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Part 52: Stupid French Names

Chapter 49 - Stupid French Names

"Thank you, my lord. We will begin preparations immediately."

Oh... this can't be good.


"We're still stronger than them!! The outcome of the war is not yet decided!!!!"

"...and passed down from generation to generation in the Blight Family, swear your oath, oh King of Highland."

"In the name of the Highland Kingdom and the Blight Royal Family, I bed thee for victory.... Oh noble 'Beast Rune,' I sacrifice to you the blood of she who is dearest to me... my wife... Jillia Blight!!!!!!"

"The path of victory is the only path!! We pray for victory!!!"

"Now is the time to fight. If we lose this, we lose the Kingdom of Highland!!!!!!"

"How did it go?"

"It went well. ...Too well.............."

Hmm. Coincidence?

"Don't scare us like that! Freed looked like he was about to have a heart attack....."

"That's not true! I just... I was just surprised that Lord Riou had fallen......"

"Riou, we're going to invade Highland, we need you to hold it together. Just a little longer and this whole war will be over....."

"You're right... If we beat Highland, the war will be over.... I believe you."

"Well, we've got lots of preparations to make, so you go get some rest. Okay, Riou."

"C'mon now..... Don't be so gloomy.... It doesn't suit you. You look much better smiling."


"What is it, Apple?"

"When I came up with the plan for attacking Muse.... You knew that it was going to fail, didn't you?"

"Yeah....... I figured you had a fifty-fifty chance.... at best, that is."

".......So then, why....."

"Well, the way I saw it, if you won, fine. If you lost, I hoped it would disguise my true plans. Also, I figured between you and Klaus, even if we lost, the amage wouldn't be too bad."

"I'm useless... Shu........ Isn't there anything.... Anything at all that I can do to help you...."

Begin awkward conversation in 3... 2... 1...

". . . . . . . . . . . .I'm sorry. Excuse me. . . . . . . . . . ."



"There are 3 cards on that table there. Take one of the cards."

"What does it say?"

"Fire... that's all."

Yes, this is a seperate screenshot.

"I see.... You can go, Apple."

"Okay.... good night."

"Well, you two are certainly bouncy this morning. Riou, everyone is assembled in the great hall."

"Riou!!! Fight hard!!! I will too!!!! We're gonna kick ass!!!!!"

"With this one battle, we can finally put an end to this long, tragic war!!!!!!"

"Oi!!!!! Let's end this damn thing!!!"

"By my sword, we will win! I swear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"On my name!!!! I say 'VICTORY'!!!!!!"

"For the honor of the Knighthood! We shall be victorious!!!!!!"

"For the people!!!!! We must win!!!!!!"

"Leon Silverburg, eh. Let's finish this here. Lord Riou, you lead a unit to the right. General Hauser, you lead a unit to the left. Stay hidden until I give the signal."

"What about you, Shu? You'll be..."

"Apple, you go with Lord Riou. I'll be fine by myself."


"Bah. I always get the dirty jobs."

"There's nobody else I can ask."

"Yeah, yeah. I know..."

"Okay. My last mission."

I'd have recorded this, but the fight lasts about... 30 seconds.

"According to reports, Riou circled to the right and Hauser to the left flank."

"Shu... What could you be thinking...."

"Nothing to worry about. We'll smash whichever unit Riou is in and it'll all be done with once and for all!"

"No... I know Shu better than that. If we go after Riou, Hauser will attack our flank and if we go after Hauser, Riou will attack. That's his plan."

"So then....."

"We go directly after Shu's unit. He's giving orders to both units. We eliminate him and we divide their forces in two."

"What if Shu's unit is a decoy..."

"He's not man enough to willingly put his own life in danger."

This is about as exciting as it looks.

"That's the signal!!! Hurry up! Light it!!!! Don't let them get away!!!!!!!!"

"What!!! What's this!!!!!!!! That idiot!!!!! He's trapped himself in a sea of fire!!!!!! Shu, you fool!!!!!! What are you thinking? You're doomed!!!!!!!!!"

"Damn!!!!! What the hell!!!!"

"Get out!!!! Run!!!!!!!"

"Give the signal to the right and left flank!!!!! Surround them!!!!!!!"

"Well if it isn't little Shu... How many years has it been since I gave your ears a good pinning back...."

"I forget. To me, it's ancient history."

"You little brat....... But anyway, you forgot the rule #1 in 'the book': Don't put yourself in danger..."

I have something to discuss about this, look at the bottom.

"What's that supposed to mean..."

"Well, sometimes even a futile gesture can be worth something... That's what my friend, Apple, taught me."

"I'm not impressed............ Listen to me, punk. History doesn't flow! It moves... in leaps and fits! Sometimes it must be pushed along by men like us. If a bit of suffering is the price we must pay, then pay it I will!"

"Are you saying that's why you helped destroy the Scarlet Moon Empire, and why you're helping Highland now?"

"This country needs the firm hand of the Highland Kingdom to huide it through the Sea of History. Just like you!!!! You disgust me! You had talent, but you used it wastefully. To me, you're the very definition of garbage!!!"

"Unlike you, I don't think I'm some kind of god to use people like pawns!!!!"


"N, no...... It can't be.... that card....... Shu!!!! No!!! Shu!!!!!!!!"

"Apple wait!!!! It's too late!!!!"

"But Shu............"

"Apple, don't make Shu's sacrifice be in vain."


"A miscalculation. You meddlesome little... My role was finished and I was already at peace..."

"C'mon now, I risked my butt to save you and all."

"Lord Riou, let's head to L'Renouille. Apple, relay the order to General Hauser."

"Y, yes!!!!!"

"Apple, you're in charge. I'm tired. ...... I need to get some rest."

"All we have to do now is ride into L'Renouille. But don't forget nothing'."

I really should have made cool little pictures for the clickable videos. I'll do that next time...

"Riou... good luck. Don't let everyone's efforts go to waste... Also... come back safe. Please.... there's still a lot for you to do."

Looks like this is all I need.

That's a big castle.

This is Sajah. It's where a few important things are obtained.

One of those things, as some of you may know, is Final Clive and Elza

It's also where you find the Golden Hammer, which lets you forge weapons to 16. As you can see here, all they're selling is a Lamb. Thanks a lot, you useless town.

Next Time: Chapter 51 - The Final Battle

Now then: The below information came from, which is quite an entertaining site to look through but it will definitely spoil the shit out of you.

"Question: Does Leon read "The book" too much?

The quote by Shu, "I threw away the book because you read it too much," is a mistranslation from the Japanese version. In the Japanese version, Shu doesn't mention any book. He merely says, "there was no way I could have beaten you by military tactics alone, so I had to bet my life."

The change in the American version makes Leon sound like an inferior tactician, but in reality even Shu acknowledges that Leon is superior. The scene at the burning forest is in essence an acknowledgement by Shu that he cannot match Leon's skill. Yoshitaka Murayama, the creator of the Genso Suikoden series states that this very battle was "a tough admission of defeat" by Shu. This is not only because Shu failed to achieve his strategic goal of killing Leon, but he also had to admit that he was inferior to Leon by relying on luck instead of calculated military strategy."