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Part 48: Greenhill Again

Chapter 46 - Greenhill Again

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I can't take Feather, so instead I took Mukumuku. :3

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Yes, that is Mukumuku floating away on a balloon.

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"Why do you think of us as enemies?"

"Listen to yourself, woman of Greenhill!! I never thought I'd hear such words from you!!"

"What are you talking about?"

"We, the people of Karaya, have been caught up in countless foolish wars with you, and have always been oppressed. And just when some measure of harmony was in sight..."

I don't think I knew who 'Gordeau' was the first time I played this game.  It's Gorudo. 

"They probably thought that since a girl was next in line to be chieftain, they could control us. A most foolish strategy indeed! All the Karaya are warriors... men, women, it doesn't matter!"

"My father did what...? I understand. When this war is over, I will investigate your claims. If they prove true, I swear my father's sin will be acknowledged and you will be compensated. For now, I ask you to believe in us. Lord Riou is different from my father, and from the past rulers of the City-State. I ask you to watch our struggle and decide for yourself."

"I am defeated. I cannot stop you..."

Been a while, huh?


More of this...

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"My... power is again inadequate... Riou... Bearer of a True Rune... You will find it is not easy to extinguish the flames of war..."

"Lady Teresa, you've finally come back to us..."

"Lord Riou, a message from Shu. He requests you return to Genkaku Castle as soon as possible."

"I don't know what this is about, but it seems important. For now, we'll leave a unit of troops here to protect Greenhill... Let's return to the castle, Lord Riou."

"What! While we were attacking Greenhill..."

"Yes. While we were dispatching troops to Greenhill, the Highland Army invaded the Knight's domain with two-thirds of their army."

"But Jowy, Culgan and Seed were all there at the border with Muse. When did they...?"

"The generals were just a decoy. Almost all of the soldiers headed for Matilda territory. Very clever....."

"Leon Silverburg, the strategist, led the Highland Army alone against Matilda. Gorudo was very quick to make a peace offering."

"Officially the Knights will stay independant in return for helping Highland, but in effect they've become puppets of Highland."

"Damn that Gorudo!! Where's his pride as a knight? How can he let them rub it in their faces like that!!!!"

"We should attack Muse now. Most of the Highland Army is still in Matilda and even if they make it back, they'll be tired from the march."

But... what... Jowy... why would...

We have shit to do, so screw off, Apple.

"N, no, Mairie, you've got it all wrong. Listen, Annallee is very important to me, but..."

"You know Annallee? Where is she... is she all right?!"

"...Hey, hey! You're having an argument with ME!"

"I see, thank the gods! She's okay! I couldn't sleep at night thinking about her being alone."

"Hey, buster, we're having a conversation!!"

"Forgive me, Mairie. I haven't lied to you. However, Annallee is very important to me. You're a strong girl. You'll be able to live without me."

"Err... uh... ...well, it seems it'll have to wait. I'm out of clay. Nevermind, sorry about that."

"Huh? What's that? You brought me some clay? Wow, that's really thoughtful. Thanks. ...Say, is there anything I can do for you in return?"

"Hmmm, the Unicorn Army, huh? Okay, I'll do it. I don't know how much help I'll be to you, but I'll join your cause."

"Y, you...!!! That sword!!!!!"

"What is it old man? Yelling all of a sudden like that........."

"That sword! Is that the 'Star Dragon Sword'?"

"Do you know who I am?"

"Of course I do. It is my honor to meet such a legendary sword as yourself. A sword such as yourself must be able to cut through just about anything."

"Of course."


"Lord Star Dragon Sword, please allow me to sharpen you. It would bring joy back to my work. I beg of you."

"What should I do."

"Cut it out old man. It's just a junky old sword. What are you doing, fawning all over it like that."

"What did you say, viktor!!! You dare to call me a junky, old sword!!!"

"If the scabbard fits, wear it!!!"

"Hmm, I guess you're right. I will spare your life this time, Viktor."

"Yeah, big talk, tin man."

"You just don't know when to shut your mouth."

"Good. Now I can be sharpened so I can be used to my true potential. This idiot doesn't know how to take care of a sword."

"What?!!! If I don't thump an enemy hard enough, he won't go down. It's your fault!!! Your fault!!!!!"

"Th, thump? You're such a fool! You don't 'thump' people with a legendary sword like me..."

"Oh, so those two were safe. Thanks. What a coincidence that we met."

I hope you're ready for something fucking awesome.

" must not betray the spirit of friendship, eh. Well, farewell."

You'd better click on that picture if you know what's good for you.

"Who are you....... The Unicorn Army................. I see. So you must be Riou."

"Hmmm......... A devil, a shadow, my arch-nemesis..... Something like that..... I can't describe him exactly."

"Hmm, let me think.... My true goal is to find Yuber..... But while I'm searching, I think I can help you. Okay, I'll do it."

"Your group? ................I live by the way of the sword... I know no other path. Will you show me your weapon? ...Hmmm.... it is a sharp weapon. I see you are serious about war. Your strength also has been forged through hard battle. I would be pleased to walk along the same as you, Lord Riou."

Fuck you, Genshu. Stupid useless twit.

"Hmmm... The Unicorn Army... I hear that my arch rival, Crowley, is out in the world. Maybe the time has come. More than anything else I'd like a place to test my abilities. OK, Riou. The great sorcerer Mazus will be your ally!!!!!! You should be thankful!!!!"

Mazus, however, is amazing.

"Oh, sorry. My name is Georg Prime. Guess you can call me a travelling soldier. Are you the Unicorn Army leader? How is it, young man? Is fighting tough? Well, it wouldn't be fun, would it. What do you think about hiring me? It's funny to say it myself, but I'm strong. What do you say?"

"Oh, of course. Instead of that, I'd like you to make me a 'promise.' Until this fighting ends, I'll wield a sword for you. As pay for that, you will not give up in this fight. I'll have you swear on it. Agreed, right?"

With that, we now have all 108 Stars. What do we get?  Gremio! Okay, not Gremio. 

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