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Part 45: An Old Hag

Chapter 43 - An Old Hag

"Nyah! Ha ha ha ha. Hey, were you surprised? Were you surprised? Liar. L-I-A-R. You're right. You're needed, Riou. You're strong enough to accept it, too. Yeah, I'm proud of you. We have to get up early tomorrow. Just thinking of having to quarrel from first thing in the morning makes me sick, though."

". . . . . . . . . . ."

"Master Gustav, there's trouble!! It's Jess!!!"

"What's all the noise?! What happened?!!!!"

"Lord Jess is sending the soldiers out to battle."


"We'll strike from here. The zombies are controlled by Neclord's magic. So if Neclord is defeated, the whole enemy will be destroyed at once."


"Of course. Previously, when we were reforming the State Army, we had spies all around. There were many who were caught by the Highland Army and lost their lives, but they all fought for Muse. One of those found out where Neclord lives."

"What is it was a mistake?"

"...This information was brought to Muse by a loyal man who risked death to bring it. The information is not wrong!"

"Idiot!!! You'll risk lives on that!!!"

"Hauser. Give the signal to move out."

"All troops to battle. Neclord is our sole target!"

"Lord Hauser. You, a great general of Muse, should know that this strategy is risky."

"Yes...... But the orders can't be changed."

"Why do you have to go that far, Lord Hauser?"

"I am a soldier of Muse. Lady Anabelle is no longer alive, and according to Muse law, Lord Jess is the acting mayor. As long as Muse still exists, I will follow the law of Muse. A soldier should not act on personal feelings. War is an exchange of lives, and I will not act as a soldier for other than reason of law."

"Even if it means your own life is taken?"

"That's right."

"But what if the information Jess told us is wrong?"

"If Lord Jess is defeated, Neclord will have 5000 new zombie recruits. If that happens, we're lost. We must take Lord Jess's gamble."

"We can't just stand by helplessly and let Lord Hauser die."

"Lord Riou, we will lead the army and follow behind Lord Jess. You stay here and protect Tinto."

I can't really blame them for this one, but still...

"Do you want to die?"

"I don't want to die, but if we leave the Muse soldiers to die, it would be a blow for the Unicorn Army."

"Okay, Koyu. We're going too!!!!!!"

"Hey, brother!!!!!!"

"I hear a mine tunnel collapsed. A number went inside, but no one came back. Maybe there was gas, too?"

"No one... I smell something. Let's go see, Riou."

Yes, it's a mine dungeon.

"There are a number of mine tunnels dug under Tinto. I used one of those to get here. That kid named Jess or something was gathering the Muse soldiers, I mixed in a few spies. With a few threats and an offer of money, they cooperated easily. It became even clearer that humans are filthy creatures. The true value doesn't come out until they become corpses."

"What! What! What!! You mean... no way!!!!"

"You are indeed the Unicorn Army leader, Riou. Let me add you as another member of my force of zombies."

Thanks a lot, Nanami.

"You fight pretty well. But I don't have time to waste now. Soon they will realize. I'll show you the power of my Rune. The magic requires the blood of 100 people, so be thankful. My Moon Rune, we sacrifice the blood of 100 people and the lives of 100 people. Now go, 'Blue Moon Curse.'"


"Riou!!! Run away!!!!!"

"It's too late. Those who are still alive cannot escape this curse."

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Wha... what did you say?!!!! Rejecting my curse?!!!!!!! This is the true power of the Rune!!!"

"Let's escape, Riou!!!"

"Don't let them escape!!"

I have no idea how that zombie got on the roof...

"We have to run. Have to escape. Riou, I'm going."

"Hmm? Looks like he woke up."

"Really? Really?"

"This is the village of Crom, south of Tinto."

"You were asleep for two whole days."

"Having you safe is more important than anything, Lord Riou. But our Tinto has fallen into the hands of Neclord."

"The troops we sent really got hit hard. Apparently Klaus and Ridley managed to escape, but noone knows where Jess and Hauser are."

"And my daughter Lilly is missing too... sniff..."

"Well if it isn't Kahn. Are you after Neclord, too?"

"Well, something like that. Actually, I'm after a way to seal Neclord's 'soul.'"

"Seal his 'soul?'"

"I discovered that even if I use a holy barrier to trap him and you smash him with the Star Dragon Sword, if his 'soul' isn't sealed, he can come back to life."

"So how do you do it?"

"Well... actually, I found someone who has that power. He's also after Neclord and is in Tigermouth Village now. I was still after him, but when I heard that Tinto had fallen to Neclord, I came thinking you might be here."

"Alright, first let's go meet that person that is supposed to have the power."

"Okay. But... this person has a difficult personality, so be sure not to make him angry. Tigermouth Village should be close if we go south from here."

"Riou, no matter how many zombies we kill, as long as Neclord is there, they come right back to life. Let's go see that 'person' with the power that Kahn talked about."

"That's right! That's right!! What are you doing here anyway? You spend the whole day holed up in your room at the inn!!"

"Hey, wait a minute. What's going on here?"

"Get out of here! This hussy is one of them!"

"That's right! That's right! This pale faced woman is too suspicious!!"

"Stop it, and grow up. This little girl..."

"Who do you think I am!!! From my views you are just greenhorns!!!!"

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"All the nose you're making disturbed my sleep. You'll have to make up for that."

"K... Kahn, do you think... this person?"

"Yes, that's right. You're Lady Sierra, I believe."

"Who are you gentlemen? I'm sleepy, so if you want something, be quick about it?"

"I am one of the Marley Clan..."

"Oh, a vampire hunter. For a human, you're certainly curious."

"Mistress Sierra, you are also chasing Neclord, aren't you?"

"I have to retrieve the Moon Rune that he stole. We can't join forces, though. Humans would just get in the way."

"Look who's talking, you vampire."

"You're the Star Dragon Sword!! What are you doing here!!!"

"A relationship I can't get out of. Coming all the way to this village. I thought you'd already retired."

"I don't want a hear that from you, disguised as a sword used by humans."

"Mistress Sierra, please join forces with us."

"Very well, I can try. But if I find that you are slowing me down, I'll take you down as well."

"Oh, you're a brave kid. For a human, you're pretty good. What's your name? ...Riou, Alright. I'll let you be my right hand man."

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