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Part 36: The Toran Republic

Chapter 35 - The Toran Republic

Viktor 5
Flik 5
Meg 6
Gadget 9

Shiro 4
Mukumuku 4
Gengen 4

It's the... Oldschool Squad! (and Gadget. Also Freedy.)

"...selfish of me, but I must see it once more before we depart."


"After he agreed to surrender... That's when they took lord Granmeyer's head and mounted it in front of city hall. He was a gentle man. 3 years ago, when he retreated from a border skirmish with the Toran Republic, all of Tinto called him a coward. As it turned out, surrendering to Highland was a bad mistake."

"That's right. And in order to win the war, it is crucial that we get to a town downriver. Will you take our your boat for us?"

Yes, it's more forests and ladders. Oh boy.



No, I have no idea why they couldn't be bothered to give him a portrait. I'm going to use all the Suikoden 1 portraits for people who don't have portraits in this game.

"We are on our way to the Toran Republic."

"Then it seems we have a problem. I am Varkas, chief of the Border Patrol. I connot allow outsiders to pass through here. On what business do you seek to enter Toran?"

"Chill out, Varkas. This is Riou, the leader of the Unicorn Army. He just needs to see my Dad."

'to freely'?

"Allow me to escort you to Gregminster, the capital of the Toran Republic."

"Thanks, Varkas."

"To think that we're in the Scarlet Moon Empire... I mean, the Toran Republic. It makes me nervous."

"Hmmph. I can't believe he's keeping his own son waiting like this."

"I, um... I'm a little nervous. I wonder where the, uh... Where the bathroom is..."

"Oh, all right! Let's go! I... I'll be okay."

Yeah, well, first I'm going to look around, lady. Screw the President.

Alas, there is not 200 potch in it this time.

The even more glorious beautiful Golden City

For any of you who don't know, this is the house of the first game's hero.

This is Cleo, who has no portrait.

"?... You're Riou, right? I hear you're here to see President Lepant. Huh? Oh, I heard from one of Marie's hostesses. So another child leads an army into battle... It's ironic, isn't it...? Here, take this. It used to belong to a fool..."

"Come with you...? You mean, join your army? I'm afraid I can't. I have no intention of joining a losing battle. Anyway, I'm searching for the Sindar... Never mind, it has nothing to do with you."

Anyway, back to Lepant now.

"As President, I welcome you to the Toran Republic. Now, what would you like to discuss?"

He's obviously not thrilled with the fact that the translators have no idea how to spel wurds.

"Lord Riou, When this land was ruled by the Scarlet Moon Empire, we fought constantly with the City-State. Even after the Toran Republic was established, we battled the armies of Tinto and South Window, who invaded in an attempt to take advantage of our internal discord. And despite all this, you seek to form an (yes they misspell it again) State among such long-standed enemies?"

"If Luca Blight succeeds in destroying the City-State, the Toran Republic will surely be his next target."

"This Luca Fellow certainly does seem to have an unquenchable thirst for battle."

"As a citizen of South Window, I fought against you with Lord Granmeyer. Naturally it's hard for me to ask for your help. But Luca Blight seeks nothing less than the destruction of all citizens of the City-State."

"Lord Riou, why do you continue to fight?"

"Hmmm... You are much like him. I may be the president of the Toran Republic, but there's a young man who should be sitting on this throne. He led tens of thousands of soldiers into battle and finally brought peace to our land. I see the same glimmer in your eyes that I did in his. You too represent the hopes and desires of all those who would follow you. Tesla, how many men can we deploy immediately?"

"Uh, um... Counting the Capital Guards and the Border Patrol, about 5,000 men, sir."

"Then there's the matter of who will lead them..."

"General Valeria has come to Gregminster to report from Pannu Yakuta Castle."

"Kasumi, the Vice-Chancellor of Rokkaku, is also in town for military training exercises. Either would make a trustworthy leader for our army."

"Then let's call them in here."

"Lord Riou, Allow me to introduce Valeria, one of our Republic's Six Generals. Her skill with a sword is unrivaled."

"I am Valeria. Greetings, Lord Riou."

"This is General Kasumi, Vice-Chancellor of the hidden Ninja town of Rokkaku."

"It's nice to meet you. Please, call me Kasumi."

"I trust both of these women with all of my heart. Lord Riou, which would you like to accompany you?"

Yes, it's that time again. It's time for you to decide! Kasumi or Valeria?!

You can get all 108 Stars with either one. It makes no difference at all. The only differences are in some dialouge and the Unites they can both do.

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