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Part 46: Gothic Neclord

Chapter 44 - Gothic Neclord

"Who is this?"

"Ah, this is..."

"I am called Sierra. As a woman travelling alone, I was set upon by rogues and these people here assisted me."

"Oh, that... that must have been terrible."

"Yes. Are you friends with these fellows? What is your name?"


"My, what a nice name."

"I, I have to gather information for Lord Shu. P... Please excuse me."

"Ha ha ha.... he's so cute."

"Don't be tricking promising youngsters."

"Well, now I'm tired. I'm sleepy."

"I'll take a rest, too."

"Eh? What? What?"

"My Lilly and..."

"I found out that my sister Lo Wen has been taken by that Neclord."

"My servant Marlowe saw two people taken away. Marlowe was late in escaping, and yesterday he saw his chance to escape, when on the way..."

"In any case, we have to hurry because you never know what Neclord is going to pull."

"It's because you're so slow. You have to be more conscious of the fact that you are my followers."

"Oh, good morning, Sierra."

"! Oh, hello. Good morning, Klaus."

I can't tell if this is an actual mistranslation or if it's... you know... yeah.

"Oh, yes... of course..."

". . . . . . . . . . . ."


"That's right. I slept well, so I feel good."

"But what will we do? He's sure to have zombies all around Tinto."

"Okay, there's a cave east of the village. A mining tunnel collapsed before, and the inside of the cave and the mining tunnel should still be connected."

"Let's go, Riou. This time we're really going to crush that Neclord!"

"Okay, let's go, Riou."

Before we go after Neclord, however... I have someone who wants a piece of him.

Zombies ain't got shit.

"What's that???? Is something coming out?????"

(Click the picture)

"Hmph, that gave me the creeps. That Neclord, making a stupid trap like that."

"Yo... you."

"Huh? You were safe, too, weren't you?"

"Tsk... damn...."

"It's great we made it this far, but where is that Neclord?"

"Knowing him, he's using the best place. Let's search but be careful not to be caught by zombies."

(Click the picture)

"I'm sure they said he can't escape. This is a technique my grandfather made and my father passed to me. It won't break."

"Eeee.... eeeeeee..... Sierra... Forgive me..... please forgive me. The Rune... I'll give it back..."

"Then do it quickly."

"Okay... yes."

"That's it. Viktor, my work is finished. Do what you want with him."

"No... you can't... Eeeeeee.... no... no....!!"

"My family, my friends, the people who are important to me, killed by you. That's not all. You trempled on the lives of many times that many. It's too late to beg for your life. Hey, Star Dragon Sword."

"Die, vampire."

"This means... finally... It's over...."


"Well, let's go back. Neclord is dead. There's nothing left to do here. Right, Riou?"

"Lilly, you're alright!!!!"

"I was so scared..."

"Ah, Miss Lilly, nothing is better than knowing you're safe."

"Ah, Lo Wen, you're alright!!!"

"You two idiots, what are you doing?! You're a disgrace to Mt. Lampdragon!!!"

"I'm so sorry..."

"Lord Riou!!!"

"Lord Riou, you're alright. Lord Jess gathered the rest of Muse's soldiers and wiped out the zombies."

"Riou.... You defeated Neclord and freed Tinto. Why? Why would you do all that? Hauser, I lost a lot of soldiers due to my own poor judgment. Anabelle's last request was for Muse and the State to be saved. But I realized I can't handle that responsibility. I'm leaving my seat as acting mayor of Muse City. Under Muse law, the next acting mayor will be Fitcher. I hear that Fitcher is in the Unicorn Army now. You can join the Unicorn Army, too."

"Lord Jess, what about you?"

"I can't stay here."

"Lord Jess. Let me say this to you as a friend who fought next to you. You should also fight again under the Unicorn Army. Lord Riou and you were aiming for the same goal. You shouldn't part company for a silly reason."

"...Lord Riou... Let me ask just one thing. Think back... Lady Anabelle liked you a lot. She was happy that Genkaku's son showed up looking so brave. Are you sure you're not betraying her faith in you?"

"I believed Anabelle and until today have been fighting for Muse and the City-State...My anger at losing Lady Anabelle may have been turned at you. Now that Anabelle is gone, I have to live by my conscience. Lord Riou, I'm sorry for any disrespect I may ahve shown. Will you let me fight with you?"

"The Tinto forces plus the remains of the Muse Army that Jess organized gives us about 7,000 men."

"Lord Riou. The Unicorn Army has reached the point where it can compete with Highland on equal terms. Up until now, we've just been reacting to the Highland Army, but now we're going to make our own counterstrike."

".............? You mean we're going to attack from here?"

"Yes, indeed. According to Apple's intelligence, the Highland Army is gathering in Muse. We don't know what their aim is, but this is as good a chance as any to take back Greenhill."

"Greenhill is currently under the command of a new general in the Highland Army, a man named Yuber. Yuber has appeared from nowhere to play a part in several major wars on this continent, and he disappears just as mysteriously. In fact, there are some that say he is not a man at all."

"What'll you do, Riou? If we win here, I'll be able to get any girl I want... all mine for the picking."

"There is some danger involved, but we can't let this chance slip by either. Please, Lord Riou, you must be tired. Please get some rest."

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