation?"

"That's why the Scarlet Moon Empire was destroyed and the Toran Rebulic was created."

"It's now a totally different country, the same way that our Unicorn Army is independent of the City-State's army. There's no reason not to form an alliance. What do you think, Lord Riou?"

"I think it's a great idea. But how are we going to get to Toran? We took a boat to Highland, but there's no way to cross the badlands to the south of here. It just can't be done."

"Is that right? I crossed them three times..."

"Of course, I was almost killed in the process."

"Freed, surely you know a way?"

"Well, yes... I suppose you can get to the Toran Republic from Radant, the town just east of South Window." (As if we don't know where it is by now...)

"It's settled, then."

"Sorry, I can't do this."

"...I understand. Lord Riou, I will accompany you as a guide. Let's head to Radat."

"I'll go too. Things will go smoother that way."

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