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Part 38: Headon Clash

Chapter 37 - Headon Clash

This is what happens if you lose the cookoff.

"If you weigh my life against the survival of the Unicorn Army, it was the logical choice."

"No matter. Sooner or later, I'll see the Unicorn Army crushed before my very eyes. Riou will bow down before me like the lowly mongrel he is."

"The Unicorn Army won't be defeated!!! Lord Riou will never be beaten by the likes of you!!!!"

"Bah!!! Take him away! I'll see his head lined up next to the head of Riou!!! So we've defeated Radat. Next is South Window, right?"

"With this many troops, we don't need a strategy. The next battle will be the decisive one. We've a new bright, young general so there's no need to worry."

"Who is that man? He's strong, but where did you find him?"

"know him from ago?"

I wouldn't mind if you'd train -my- sword. ...Wait.

"Lord Riou, let me explain our strategy."

"Yeah, I'd like to hear it too. This strategy for success."

"We can't defeat 50,000 Highland soldiers with just our army of 20,000."

"Hey hey! That can't be true..."

"Take it easy. We can win without defeating them. Our only goal is to take the head of Luca Blight."

Jillian, huh.

But I didn't... recruit... Valeria...

"Lord Riou and Lord Kiba will aim for Highland's main unit, free Lord Ridley and then face Luca Blight in personal combat."

"I don't know if I Can defeat Lord Luca by myself....."

"You don't have to. When Luca shows up, I want you to pretend to retreat and draw them into our ambush. We can't defeat 50,000 soldiers, but if we can surround their general with our force of 20,000, victory is ours."

"I get it. You figure Luca Blight will chase after Kiba like a bat out of hell, eh."

"Father, please be careful."


"Lord Riou, if you're ready, please give the signal to deploy."

Strategy Battle #9 Now featuring music mixed in because for some reason the game has decided to never play its BGM.


"But we didn't know Lord Shu's strategy would be..... What should we......"

Oh... well... that was easy...

"Ridley!!!!! Ridley, you're not dead!!!!"

"With his help, we were able to somehow escape."

"Hey hey!! I saved the day!! I'll bet you're glad I joined up with you, eh?"

"Lord Riou, forgive me. It was careless of me to fall into the enemy's trap."

"I'm so glad you're okay, Ridley."

"Lord Riou, Is Lord Shu in the great hall? I have a message for him."

Yeah, I'll get to the Great Hall in a minute, Ridley.

"I've missed you, Lord Hanzo."

"Aren't you supposed to be with President Lepant?"

"I was. President Lepant ordered me to assist Lord Riou, leader of the Unicorn Army."

"Hmm... a wise decision, as I'd expect from President Lepant."

"Yes, I agree. However, Highland is very strong. Please, could you lend us Rokkaku's assistance as well?"

"Hmmmmmmm................. That glitter in his eyes... it brings back memories. Mondo, Sasuke, I want you to go with Kasumi and join Lord Riou's fight."

"Yes, sir. Hey, I bet you're happy to be back with Kasumi again, eh, Sasuke?"

"What... What's that supposed to mean? I'm not... shut up!!!"

"Heh heh. Did you see him blush?"

"Did I say something to upset him...?"

"Don't worry about it, Kasumi. He's always like this. I'm sure he's still around here somewhere."

"Well, that's, y'see... Okay! Fine!! I'll go with you!! But only 'cause Hanzo ordered it! It's nothin' to do with you! I mean, errr... uhh..."

"Thank you, Sasuke."

Well, while we're all the way out here...

Right then. Back to the great hall.

"Lord Shu sent help for me. I was able to get away from the bustle of war. I also had the help of another person...... Lord Shu, I have a message from Leon Silverburg, strategist of the Highland Army."



"Tonight... Luca Blight will lead a night raid. This will probably be our last chance. Deploy all the troops. Lay an ambush for Luca Blight and kill him."

"A night raid!!! But why would the enemy strategist... Maybe it's a trap......"

"It could be. This plan is risky, but the rewards could be big... Lord Riou, please make a decision."

"I understand. Very well, we'll place the army in the woods near Genkaku Castle. When Luca appears, we'll close off all the exits."

It's time to create a team to take on Luca Blight, Mad King of Highland!

There are three groups: Riou, Viktor and Flik. Flik is first, Viktor is second, and Riou is third. So you have fifteen soldiers to decide on, but remember that with Flik and Viktor there can only be two other S-ranged characters.

S-Rank Fighters

Hai Yo

M-Rank Fighters


L-Rank Fighters


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