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Part 49: Let's Retake Muse!

My apologies for how late this is getting out, Waffleimages has been giving me fits for days and I've had no free time to upload this stuff anywhere else.

Chapter 47 - Let's Retake Muse!


"....................... Yes........I think it's worth a try. Riou will be general, with Hauser as his lieutenant. Your strategist will be Apple with Klaus as her second-in-command. With that as your base, it should be easy to attack Muse. General Kiba and I will stay here. After all, if this place falls, the Unicorn Army will have nowhere to come back to."

"Y... Yes... Shu."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you sick of it?"

"I guess so. But I've got to see it through to the end. What kind of an answer is this country going to get from them?"


"Thank you. Lord Riou, Originally Greenhill had almost no military force. Instead of fighting, we used hidden places like this. But the townspeople cooperate with us as much as they can."

"Lord Riou, It's going to take some time to rest the men and work on the details of our strategy. You should get some rest, too."

"Hurray! Let's walk around a little. Last time, the Highland soldiers were everywhere and there were places I couldn't see."

This seems like a bad idea... Riou!!!

Yeah... I don't know about this.

God damnit, Nanami.

"Thank you, Lady Lucia. You can go home now."

"Forgive me, sir, but I'd like to stay to protect you."


"Jowy, why.... Why are you here...."

"Nanami.... Riou, as your friend, I have a request. Quit as leader of the Unicorn Army and run away somewhere. I... I don't want to fight you."

"Why....... There's no reason for you to be the leader of the Unicorn Army....."

"But, but, Riou is..... I know! I've got it! Jowy can leave Highland....."

"I can't do that... I see.... so that's how it is.... Just as I can't turn back, you can't turn back either.... Too much time has passed..... Neither of us can go back.... to the way things were....."

"Hey.... Hey Jowy.... You're King of Highland, right? So you can stop the war and take your troops out of Muse. That will end this. Right? So that'll solve that."

"That..... that won't work. Nanami......."

I have no idea why I laughed at this, but wow.

"Suzaku..... Ever since we got these runes on our hands, we were destined to fight each other. But even if that's our destiny, I'd still like to think that we each gained something from this. Suzaku, as Emperor of Britania, I'm going to fight to bring a new order to this land. Goodbye.... Suzaku, Nunnaly."

"Wait!! Wait!!!! It can still be like it used to be!!! We can still be together!! Please!!"

"To protect the King, I can't let you pass here."

"No! No! No! No!!! Oh, he's gone..... Why.... Why......... We should go back.... Riou."

"Very well. Let's go."

(CLICK IT! (I will make an image for videos sometime soon, for serious.))

"Is that right? Something seems odd......"

"You're the worrying type too, huh Klaus? Well, let's enter Muse and take a look."

"Be careful, There might still be some Highland soldiers lurking around."

"I know."

Normally I'd let people choose, but this is so short there's just no point.

So I went with some power players.

(Yeah, click this one too.)


"W... what?"

Psh, sissies.

"Damn!!! Let's run!!!!!!"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But what's that?" ( She didn't ask -you-, Viktor...! )

"That family... they're servants of the 'Beast Rune.'"

"'Beast Rune?'"

"Yes, I heard it was passed down from High Priest Sasarai to the Blight Clan when Highland divided from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. They've become servants... slaves to that rune."

"So... Luca Blight sacrified all the people of Muse...."

"So that thing really does exist, eh. The 'Beast Rune' can be only awakened with a blood sacrifice."

"And what happens if it wakes up?"

"Well.... If it's been woken up, I guess it might manifest itself as a huge, bloodthirsty demon....But I think the rune itself was carried off somewhere. I don't sense its power anymore."

"Damn!! What's going on now!!!"

"It looks like they were waiting for this moment.........."

"Hah... hah... They're attacking from the north and east. We'll have to escape to the west."

"Okay, let's hurry."

"Wait! It's a trick. They're attacking in small numbers?..... I bet soldiers are lying in ambush to the west and south. General Hauser, get your troops together and attack north. Thrust right into the center of the attackers and then retreat. There won't be any soldiers waiting to ambush you there."

"I understand."

"Hurry and get away, Riou."

"But now we're in trouble. We couldn't retake Muse... Now we're out of options..."

". . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"I'm sure we'll have plenty of good ideas by tomorrow. Don't worry too much, Riou, just get some good food and rest."

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